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Chapter 312 three-way intersection

 Chapter 312 three-way intersection

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask more in detail, he suddenly heard a noise came from his back. It was Little green who fell from the back of the golden shell.

Its energy was very weak, Chu Yunsheng almost could not feel it.

Chu Yunsheng quickly left the man who was wearing a broken glasses and attempted to contact the white worm. But he didn't get any response from it. Probably it already dug very deep.

The worm was not going to deliver the energy on time, besides, he didn't even know if the energy the worm dug up would help Little green's injury or not.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and pinched out one bottle of culture fluid from a gap between his shells.

He only had a few of them left, and he originally planned to use them to level up his insect's body into the second form. Although he didn't know if it would be useful or not, at the moment it was the only method he could try. In terms of the side effect, he was not worried at all. He was already an insect, how worse it could possibly be?

But the green shell's life was in danger, and he knew that without the green shell the escaping journey would be much difficulty for them.

:" Little green, drink this!" Chu Yunsheng used one of his claws to open the green shell's mouth and another one to break the bottle's neck and poured the culture fluid into the green shell's mouth.

Looking at the size of the bottle and the size of the green shell, Chu Yunsheng didn't think one bottle of culture fluid would be enough, so he took out another bottle from another gap between his shells.

Second bottle down, green shell still had no reaction.

"Fuck it!" As Chu Yunsheng cursed in his mind, he took out the last two bottles of culture fluid and poured them into the green shell's mouth.

He only found four bottles of culture fluid in total in the pile of supplies he dropped. If it still couldn't save the green shell then Chu Yunsheng had to give up.

Wang Dafu's mouth was wide open. He thought that he was calm enough, But what Chu Yunsheng did was too human-like.

Taking out four bottles of strange liquid that looked like made by humans and fed the liquid to a dying insect!

If he could get back to Hong Kong alive. He would definitely tell those journalists what he saw. But probably no one would believe him.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the man was thinking, but he was extremely anxious at that moment. Live and death of the green shell directly relate to if they could get to next creep area safely or not.

One minute passed, two minutes passed..... he waited for 10 minutes, the green shell finally moved. Its mouth was constantly making some strange chirping noise, Chu Yunsheng didn't know what they meant, but Chu Yunsheng was finally relieved.

As long as it didn't die, Chu Yunsheng believed that the white worm would know how to take care of it.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to peek outside. That damn ribbon-like monster was probably exhausted, it was wheeling above the small town, looked like it was looking for a place to rest.

The hazy shimmer slowly disappeared in the sky, and the world once again covered in the darkness.

The dozen of humans opposite Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to light up a campfire, in a pitch black world, only the insects could see them, but they couldn't see the insects.

Chu Yunsheng knocked on the ground for a few times to signal the Golden Shell to dig out from the place he knocked and only reveal half of his head. Then he continued to communicate with the golden shell:" Elder Golden, need to borrow your eyes for a second. Infuse your energy into your eyes, just a little bit... that's too much, it's too bright, dim a little... "

Golden shell's eyes were as big as a human, with just a little bit of energy, it could provide enough light in the hall.

Chu Yunsheng crawled back and continued talking with the middle-aged man.

" Mr.insect, let me introduce us first." Wang Dafu took a deep breath and said slowly. He was watching Chu Yunsheng behavior every carefully earlier. From the way that those insects ran to the hall; the injured insects, and the way they told them to be quiet, he knew that the insect's enemy was nearby.

He carried on:" This place is near Wu Yi mountain, but we are not from this area, we are from Hong Kong, a place that is 700 kilometers away from here...."

Chu Yunsheng's first reaction was " wtf, we just ran more than 100 kilometers just in one day? We even arrived Fu province(1.)! How the fuck is that possible!"

Wang Dafu was still talking:" There is a human City over there, your people... I mean your insects have taken over Wu Yang city and Peng city, the southern Chinese army was forced to retreat to Hong Kong and build defense position there.

Originally we were planning to escape to Hong Kong from Peng city, however, we were forced to escape to a barren mountain by other insects. In order to save ourselves from the chase, we crawled into a crack in the mountain, but who knows that it was very complicated inside the crack. In the end, we got lost and could not find a way out. Only until two months ago did we finally get out from a crack that was probably caused by an earthquake, and the crack was other there."

Wang Dafu said in one breath. This time he made Chu Yunsheng shocked.

From Hong Kong to Wu Yi mountain?

It almost crossed entire southern China! How is that even possible?

Even if what he said was true, but how did they survive under the ground, what did they eat and drink?

Chu Yunsheng knocked on the ground and wrote "lie" then looked at the middle-aged man.

" Mr. Insect, I know it is hard to believe it. But it was true! There are more than half of people from Hong Kong in our group, you can ask them if you don't believe me." Wang Dafu instantly started to sweat.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a few seconds, he still didn't believe him. But when there was a commotion in the group earlier, he clearly heard some people talking in Cantonese.

So Chu Yunsheng pointed at one girl who spoke Cantonese earlier and asked the middle-aged man to bring her over.

The girl was extremely scared, but she still answered all Chu Yunsheng's questions. Her answers were also the same as the middle-aged man.

Although it was very unlikely for them to lie in this kind of situation, Chu Yunsheng still found it hard to believe them.

At the time when the girl finished, the white worm finally came back. Chu Yunsheng did not know the situation under the ground, but the white worm did. So after he confirmed with it, he finally believed those humans. There were indeed many cracks under the ground.

Then, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. If those humans could survive under the ground, then as insects themselves would definitely be able to survive as well.

More importantly, it was too dangerous to stay on the ground, he could even detect the smell of another spore forest in the south.

There was no way they could break through the spore forest if there really was one forest in the south, they would need to take detours, but god knows how long it would take.

He needed to get to next creep area quickly, only until he got to the next creep area would he be safe.

"Underground, safe?" Chu Yunsheng wrote.

Wang Dafu and the girl looked at each other didn't know how to answer it. It took them awhile and finally decided to tell Chu Yunsheng everything, so he could decide himself. " Originally, we have hundreds of people, but we only have 20 people now, there were a lot of things under the ground we couldn't see it...."

Chu Yunsheng instantly changed his mind. Safety was always his priority, so if there were unknown monsters under the ground, he would rather take a long detour.

But just when he changed his mind, a loud screech suddenly appeared in the sky above them. Then the building started to shake violently, and debris started falling from the top of the building.

"Fuck! Elder Golden, quick, dig into the ground!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and quickly ordered.

He had no choice now. Elder Purple might be able to deal with one ribbon-like flying insect, but the screech might have already attracted other insects.

It might even attract a ghastly kid. it was too dangerous for them to get out of the building now. He couldn't afford to take the risk.

Although there were unknown monsters under the ground, they still have chances. But if they tried to escape from above the ground now, they would definitely die.

It was not that Chu Yunsheng hadn't thought about escaping from under the ground before. However, Elder Golden needed to use a lot of fire energy to dig a tunnel, and this type of energy movement was extremely easy to be detected by any ribbon-like flying monsters, so unless they were not going to dig out of the ground ever again, it was useless to dig into the ground.

Besides, Chu Yunsheng did not know that if there were any insects from the spore forest that was also able to dig into the ground. What if the spore forest really had this kind of insects. Then, digging into the ground meant digging their own graves.

Chu Yunsheng quickly asked Dumb Insect to catch Little Green and follow Elder Golden. white worm already hid itself into a gap between Elder Golden's shells. Little Red quickly ran down from upstairs and followed Dumb Insect right into the tunnel, the next one was Chu Yunsheng and the last was Elder Purple.

Wang Dafu and other people didn't know what happened, but from the strange screech outside the building and the panic reaction from those insects, they knew that it was very bad.

Just when Chu Yunsheng and other insects disappeared into a tunnel, Wang Dafu and other people also crawled into a crack in the corner of the hall.


The building finally collapsed, and the tunnel was instantly filled with dust....

But Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to slow down to look back, it was constantly urging Elder Golden to dig deeper and deeper.


"Thump, Thump, Thump...."

All the insects fell to the ground all of sudden. It seemed like they have dig into a deep crack.

Chu Yunsheng quickly stood up and shook off the dust on his back. He looked around and tried to locate his position and other insects.

Chu Yunsheng was relieved when he saw all the insects were just next to him. However, when he noticed three deep and dark cracks around them, his heart dropped again.


1. Wu Yi mountain is in Fu province.