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Chapter 313 Going deeper into the ground

 Chapter 313 Going deeper into the ground

Luckily insects seemed to be very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field. Sometimes it was almost as accurate as migratory birds' navigational ability.

"The middle one!" Chu Yunsheng quickly sent messages to his "companions."

Dumb insect and Little Red ran into the tunnel in the middle first, followed by other insects, Chu Yunsheng was in the middle and Elder Purple was still guarding the back.

All the insect were asked not to use their fire energy to prevent exposing their current location

Luckily The insect's unique "sight" help them a lot in the dark crack. Otherwise, Chu Yunsheng would definitely bump into walls many times.

The crack was getting narrower and narrower, it was also getting wetter and wetter, without any reference materials Chu Yunsheng could not tell if they were going up or going down.

Every insect was silently crawling in the crack. Since Chu Yunsheng saved Little Green, all the insects trusted Chu Yunsheng even more.


What originally just wet ground now covered with water!

Looking at this situation. It seemed like they were getting deeper and deeper into the ground. But the water on the ground was not a good sign, it meant that further side of the crack might be filled with water.

However, they have already crawled this far, he didn't want to change to other routes. Besides, insects didn't need to breathe, their fire energy would just be suppressed when they were under the water.

As long as they didn't encounter something powerful, it shouldn't be a problem for them.

Moreover, he didn't even know where other routes would lead them to. So to him, the rest of two cracks were the same as the one he chose.

"Carry on." Chu Yunsheng did not believe that only human could walk out of this underground maze, but they couldn't.

However, they didn't get very far.

".... Blocked...." the group stopped again and Dumb Insect sent a signal back.

Dead end?

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he crawled down from Elder Golden's back. He squeezed towards the front and noticed that the crack became very narrow, even a red shell Insect also couldn't squeeze through, let alone other insects.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was thinking for a solution they suddenly heard some light noises as if something was constantly scratching the ground. Moreover, the noise was coming towards them from the other side of the crack.

Chu Yunsheng was alarmed and immediately sent out signals:" something is coming! Get ready for a fight!"

At the same time, he quickly dragged Dumb Insect and Little Red back.

As the sound was coming closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng was more and more anxious. It even made him forgot about he was no longer a human.


All the insects were ashamed of Chu Yunsheng's signal. Since when they were scared of other creatures?

Although they trusted Chu Yunsheng, their real leader was Elder Purple, so no one moved.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was trying to persuade Elder Purple, a small shadow jumped out from the other side of the crack.


Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Even himself was also ashamed of his behavior this time.

All also insects were enraged by the appearance of the mouse.

Before Chu Yunsheng even reacted, Little Red instantly charged forward and pinched Serval mice into halves.

In fact, the size of those three mice was enormous, they were almost three times bigger than the mouse in the age of light. To ordinary mice, they might be monsters, but to Chu Yunsheng, no matter how big they were, they just mice.

The death of three mice scared away the rest of mice. But they also gave Chu Yunsheng an idea. Since so many mice could come from the other side of the crack, it meant that the crack they were in was not very dangerous.

He used his claw to check the soil and rocks around them, it's humid, and rocks were not very hard.


It was possible to dig through this narrow crack without using fire energy. Chu Yunsheng immediately decided.

He quickly asked Elder Golden to widen the crack without using its fire energy. This order was also immediately approved by Elder Purple without any delay.

As Elder Golden started to move its giant pliers rapidly, Chu Yunsheng and the rest of insects also started to move forward again.

They dug deeper and deeper, the number of mice they encountered also started to increase.

However, Chu Yunsheng was more and more confident now. He strongly believed that as long as they dug through this crack, they would arrive at an open area.

In terms of the mice they saw, they all ended up dead like the first three mice that Little Red killed.

However. The fact soon proved that Chu Yunsheng was wrong. His "companions" were also wrong because they had forgotten a very important factor - the number!

When they finally dug through the crack and reached an open area, and before Chu Yunsheng got excited, they realized that they have actually dug into a huge mouse nest.

They were no longer in the swarm, there were only seven of them, but there were countless mice.

Looking at all types of animal skeletons underneath those mice, Chu Yunsheng knew that this nest of mice eat everything, he even noticed a lot of insect's shells as well.

But it was too late for them to turn around, the mice were squeaking loudly while flocking towers Chu Yunsheng's group. Chu Yunsheng also noticed that there were mice glowed in a green light like the mutant mice he saw outside Jin Ling city.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to test out that if those mice have the ability to kill them or not. It was the dark age, everything was possible.

At this moment, they could no longer hide themselves from using fire energy anymore. Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered Elder Golden to spat fireball to burn the mice that ran to them the first.

The body size of Elder purple and Elder Golden was very big, so while the first batch of mice was burned by Elder Golden's fireball, Elder Purple took the opportunity and quickly swapped the position with Elder Golden.

Then it instantly unleashed it's purple flame to cover all its body and used its body to block the crack they dug.

The mice were still charging towards Elder Purple, but all of them were burned into ashes when they approached the purple flame.

However, mice were born with the ability to dig holes.

Just when Chu Yunsheng thought that Elder Purple was able to block the mice, many mice started to dig their way into the crack from the sides, the top and the ground of the crack.

Chu Yunsheng was not scared of ordinary mice, However, those mutant mice were constantly casting out icicles attacks. Ice energy was able to suppress fire energy. Although these mice's ability was very weak, they have numbers, and they were everywhere. So within just a few minutes they almost freeze the entire crack.

The white worm was the first one could not withstand the attack, its defensive ability was the weakest among them. At the moment, it was already covered with mice and constantly squeaking in pain.

Chu Yunsheng's heart dropped. Although it was the weakest in their group, it had a very important role in their group. The white worm was the only source of energy supply they had in their group at the moment.

So Chu Yunsheng quickly used his claws to carefully and quickly sweep mice away from the white worm's body, then picked it up and held it underneath its chest. At the same time, it was constantly spitting the corrosive liquid to kill the rest of mice that came into the crack.

However, more than more mice started to crawl into the crack, and the crack was too narrow for Chu Yunsheng and other insects to move around. If he could not think of a new solution, sooner or later they would have casualties!

They could not retreat, because they did not know if the enemy from spore forest was behind them or not. They also could not dig into the ground again, since those mice were also able to dig into the ground, and with the number they had, it was definitely much quicker than Older Golden.

They had to move forward! They had to move into an open area so they could easily move around.

There might also be another route in the mouse nest.

Chu Yunsheng quickly sent a signal to Elder purple:" Elder Purple, quickly unleash your energy ripples to kill them!

He did not dare to ask Elder Purple to use its strongest attack earlier, because, with that kind of attack, it might even make the entire crack to collapse.

Although insect's body was very strong, it was not invincible. if the crack collapse, with the amount of soil above them, they would immediately be crushed into minced meat.

However, he had no choice now, if they carry on like this, elder purple and elder golden might be able to survive, but rest of insects, including himself, would die

Elder purple did not have enough brain cell to process information during combat. without Chu Yunsheng's order, it would just fight blindly like other insects. Fortunately, its subconsciousness immediately accepted Chu Yunsheng order.

In the next second, the first round of energy ripple was unleashed into the mouse nest and made a bloody way in the nest.


Chu Yunsheng screeched loudly to ordered all the insects to follow elder purple!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As they were running out of the crack fast, elder golden was constantly spitting out fireballs to blow away the mice that were chasing them out of the crack.


This time was elder purple, it unleashed another round of energy ripple again to blow up another crowd of mice in the center of the nest.

The eyes of many mice were quickly changed from green to red, it seemed like they were enraged by the action of Elder Purple. Just when they were about to charge toward Chu Yunsheng's group again, a crispy and ear-piercing cracking sound appeared in the nest.

As all the creatures in the nest raised their head, they noticed that a crack like a twisting lightning spread across the top of the nest, and it was getting wider and wider.

All the attack stopped all of sudden, all the creature in that nest were not moving. Every animal had an instinct to predict a devastating disaster, so almost every creature in the nest knew what was going to happen.


As if something finally broken!

The next began to collapse.

"Fu.... " before Chu Yunsheng was able to curse it out, he instantly felt like he was crushed by something very heavy and then everything went black all of sudden.

It is over... Chu Yunsheng's heart dropped.

What a stupid order I just gave! He thought.

Suddenly, he did not feel any pressure on top of him anymore, then he felt like he was falling.


Above a huge and quiet underground lake that no one knew how long it has existed, a crack suddenly appeared. Then within a few seconds, its entire top was collapsed. Countless mice mixed with some insects and a lot of soil were falling directly into the lake.

"Splash..." "Splash..." "Splash..."

A lot of splashes with various sizes appeared everywhere on the originally calm surface of the lake, along with many sounds of objects falling into the water. The old and seemingly dangerous foggy lake was no longer at peace anymore.