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Chapter 316 the fistprint from the sky

 Chapter 316 the fistprint from the sky

Since Chu Yunsheng was not able to choose which ability to learn from other creatures, he had actually worried about what he might learn from jellyfish before the hunt!

However, it seemed like his worry was unnecessary.

Not only he had an ability to unleash strange gas, but also he was also able to produce venom from his claws and sharp legs.

There was also another ability he learned from jellyfish. He was now able to combine with other insects to become a bigger monster.

The new ability seemed to be very similar to Dark's final ability. However, it was limited to one insect only and the other insect also needed to be "related" to him.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what did "relate to him" mean. The information suddenly appeared in his mind without any warning, and he could not test it out.

Nevertheless, to him, this new ability was useless than the venom from the sharp legs and claws.

Because they could be very useful when dealing with all kinds of strange fishes he would soon face.


The burst of gas he unleashed was not powerful enough to send him to the surface, it was just powerful enough to send him a dozen meters upwards, and then he slowly started falling again.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether it was because he ate a lot of lake creatures or something else. Comparing to before, the fire energy was reduced at a much slower rate.

Originally he thought he that he wouldn't be able to survive under the lake many days, however, a few days had already passed, and it seemed like he was still able to survive under the water.

But he was not stupid enough to believe that he was a fish and he was able to live under the lake for a long time.

The decrease of energy consumption also gave Chu Yunsheng confidence. He began to travel along the lake bed and attempted to reach the lakeshore.

Although he knew that it was not the best solution, he had no choice. The surface of the lake was as high as the sky. After having failed several attempts of trying to swim towards the surface of the lake, he had already given up the idea of swimming upwards.


The great sense of direction was the advantage of any insects. This ability to use the Earth's magnetic field as a coordinate was indeed better than relying on eyes and nose.

After Chu Yunsheng decided which direction he wanted to go, he set off without any delay.

On the way, he continued to kill jellyfish to perfect the ability to release gases from his body while sometimes using his abilities to hunt some fish that were moving slowly.

Time slowly passed under the lake, and Chu Yunsheng was more and more concerned. The water pressure didn't seem to reduce any since he set off. It meant that he was still far away from the lakeshore.

I may have chosen the wrong direction. he thought.

However, he could not go back. Besides he did not even know how far he would need to walk if he chose the other direction. So he just carried on walking in the same direction until he was stopped by a wall.

A wall that was as tall as the surface of the lake and he could not see the end on both sides.

Chu Yunsheng was thrilled. Although he did not know how far it was away from the surface, with this wall, he would definitely be able to reach the surface.

But just when he used his claws to touch to the wall, his "consciousness" was suddenly extracted from his body. "He" was lifted up higher and higher until he saw the entire "lake".

"He" was stunned. It was not a lake. It was an enormous fistprint that filled with water!

The fistprint was so big that Chu Yunsheng did not even realize he was running around inside it in the past few days. It was so big that it was at least a thousand meters deep and it even had its own ecosystem!

The fistprint seemed to be made by human fist, but it was not possible for any humans to make.

How is this even possible!? Chu Yunsheng did not know how to react anymore.

Suddenly the "image" in front of "him" was replaced with something else.

It was pitch black first, then he heard the sound of pouring rain. it got a little bit brighter as time passed, but perhaps it was in the evening, the light was very dim. then he heard the sound of violent explosions, angry battle cries, desperate screams.....

It was a battlefield....

Suddenly, a streak of lightning cracked open the dark sky, then a gigantic fist that covered with the fire that caused by the intense friction breaking through the thick clouds heading straight toward the battlefield in an incredible speed....


After an earth-piercing sound, mountains began to crack and collapse, seawater started to recede.

Then the rain disappeared, instead, a tsunami that was several hundred meters high appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight.

When the fist landed, it blew up mountains, huge clouds of dust and fire, more than 10,000 meters high into the sky.

It even pushed the entire planet away from its orbit... all creatures on the planet began their long journey of death and extinction...

In the next second, Chu Yunsheng suddenly woke up.

"What was that?" He suddenly had a cold shudder and instinctively took back his claw.

He looked around. Everything appeared to be normal around him.

"Was it the wall? What the hell?" he was confused.

"I need to leave this place as soon as possible. Gigantic fistrpint and mysterious dream.... Everything about this place is too creepy....." he thought.

Looking at the wall which was the only way he could use to get out of here, Chu Yunsheng hesitated. He slowly moved his claw out to touch the wall one more time. But this time there was nothing happened.

He was relieved but even more confused at the same time. However, he did not stop moving. As he stabbed his sharp legs into the wall, he began to climb up fast.


On the way up to the surface of the lake, he discovered that there were many strange flat fishes moving and resting on the wall as well. Probably they could not tell the difference between Chu Yunsheng and the wall from Chu Yunsheng's protective color, many of them attached themselves onto Chu Yunsheng and moved along with him.

Chu Yunsheng was having difficulty to catch fish earlier, but now those stupid fishes just voluntarily send themselves into his mouth one by one.

Slowly Chu Yunsheng began to change. His belly, front chest, and butts started to grow fins, and slowly his agility in the water was increased.


Several hours later...

After a loud water splash sound.

Chu Yunsheng flew out of the lake like a jet fighter, he finally reached the surface of the lake! However, there was no time for him to relax.

In the next second, a strange long neck water monster broke out of the water as well. It was the monster that was chasing Chu Yunsheng earlier.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng hid himself very well, But when it was about to reach the surface of the lake, he sent out signals trying to contact with other insects. It was at that time, he exposed himself.

The signal was probably captured by this water monster, then it started to chase Chu Yunsheng.

The speed of this water monster was incredibly fast. Although Chu Yunsheng ate a lot of flat fishes, he still could not get away with it. In the end, he had to shoot out gas to help him swim faster in the water.

Luckily he was not far away from the surface. When he flew out of the water, he immediately stabbed his legs into the wall that was nearest to him and started to climb upward.


The water monster also jumped out of the water, it opened its mouth wide wanting to bite Chu Yunsheng. Fortunately, it did not jump high enough to reach Chu Yunsheng. So it fell into the water again. But it did not seem to give up, it was still swimming around in the water waiting for Chu Yunsheng to get down.

Looking at the stupid monster waiting for him below the water. Chu Yunsheng laughed.

It took him ages to finally get out of the water, Of course, he would not get back to the water again.

He looked around noticing that there was a cave not far from him. So he quickly climbed up towards the cave.

But just when he got into the cave, he was startled by what he saw.

There were two human skeletons in there.