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Chapter 314 the world under the lake.

 "Bubbles popping sounds...."

Countless bubbles appeared on the surface of the lake like the lake was boiled.

The insect seemed to hate water innately, this type of feeling came from its body's instinct which Chu Yunsheng had no control over with. It was just like humans are not adapted to extremely cold weather or hot weather.

White worm attached itself to Elder Golden's shell, and Elder Golden began to float towards the surface of the water after it sunk for a short distance. Perhaps its body size provided it much greater buoyancy than other insects, so it was the first one reaching the surface of the water, then the next one was Elder Purple, then Little Green...

However Chu Yunsheng, Dumb Insect, and little Red were still sinking...

Especially Chu Yunsheng, its insect's body has not reached the second form yet, and its body was relatively small than other insects, but its weight almost the same as Dumb Insect.

Comparing to him, those mice were indeed the most resilient animal on earth, even if they were in the water, they still had the ability to swim towards the surface of the lake.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng noticed that apart from rocks, there were nothing around him, even the Dumb insect and Little Red also swum to the surface. But Chu Yunsheng was still sinking and sinking.

Suddenly he felt strange waves coming from below. However, his sight was strangely restricted in the water like a human, he could barely see anything within 30 meters radius. Anything further than that no matter how hard he tried to detect it, he just could not see anything.

The waves in the water were getting more and more intense and rapid, suddenly many strange fishes appeared in his sight one by one. They have a big head and sharp teeth, huge eyes and its body was almost as big as a human. They were like those deep sea fish but much uglier than that.

What was scarier was that there were not just a few of them, there was a huge crowd of them swimming fast towards Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he began to swing his claws and legs quickly attempting to run away, However, his action was useless. The shoal of fish took a big turn when it was about to reach him. They were swimming around Chu Yunsheng trying to locate his weak spot. A few seconds later, they suddenly flocked towards him again, this time, Chu Yunsheng was completely swallowed up in the shoal of fish.

While some fish in the shoal was trying to tear Chu Yunsheng shell apart using their sharp mouth, many fish just constantly slammed themselves into Chu Yunsheng, pushing him deeper and deeper into the lake even faster.

Those fish did not seem to have any water energy, but their sharp teeth were as powerful as insect's claw. Within a few seconds, many scratches appeared on Chu Yunsheng's shell.

But Chu Yunsheng's claws and legs were not useless, as long as he caught the strange fish, the fish would instantly split into half by him.

He gave up defending himself completely and only focusing on attacking. In fact, he couldn't defend himself at all. There were too many of them, all he could do was to try to reduce their number.

The smell of blood began to spread in the water quickly. The strange fish was very agile in the water, it would cost Chu Yunsheng a lot of energy to just kill one of them.

Chu Yunsheng felt sharp pain everywhere on his body, but he still could not stop attacking. He had to reduce their number, this was the only way to save himself. Suddenly, all the fish around him scattered away in panic.

They were running away from something!

Chu Yunsheng did not believe that his attack would scare them away. There must be something else! He thought.

But where was it?

The fish swam away, but Chu Yunsheng was still sinking. Suddenly he noticed a big shadow that roughly three times bigger than a golden shell insect swum over his head. In the next second, all the fish that attacked Chu Yunsheng earlier was swallowed by it. Fortunately, the strange monster swam away after it engulfed the shoal of fish.

But Chu Yunsheng was still sinking, and the water pressure started to increase. Chu Yunsheng felt that his entire body was squeezed together harder and harder as he sank deeper and deeper. If it were an ordinary red shell insect, it would probably have been crushed to death already, let alone an ordinary human being.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how deep he had sunk. Four hundred meters below the surface? Or maybe five hundred meters. There was nothing he could be used as a reference.

The fire energy was burning fast inside his body to withstand the pressure, however, he felt like he could not withstand it very long.

A few seconds later, he finally saw something below him, it was a huge skeleton that was a dozen of meters long. Because of the limited visibility, the dozen of meters was only a part of the skeleton Chu Yunsheng saw. but Chu Yunsheng strongly believed that the entire skeleton could be much bigger.


As Chu Yunsheng finally touched the bottom of the lake, he instantly stirred up the soil and algae plants that were originally sitting quietly on the lake bed.

But Chu Yunsheng could not stop moving. Looking at many strange creatures were swimming above his head, he knew that he needed to find a place to hide first, then find a way get back to the surface.

He was crawling slowly along the skeleton, the heavy water pressure made him very hard to move under the water. It took him a long time to finally reach the end of the skeleton. The end of the skeleton was a huge scary skull which could be temporarily used as a shelter until he finds another solution. so he quickly crawled into the skull and find a corner inside to hide.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how the situation on the surface was, but he did not think that other insects would be able to dive down to save him anytime soon. Although insect did not need to breathe under the water, he needed to have fire energy to help him to withstand the water pressure. Once he used up his energy, then the result would the same as the skeleton he saw.

What should I do?

Looking at the deep scratches on the internal of the skull, Chu Yunsheng did not know what to do.

If he wants to get back to the surface, he needed to be able to swim. But he did not know how to swim using insect's sharp legs and huge claws.

There must be a way! Chu Yunsheng encouraged himself.

"I can't just hide here to think for a solution. If I can't think of anything, then my time will be wasted here. Although I can't swim, I may be able to walk out of this lake. No matter what, I can't just sit here waiting." after a few minutes of struggling to make a decision, Chu Yunsheng finally decided to leave the skull.