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Chapter 311 Kill Kill Kill!

 Kill! Kill! Kill!

The signals of killings constantly sent to each other among the seven insects. Apart from Chu Yunsheng, all other insects were ready to attack, even of white worm also compressed its body and ready to bounce out.

Chu Yunsheng's mind was constantly bombarded by the signals of killings, he was almost about to follow the signals instinctively.

In fact, it was not just a vicious killing intent, it was more of an irresistible feeling of hate.

When Chu Yunsheng was on the creep area, he never once felt such hate from any insects, even when they were fighting the spore forest, all he felt from the insects were bravery and their fight wills.

The killing intent was caused by a deep hatred, and the hatred came from every part of his body as if it was marked on every bone, every piece of shells and even every single blood cell.

The most unbelievable thing was that in between the hatred and killing intent, there seemed to be a faint sense of sadness and regret as well. Although it was just a faint of sadness, it almost made Chu Yunsheng's soul trembled, if he was still a human, he'd probably already be starting to cry at that moment.

Only until now did he realized that why would the swarm almost collapsed when he tried to save Tan Ning, and why it would take Dark so much energy to suppress them. It was all because of this irresistible hate that came from deep inside of every insect...

There were just six insects around Chu Yunsheng. However, even with only six insects, he almost could not handle it, let alone tens and thousands of insects when he was in the yellow mountain area. How much effort did it require for Dark to do it?

Chu Yunsheng could not imagine that.

But it was his idea to take a break, and it was also his idea to hide inside the small town. So he had to stop this slaughter. After all, he was still a human, not an insect.

While Chu Yunsheng was trying to stop the slaughter, he was also confused. When he was near the small town, he clearly felt that there was no sign of any living creatures in the small town and he was quite confident in his detection ability.

Even if his detection ability was limited, but the Elder Purple which was a high-level insect should have detected them.

However, this group of people just appeared out of nowhere as if they just crawled out of the ground. But he did not have time to think about where they came from at the moment, because the elder purple had already started to gather its energy and fire had already started to burst out from its body.

Elder golden was already ready to breathe fire.

"Stop! All of you! In the name of Min, I am ordering you to stop! I will handle the rest. I am warning you, remember what is our mission! " Chu Yunsheng immediately screeched loudly.

Chu Yunsheng did not know whether it was the words he said scared them or it was the fact that he stood in front of the group of refugees, but eventually, they all stopped.

"W...h...y.... They.... Yi... Yuan(TL: Abnormality)! " elder purple was very angry. It was constantly waving its two antennas making the crack sound in the air.

"What is our mission?" Chu Yunsheng immediately asked.

"Wood.... " elder purple answered honestly.

"Then what are you doing now? Min warned us that don't involve in other things. Our first priority is to deliver the wood element core. Is it not? If we started to kill those humans, they will definitely scream, and what if their screams attracted enemies? Our wood element core will be taken. If we did not complete our mission, then we will let our entire race down, we will let Min down. It means that we will be bad insects! You want to be bad insects?!" Chu Yunsheng constantly bombarded them with excuses that seemed to be reasonable, regardless if they understand it or not.

All the insects were looking at each other did not know what to say, only after a while, the dumb insect first responded:"make..... sense...." its signal was filled with admiration.

Elder purple envied Chu Yunsheng's intelligence. Since it's intelligence was surpassed by Chu Yunsheng, it was scared that some other insects would also surpass it. It would make it feel like it was a failure, so it cared about its performance a lot. That was probably one of the side effects of being able to think.

So when it heard the dumb insect's responded, it immediately stopped trying to process Chu Yunsheng's excuses, despite it still did not understand what Chu Yunsheng said. It did not want to show other insects that it was not as smart as them, so it quickly responded:" I... think... So..."

Only when Chu Yunsheng heard the elder purple's response did he finally relieved. Although he was the deputy leader, when it was at a crucial moment, only the dumb insect would listen to him, all other insects would only listen to the elder purple.

"We can't leave the town now." Chu Yunsheng said while looking at the sky outside the town. He noticed that there seemed to be a long shadow just flew by. "Elder golden, you dig into the ground and hide next to the door, only leave a small hole, so you could also watch out for enemies. Dumb insect, you guard that room. Little red search the upstairs, remember don't kill anyone. Elder purple you stay here with me. Brother worm, you go dig up some energy, and lastly little green you just need to rest. " Chu Yunsheng quickly gave out tasks to the six insects.

In order for him to communicate with the six insects better, since yesterday, he had given each insect a name.

Chu Yunsheng was used to call the dumb insect "Dumb Insect" so he didn't change its name. But he didn't expect that the dumb insect was so excited that it would treasure it like something important. It was constantly sending signals to Chu Yunsheng with the messages like dumb insect this... and dumb insect that... It annoyed Chu Yunsheng so much that he regretted giving it a name.

The Elder Purple acted almost the same as the dumb insect. Fortunately, the rest of four insects didn't overreact. Perhaps they were not smart enough to understand what it meant.

The golden shell insect was called Elder Golden, the green shell was called little Green, the white worm was called Brother Worm and lastly, the other red shell was called Little Red.

Although brother worm's offensive ability was very weak, its ability to dig into the ground was almost the same as a golden shell insect.

After Chu Yunsheng gave out it a task, it didn't move straight away. Only after it got the permission from Elder Purple did it finally spat a corrosive liquid to corrode the ground and then start digging.

Rest of the insects were doing the same thing before they move out. This was probably the good thing about the insect. Absolutely obedient and never question orders.

Now what Chu Yunsheng needed to deal were those refugees.


Wang Dafu gave up hoping. The only energy practitioner in their group died of starvation on the road. The rest of people were just ordinary people who were either skinny or one the verge of dying.

When seven insects appeared in front of them like demons, they didn't even have the energy to scream, they just closed their eyes and waited to be eaten.

"Sooner or later we will have this day. Sooner or later...." They thought.

However, after they closed their eyes for a very long time, nothing happened. No one screamed in pain, all they could hear were the sounds rapid breathing and insect's constantly chirping.

Only after they secretly opened their eyes did they finally saw the insects just spread out minding their own stuff as if they were not there.

What is a miracle?

This is a miracle!

Since Wang Dafu was born, it was the first time he encountered such a strange thing. the insect stopped killing humans!

If this did not surprise him, then what he saw next completely stunned him.

After a while, a red shell insect which had a crack on its head crawled down from a golden shell's back and then waving its claw at him.

It was calling him!

At first, Wang Dafu thought that he was just hallucinating. How come an insect would act like that?

However, after he was pinched by the insect and dragged over to the other side of house irritably. He was stunned again.

That red shell insect was using its sharp legs, carving Chinese characters on the solid marble ground!!!

At that moment, his mind stopped working. All he felt was a sudden dizziness and he was about to pass out.

Only until that red shell insect started to knock on the ground impatiently to remind him to look at the Chinese words did he finally came back from the shock.

Wang Dafu was worried that the red shell would get angry, so he quickly calmed himself down and started to read the words that were carved on the ground. "quiet, exchange, safety. "

Wang Dafu raised his head in confusion. Then, that red shell pointed him and pointed at other people than waved its claw again. He could not describe his feeling at moment, it was more than just a shock. This.... this is not an insect, it is like a fucking human!

Although he still had a hard time to accept it, at least, he finally calmed down. He then quickly go back to his group and told them what he saw. It instantly caused a commotion in the crowd.

The red shell was not happy with their reaction, it knocked on the ground several times again. Only then did those group of people finally quiet down. Although they were amazed by it, they were not stupid enough to think that those insects were going to treat them nicely, especially that purple flame monster.

The red shell waved its hand to signal Wang Dafu again. It seemed like it still wanted to "talk" to him. Wang Dafu had no choice but gritted his teeth to walk out of the group again.

"Where, you, from, don't, lie, I, detect, you, not, here, earlier. "

Chu Yunsheng tried to make the sentence as short as possible, carving Chinese words was much slower than talking.

Wang Dafu started to sweat again. He was familiar with those words, but when it came from an insect, it still made him terrified. Even if the insect did not write a complete sentence, but the sentence structure was correct, and it was very easy for him to understand.

The red shell insect started to knock the ground again.

Wang Dafu quickly made a hand gesture to explain that he was not able to carve anything on the ground.

The red shell was dazed for a second, then it carved on the ground again. "Speak, OK"

Wang Dafu was a businessman in the age of light. He learned a lot after working years in his career. Calm and quick-thinking were two skills he was most proud of. After the initial despair and shock, he quickly resumed his composure and began to analyze the situation.

The red shell insect in front of him seemed to have full control over other insects. As a businessman, he knew that he should not do anything to make a boss angry. Moreover, since the communication was no longer a problem, he believed that if he used his persuasive talking skill, he might be able to make this insect to free them.

But what he needed to do first was to establish trust. If everything goes well, his first step might lead to the peace between the insect and humankind in the future.

Although what the red shell insect asked was directly related to their secret hideout, they could not run away at the moment. So the secret was useless.

"We just crawled out of the ground. There was probably an earthquake in this area before, it caused the ground to crack, and we just crawled out of those cracks. Moreover, there is an underground world just right below us, if you are interested I can tell you in detail." Wang Dafu tried his best to make the red shell insect felt interested...


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