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Chapter 315 reverse food chain

 Chu Yunsheng had underestimated the water pressure. As he was in the bottom of the lake, every move he made would speed up the energy consumption. So when he reached a clump of algae which was not far away from the skull he was hiding earlier, he realized that crawling out of the lake was a stupid idea.

He was frustrated. He could not move nor could he stay." What should I do now?" he asked himself while he was sitting in the clump of algae.

Suddenly, he noticed something moving slowly around him. He took a close look, noticing that it was a small creature that looked like a Sea cucumber, and it seemed to be eating algae. He looked around and noticed that there were quite a few of them around him. But they were in different color?.

Chu Yunsheng was confused at first, then he noticed that, as those sea cucumbers moved, their color began to change. At that moment, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

He could also change, Min had given him the ability to absorb other creature's ability to increase his own chance of survival. He could use that. Although he did not know if it could really work or not, it was better than sitting there doing nothing.

So Chu Yunsheng quickly drafted a plan.

The ideal target would be those fish, if he could gain their abilities to swim in the water, then he would be able to get out of this lake very soon. However, fish was very fast in the water, he couldn't catch them at the moment.

But before that, he needed to change his color first.

Many places on the lake bed were emitting a strange green light. In the green light, the color of his shell was too garish, it would only cause him a lot of troubles.

So he needed a perfect camouflage to help him survive on the lake bed. The sea cucumber-like creature's ability was exactly what he needed.

Chu Yunsheng moved his claw slowly towards them. Probably those creatures didn't expect someone would see through their disguise, so they didn't move.

However, as Chu Yunsheng closed his claws to pinch a crowd of five sea cucumbers that were staying together, the sudden change of waves in the water startled those sea cucumbers.

Four of them suddenly expanded their body and them shot out water from the other side of their body to push them away from Chu Yunsheng rapidly. Within a few seconds, they disappeared in the dark green lake.

Chu Yunsheng did not dare to chase them, there were so many unknown creatures hiding in this creepy lake.

In the end, Chu Yunsheng only caught one.

But Chu Yunsheng was not worried, there were more in the clump of algae he was in, even if he couldn't find anything around him. There were quite a few clumps of algae around him. He could always change from one clump of algae to another clump of algae.

He squeezed the one he caught to death and ate it, then began to look for the second one. He didn't know how many he should eat before he could gain their abilities, but he didn't think one would be enough.

After Chu Yunsheng kept hunting and eating for a while, he still couldn't feel anything in his body. He started to become anxious. Maybe the method he used was wrong, maybe there were some other things he needed to do, so he could gain other creature's ability.

Chu Yunsheng was disappointed at the result, but he still didn't give up trying.

Suddenly, Just when he was moving out of the algae clump to the next one, he felt like something thing inside his body was running rapidly.

He was startled and quickly moved back to the clump again. However, that feeling was still there.

What is it? He glanced at the outside of the clump but didn't notice anything. However, when he raised his claw to move the clump away slightly, he suddenly noticed that the color of his claw was different.

It was half red and half white. Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he slowly moved out of the clump again and moved back in. The strange feeling came back again and his entire claw was changed to green this time.


Chu Yunsheng was overjoyed with the result. Finally, he was able to change color. Although it was just his claw at the moment, he believed that if he kept eating, he would be able to change the color of his entire body eventually.

Since there was a hope, Chu Yunsheng also speeded up his hunting. After another few hours passed under the lake, he was finally able to change the color of his entire body.

The next target on Chu Yunsheng's hunt list was jellyfish.

After getting the camouflage ability, he needed some abilities to help him to deal with water pressure and moving problem.

Jellyfish was the best target he could find around him.

They were slow and weak, the only problem was their poisonous sting. In the age of light, Chu Yunsheng also learned from discovery channel that some jellyfishes were able to produce gases like Carbon monoxide to help them moving in the water. So it was a perfect ability for him.

There were many types of jellyfish under the lake, the smallest one was only a few centimeters big, the biggest one was even bigger than him.

He didn't dare to attack those large jellyfishes, his targets were those medium size ones.

Jellyfishes are omnivorous creatures. They are just like mice in the water. Surely, they are more interested in animals, that was why Chu Yunsheng wanted to be cautious when dealing with them.

While Chu Yunsheng was searching for the medium size jellyfish, he also noticed that those jellyfish seemed to like eating strange blue creatures a lot.

And those strange blue creatures usually stayed around algae plants and eating small Planktons.

So Chu Yunsheng didn't actually need to move a lot, he just needed to find a large clump of Algae plant and then hide in there then wait for jellyfish to come.

As he expected, within a few minutes, some careless jellyfish began floating towards the Algae plants slowly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't attack them straight away, he waited until the jellyfish caught the strange blue creatures then attack them.


Hunting was very successful, Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that it was much more successful than catching sea cucumbers.

He caught many colorful jellyfish, one after another. He didn't even remember how many he had actually caught.

Maybe I should check if I gained a new ability or not. Chu Yunsheng thought.

However, just when he decided to stop, he suddenly felt the water around him was moving violently.

Something big is coming. Chu Yunsheng was startled.

He used all his strength to run out of the algae plants quickly and run back to the skull he was hiding earlier as fast as he could.

However, he could still feel that the wave in the water was following behind him.

Did it find me? Chu Yunsheng's heart dropped.

Just when he was about to run out of the skull, a big transparent tentacle was shot into the skull, heading straight towards him.

Chu Yunsheng instinctively used his claw to block the attack and cut off the tentacle. The broken tentacle was retracted. But Chu Yunsheng almost passed out.

"Shit. The poison was too strong." He cursed in his mind.

This was the type of poison that the jellyfishes he killed didn't have. Even he just touched a little bit, it made him felt like he was in the hell.

If it weren't that the fire energy inside his body helped him, he probably would have been already paralyzed by the attack.

He must not allow it to attack him one more time. He must act first.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ran out of the skull. On the way, he barely dodged another round of tentacles' attack.

When he got outside, He saw a giant jellyfish was sitting on the skull covering almost entire half of the skull. It had countless tentacles. There were so many of them that they looked hairs when they were on the top of the skull. Some of the tentacles were so long that they were extended all the way into the darkness. He could not even see the end.

If Chu Yunsheng still had hairs, it must be standing on end at that moment.

In a split second, Chu Yunsheng decided to use its most powerful attack. The thing in front of him was deadly, and he only got one chance.

He immediately opened the crack on his head to reveal its that eye-like transparent hemisphere and infused fire energy into it.

A red beam of light was shot out, and fortunately, it died instantly.

It was very easy to tell if the monster jellyfish in front of him was dead completely or not.

When it was dead, all its tentacles would stop moving and slowly fall to the ground.

But Chu Yunsheng wasn't relived. There was always a bigger fish, and they would come one after another. The giant jellyfish itself would attract many dangerous predators, plus the red light beam he unleashed, he knew that his temporary shelter was no longer safe.


Chu Yunsheng was hiding in a dense clump of algae eating the remains of the jellyfish he just killed. He couldn't remove it all, so he only cut off a big chunk big it and ran away.

Luckily, his body seemed to have consumed enough jellyfishes, when he just finished a chunk of jellyfish, many bubbles suddenly started to appear around his body.

He felt very strange. It was like he was about to have explosive diarrhea.

As he tried to relax all the nerves around his body, he suddenly heard a strange puff sound coming from his butt, then he was pushed up obliquely like a jet fighter.