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Chapter 310 a special team

 Chapter 310 a special team

It's Min!

Its force was like an inescapable spider web that spread over the fourth-dimensional space, so Chu Yunsheng immediately felt its scary force when it appeared.

The dumb insect who was dispirited a second earlier suddenly became excited as if it was on some kind of drugs. In the next second, it charged out like a mad dog.

Chu Yunsheng's power couldn't compete with a type two red shell insect. When it just realized that he needed to stop the dumb insect it was already too late.

But the dumb insect didn't get very far. It stopped all of sudden, then it started to move back reluctantly.

Chu Yunsheng knew what happened. A moment ago, he just received a signal from Min:" Everyone, stay back! It's an order!"

Everyone? Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he didn't even move, so this everyone didn't include him, it meant that there were other insects that were still alive.

The dumb insect retreated, only until it got back to Chu Yunsheng, did it finally stopped. But it was still gazing at the blood fog anxiously.

Chu Yunsheng carefully crawled to the top of a pile of insect's body and gazed afar.

This is Min? Chu Yunsheng was confused.

It was not the gigantic monster he imagined, nor did it look like Dark which was a meatball. Instead, it was a ferocious human-shaped insect? It was almost three meters tall, and it's entire body covered with deadly black armor. It had a long tail and two thick and muscular armored legs. on its back, there were a dozen of feeler-like long tubes that were constantly moving in the air, and lastly one of its "armored hand" was holding a big shuttle-shaped weapon.

But Chu Yunsheng was even more surprised to see its enemy who was standing opposite it.

It was a human girl who was standing on the top of a ghastly kid! She was wearing an ordinary down jacket, ordinary glasses, and had an ordinary ponytail. Everything about her looked so originally and harmless.

The reason why Chu Yunsheng was certain that she was a human was that she didn't dress like the fire race or the ice race, and most importantly, she did not have ice messenger that kind of extreme beauty and coldness.

But who is this girl?

How could a human standing on the top of a ghastly kid? And she looked so much younger than Chu Yunsheng. What kind of power was that?

It also made Chu Yunsheng dropped his jaw! then he heard the girl talking:" Min. You can't take away the wood element core, give it back to me, you have already lost. "

What surprised Chu Yunsheng, even more, was that, that Min could also speak human language. :"huh! I did not kill you because you are a human that was not contaminated by Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality). Don't you think that I am scared of you!" Min snorted.

The girl shook her head in disappointment:" you can only bring destructions. give it to me"

"I have missions! " Min said coldly.

After it said it, its body instantly covered with glamorous purple flame. It was burning violently as if the smell of the death in the air was its fuels.

The fire became more and more intense as the fire elemental energy in the area became more and more violent, all the insects' bodies on the ground were lifted up one by one as if the whole third-dimensional space in the area was controlled by Min.

Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect was also lifted up and spun in the air.

"Listen carefully!" Min's voice appeared in Chu Yunsheng's mind again:" Don't move, my kids. Don't move, just like you were dead, I will send you out of here, don't let the enemy notice you. Remember everything I am about to say. "

In fact, Chu Yunsheng did not dare to move at all. With his current strength, he could not even beat the dumb insect, let alone Min or a ghastly kid.

"You all are my kids, and I have been watching you since the day one you were born. You were given the power and bravery, and all of you did not let me down. However, from today, you will have to bear the fate of our people and give everything for our mission.

My kids, I will select one of you as a leader, give it wisdom. You must follow the leader, and leave this place with the wood element core. There are enemies in the north, so head south, find other Mins and hand the wood element core to them. It is your mission, No matter how dangerous it is, no matter how hard it is, this is the purpose of your life. It must be completed, It must be completed!

Go, my kids! Go to complete your mission!"

As Min's voice disappeared, all the insect's bodies started to burn while spinning rapidly in the air.

Chu Yunsheng felt like there was an invisible hand that was constantly spinning him, he was almost about to throw up.


Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

A total of seven noises of something heavy landed on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng quickly staggered up and looked around. There were 7 insects scattered around him.

One purple flame monster, one green shell insect, one golden shell insect, one white worm and two red shell insects. One of the two red shell insects was the dumb insect.

Plus Chu Yunsheng there were a total of seven insects.

But apart from the worm, the dumb insect and him, all other insects were injured. Especially the green shell insect, its injury was the most severe. not only its legs were dangling loosely below it, its wings were also destroyed.

"I... leader..., listen... command... leave... now...!" the purple flame monster shook off the dust on its body and said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng did not know where they were now, but he could not see the creep area anymore, perhaps they were far away from Min now.

Chu Yunsheng could not leave, purple flame monster and the other insects were just next to him, besides he had nowhere to go and could not survive just by himself.

South probably was not a bad idea. After all, I still need time to increase my power and find a way to get back to my body. Once I got back to his body, I could easily leave at any time. He thought.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the wood element core was in the purple flame monster's stomach, but he was not interested in that thing. To be exact, he did not dare to have any interests in that thing.

He already had enough troubles for having the knowledge of talismans, he did not want to cause more troubles to make the spore forest and the insect to hunt him.

But he was curious about what Min said earlier. What is Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality). Why did it say that the girl was not contaminated by Abnormality? What was its mission? Why it always talked about it. From what he understood, the insect was a creature that always destroys stuff, what kind of mission could they possibly have?

Of course, that girl was also very strange. She looked like a student and gave people a strange but peaceful feeling. However, Min was sure that she was a human, so It made Chu Yunsheng perplexed.

In a place that was far away from the seven insects. Min charged towards the girl immediately after it sent out all the insect. A tremendous amount of violent energy exploded when it crashed into the girl.

At the same time, Min's sad voice appeared in Chu Yunsheng mind for the last time:" Our mission, eliminate all Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality), create a world that... and... Re- ...."


On a cold and devastated land, several insects were running as faster as they could like a group of beaten dogs.

The one that was running at the front was a purple flame monster, followed by two red shell insects, one was in the second form(1) and the other one was in the original form(2) , and the last one was a golden shell and it was carrying three insects on its back.

The injured green shell was so weak that it could not either fly or run, so it needed to rest on the back of the golden shell, the white worm was not injured, but it was too slow so it had to stay on the back of the golden shell.

In terms of Chu Yunsheng, he just wanted to save some energy. So, he pretended that he was injured.

The "simple-minded" insects were not very smart. Even if the purple flame monster just got its wisdom from Min, it was just slightly smarter than the dumb insect.

So they never doubted that Chu Yunsheng would lie, in their perception of the world, all the insects were loyal.

They had been running for a whole day. They kept hiding and running repeatedly on their entire journey. Chu Yunsheng could not bear to be bumped ups and downs continuously on the back of the golden shell when it was running, so he attempted to ask them to stop. besides, If they kept running like this, god knows if they still have a strength to deal with any accidents.

"Elder Purple, please stop, we need to find a place to rest." Chu Yunsheng said.

The purple flame monster was surprised that a red shell insect would also have "wisdom". However, it was not as smart as Chu Yunsheng. With its poor level of intelligence, Chu Yunsheng easily fooled it by a simple lie, which was that Min had asked him to be the backup leader.

But Chu Yunsheng did not expect that just when he explained what the backup leader means, the purple lame monster immediately announced his role in the group, and not a single insect doubted it. However, Chu Yunsheng had to correct its mistake once again. But after that, he "formally" became the deputy leader of the team.

"Okay.... " the purple flame monster responded.

During the conversation with the purple flame monster, Chu Yunsheng noticed that Its ability to compose a message was even worse than the dumb insect. Even though the Min gave it wisdom, but it did not seem to have any consciousness like the dumb insect. It was like just like a computer program.

"It seems like there is a small town at the front.... What is a small town? Don't interrupt me, don't ask me why if you don't know! ...... we will take a break there, and after the sky got dark then we will move again!" Chu Yunsheng stood on the top of the golden shell and noticed an abandoned town far away from them.

He did not know if there would be any humans there, but it was too dangerous for them to stay outside in the wild. The enemy from the spore forest might still be chasing behind them, so they needed a place to hide.

There was another reason why he needed to stop. The green shell insect was dying, he needed the worm to extract the energy from the ground to save the green shell.

They needed the green shell, without the green shell they wouldn't even be able to detect the enemy when the enemy was still further away.


When they followed Chu Yunsheng's instruction and slowly lured into a big building in the small town like thieves. The atmosphere in the air instantly became tense and almost reached the breaking point.

Because appeared in front of them was a group of refugees.....

-----------------Translator's note-----------------------------

Yi Yuan(TL: Abnormality). So far unknown.

1. The Second form: the second form of insects, like type 2 that Chu Yunsheng was using to describe green shell which was the second form of the green shell.

2. The original form; it is used to describe the insect that has not gone through any transformation stage.