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Chapter 318 The graveyard of spaceships

 The Dumb Insect always envied of Chu Yunsheng that he was able to send out a long and complicated message fast. This was the something that no matter how hard it tried to learn, but it still couldn't do it.

Elder Purple was just focusing on crawling. The funny was that it was quite scared of Chu Yunsheng's ability was as well. Because of its ability to compile a message was even worse than the dumb Insect, so it was scared to talk to Chu Yunsheng.

But it didn't expect that even if it pretended that it was busy, Chu Yunsheng still wanted to talk to him.

" Elder Purple, why you guys still stay in here, if you have enough fire energy? Why didn't you guy leave?"

Elder Purple suddenly trembled a little, then it tried its best to compile a message " Dumb... Insect... said.... You... alive... We .... Must....find... find...find ... you...."

The purple flame on its head burst out three times when it tried to say find you. It was very obvious that it was struggling.

Elder Purple was relieved when it finished the message.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Although Min and he both told them before that the first priority was the mission. He did not expect that those insects would stay in this dangerous place and look for him.

Sometimes, Chu Yunsheng had a hard time to picture those insects with what they do together. Mentally they were as innocent as kids, but physically they were like killing machines. Whenever he thought about those awakenings who abandoned him in the fog city, he did not know which one was scarier, was it the human with a vicious heart, or was it the beast with an innocent mind?

Chu Yunsheng stopped talking, and elder purple also stopped sending out messages. Only the Dumb Insect was constantly asking him questions as if he was an encyclopedia.

Elder Golden was busy expanding the crack at the front and it seemed like they were going deeper and deeper into the earth.

In order to prevent the Dumb Insect asking him more questions, Chu Yunsheng began to tell it stories....

Time slowly passed in the crack, six insects were crawling quietly and peacefully in the narrow tunnel while listening to Chu Yunsheng's stories.


Suddenly they heard a crack sound.

Chu Yunsheng was alarmed and immediately ordered the golden shell insect to stop. All the insect stopped instantly. In the quiet tunnel, the ground underneath them was constantly cracking.

"Careful!" as Chu Yunsheng shouted, the ground below suddenly collapsed. All of them fell into a big smooth pipe and then they started to slide downwards.

Chu Yunsheng did not know who made this pipe and what material it was made of. No matter how he tried to use his sharp legs to stab into the pipe to stop himself from sliding down, he just could not succeed it, he couldn't even make any scratches on it.

He was sliding down fast, and all other insects were the same.

The pipe was not very long, so in just a few minutes they reached the end of the pipe. But then they began to fall straight down.

Chu Yunsheng was the first one who came out of the pipe and when he looked down, he was almost scared to death.

He and the rest of insects had fallen into a deep and vast cave. It was so deep that if he did not slow down the falling speed, he would die instantly when he touched the ground.

He was moving his legs and claws rapidly trying to grab something. he didn't want to die this way. However, there was nothing around him.

Fortunately, just when he was about to scream, the dumb insect caught him, and it was caught by Little Red, then the little red was caught by Elder purple and Elder Purple was caught by Little green. The brother worm attached itself to Elder Purple, so it was alright.

With so many insects dangling underneath the little Green, Little Green screeched loudly trying to take them back to the collapsed area. However, they were too heavy. Even though it had leveled up to the second form, it was still too hard to it to lift all the insects. It could only able to slow down the falling speed.

Seeing his falling speed was slowed down, Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved. He looked around trying to find somewhere they could land, but he was immediately stunned by what he saw again.

"What the actual fuck is that."

What he fell into was not a cave, it was a gigantic graveyard, and it was not humans' graveyard, nor was it insects' graveyard. It was a graveyard for spaceships.

In the eerie green light at the bottom of the graveyard, There were so many enormous futuristic spaceships scattered around, and all of them were stabbed into the ground like many swords.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng stopped falling. There seemed to be a strange force that rejecting them from approaching the graveyard any closer.

Although they were floating in the air at the moment, Chu Yunsheng didn't trust the unknown force. So he asked little green to drag them to the wall near them.

Chu Yunsheng didn't pay attention to the wall near them at the beginning, but as they got closer and closer to then, he was stunned again.

Many gigantic monster's skeletons that were as big as spaceships were embedded into the wall, and they were spread across the wall of the cave.


"What the hell is this place!" Chu Yunsheng was very anxious. And before he stabbed his legs into the wall, he hesitated. However, in the end, he still did it and ordered the rest of insects to do the same.

He didn't want to stay in this place, it was too strange and too creepy. So he immediately asked little green to pick up Elder Golden and fly back to the place where they fell.

They needed to get back to the original route and find the collapsed exit that soldier mentioned to the ground.

While little Green and Elder Golden flew away to dig a tunnel, all the insects were resting on the wall.

Time slowly passed in the cave, after a while little Green flew back and started to pick up other insects one by one.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng heard strange noises.

Woo.... Woo.....

It seemed to be caused by the wind, or energy fluctuations in the cave.

But why the noises sound so sad? Chu Yunsheng thought while waiting for Little Green to come back.

Slowly the blurry sad noises became more and more clear!

It was not caused by the wind or energy fluctuations! Someone or something was mourning!

Then the monsters' skeletons began to flash green light slowly as if they were breathing.

Chu Yunsheng looked around, noticed that not only his side of the wall was flashing, the entire cave was flashing in green, and whenever the wall was dimmed, he could see all the green light flew towards the center of the cave.

He gazed afar at the center of the cave. There seemed to be a hill and it was surrounded by many piles of white crystals?

A few seconds later, the mournful voice finally became audible, and at the moment when Chu Yunsheng's heard it, his sight was suddenly forced to zoom in.

"... Mistakes were made, Tears were shed; " (mournful noise)

As his sight was zoomed in, he noticed that the hill didn't look natural...

".... gods were angry, and protections were gone..."(mournful noise)

It was a circular mound altar!(1.) How can it be... Chu Yunsheng was shocked.

"We were armed and ships were ready!'(mournful noise)

Jesus Fucking Christ, Chu Yunsheng terrified. As his sight got closer and closer to the altar, he realized that the piles of crystals he saw earlier was actually crystal human skulls. There were even more on the stairs of the circular mound altar. But the ones that were on the stairs had a complete body. However, all of them were on their knees facing the center of the altar.

"Since we couldn't go back, then we will eliminate all the heresies." (mournful noise)

Chu Yunsheng's sight finally stopped zooming in and locking onto an ancient tripod.

" Enemies were powerful, but our warriors were brave;" (mournful noise)

The tripod glowed every time when the voice appeared. It was the source of voice and green light.

Suddenly the voice was speeded up and the light started to flash fast.

" was covered with bodies, the light was gone;...

...Our people were crying, mountains and rivers were disappeared;...

...Mistakes after mistakes, it was shameful for us to live;...

...mistakes and shame should be remembered, when the soul returned;...

...The world would be covered with dark again when the soul returned;...

...Gods would not die, even after tens and thousands of years...

...Once the heaven and earth are split up again; the war will arrive;...


Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he would understand this. but the voice was like a sharp knife carving every word into his mind.

The green light was flashing faster and faster, and he didn't know why that he began to get more and angrier.

" What's wrong with me? What is that Voice?" Chu Yunsheng felt like he was about to lose control of his emotions. He even had tears running down from his face.

" Did you hear anything.' Chu Yunsheng asked anxiously.

" Wh..hat...?" The dumb insect was confused. All other insects had left already.

" The voice, the song..." Chu Yunsheng answered quickly. He didn't like this feeling of sadness and regret at all. Especially when it was being forced into his mind. He felt like he was being manipulated.

"No..." the dumb insect was upset all of sudden.

It really wanted to hear the song. Because it remembered that Chu Yunsheng told it that songs were wonderful things.

" Why... why....!" Chu Yunsheng felt like he was on the edge of emotional breakdown. :" Little Green, quick! Take us to leave here!" He urged.

He needed to get away from here. Get away as far as he could and never came back!

He must be hallucinating at the moment! It must be!

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he would have sudden urge to run away from here. He was scared to even face everything here.

Perhaps little Green felt that Chu Yunsheng was about to lose control of himself, it instantly speeded up and picked up the dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng at the same time. It then quickly flew out of the cave through the pipe they fell in.

The circular mound altar was further and further away from him, but the song in his mind was still loud and clear.

At the moment when he flew out of the pipe, A strange sigh appeared in his mind. " ...... one day, you will be back again, we will all be back again, to make up the... heinous... sin... we... committed...."

"No... no... no... you have mistaken me as someone else, I am just passing by.... No.. no... it has nothing to do with me.... No..." Chu Yunsheng was struggling, he was constantly twisting his body trying to get rid of that sigh.

However, inside his mind, there seemed to be another "him" laughing loudly and coldly at him while he was struggling.

At the same time, he was repeating the same song he heard when he was in the cave.

"....when the soul returned.... Returned.... Returned...." it was like his inner demon constantly haunting him making him suffocate.


Chu Yunsheng couldn't hold it anymore, he screamed out loud and struggled even more violently.

Little Green almost dropped him.

The dumb insect quickly used its claws to restrain Chu Yunsheng.

It was at the same moment, a strange force burst out from the monster seal talisman rushing all the way into his head to comfort his mind. A few seconds later, Chu Yunsheng finally calmed down.

When Chu Yunsheng finally came back from chaotic status, he was already in the tunnel Elder Golden dug.

"What happened?" He asked other insects. However, no one was able to answer him.

"Oh right, the song. But why? Why did I shed tears? Why did I feel regret? What happened?" He asked himself, but still, he didn't have any answers. However. He could still remember every single word of that sad song clearly as if they were engraved into his soul.

While Chu Yunsheng was trying to figure out what happened to him, all the insects were looking at him and waiting for his instructions.

Because there were two cracks in front of them.

According to the map left by the soldier, one of the cracks would lead them to the ground, and the other one would lead them to the third level below the ground.

Chu Yunsheng didn't hesitate when choosing the route. He didn't want to stay at this place a second longer.

He would rather face the spore forest above the ground than the strange circular mound altar below the ground.

.............................. Translator's note..............................

1. an example of circular mound altar in China

The picture above is a three-level circular mound altar, but the one in this chapter has many levels.....

Mayan crystal skulls

Remember this chapter. This chapter is the key to solve the entire puzzle in the whole book. Mainly the mournful voice.

The banner of the blog is the Chinese writing of the mournful voice.

This additional release is to thank Jeng Lee for his/her active comments in the blog,

Below are just my note when translating this novel and my own thoughts.

Remember when chapter 1 talked about Mayan predictions. Volume 4 talked about the mother of Edgar's wife who was a descendant of Mayan also predict the apocalypse and talked about a ruined temple....

Now it comes to this chapter the crystal skull.....

The myth of crystals skull was related to Mayan and the skull number is said to be exactly 13...

But why there were so many here?

This number 13 will appear frequently in later chapters..... more and more questions will appear...

To find out what happened to the earth tens and thousands of years ago, please use clues in the chapter 162 touch the stone stele, chapter 168 choose a path, chapter 295 the divine realm's attack and chapter 316 the fistprint from the sky... those are the clues I have found so far. I think we have a rough picture so far......

Also, note for myself. This is the additional clues in the future...

From wiki.

Crystal skulls are also referred to by author Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book Serpent of Light.[55] He writes that he came across indigenous Mayan descendants in possession of crystal skulls at ceremonies at temples in the Yucatán, which he writes contained souls of ancient Mayans who had entered the skulls to await the time when their ancient knowledge would once again be required.

The alleged associations and origins of crystal skull mythology in Native American spiritual lore, as advanced by neoshamanic writers such as Jamie Sams, are similarly discounted.[56] Instead, as Philip Jenkins notes, crystal skull mythology may be traced back to the "baroque legends" initially spread by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, and then afterward taken up:

By the 1970s, the crystal skulls [had] entered New Age mythology as potent relics of ancient Atlantis, and they even acquired a canonical number: there were exactly thirteen skulls.