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Chapter 309 return to the yellow mountain

 Chapter 309 return to the yellow mountain

No one knows whether it was Min who lost the fight or the spore forest that lost the fight.

All the huge tombs were gone and the endless spore forest also disappeared. In the world that was covered by the darkness, all it left was the smells of death.

Chu Yunsheng cautiously searched from one insect to another insect attempting to find another wood elemental insect.

In his red eyes, the bodies of the insects from the spore forest were extremely obvious, so it saved him a lot of trouble.

However, the result was disappointing. maybe it was too long after they died or there was too much fire elemental energy in the area, it speeded up the wood elemental energy losses. All the bodies he founded were empty with energies.

Chu Yunsheng was tirelessly searching for wood elemental energy, bodies after bodies. The dumb insect was still following him in low spirits. It seemed like it still hasn't recovered from the shock of the disappearance of the Min.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how to comfort him. To insects, Min was their meaning to live in this world. They don't know how to survive without Min.

It was also the fact. It was very hard for a single red shell insect to survive alone. Since they always lived in a swarm.

After a long time, Chu Yunsheng gave up searching. He really wanted to smoke, However, that was simply not possible, so he just sat on a pile of body think for the next plan.

The creep area was destroyed, the only shelter was gone, so he and THE dumb insect had to leave this area and find a new creep area.

The wind in the night was cold and strong, it was like knives cutting through the ground. Strange harsh weather conditions happened very often after the earth plunged into darkness, many people died because of harsh weather conditions rather than killed by the insect.

It should have been summer by now if it were still in the age of light. Looking at the snowflakes falling from the sky, Chu Yunsheng thought.

"Wait, it is not snow!"

Chu Yunsheng raised his head and spread out his sense. soon he detected a group of dark shadows coming towards them.

:" Dumb insect, dumb insect, lie on the ground, don't move." Chu Yunsheng quickly pulled over the dumb insect and pushed it to the ground.

Woosh.... Wosh....

Many huge Ban Lan birds flew over them one by one. they dived down immediately when they reached the battlefield, picking up many dead insects then ate them.

There were roughly around 100 of them. Chu Yunsheng counted. He and the dumb insect couldn't even deal with any single one of them, let alone with this number.

If they were discovered, they would be dead. To those birds, live insects were definitely much more tempting than the dead ones.

But soon, Chu Yunsheng realized that they were having a extremly bad luck. Some Ban Lan birds discovered live but injured insects then began to play and chase them like cats playing with mice.

He immediately pulled the dumb insect over and crawled into a pile of insect's body.

Without Min, the dumb insect was instinctively fear of Ban Lan bird. However, unlike Chu Yunsheng, its panic reaction was to charge towards those birds.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. This was probably the difference between human and insect. he thought.

He raised his claw and hit the dumb insect's big head and sent a signal:" you don't want to live? "

The dumb insect's eyes were filled with confusion, but it still responded:"Min..... Said.... We .... should..."

"Min is dead, don't listen to a dead insect!" although Chu Yunsheng was not stronger than the dumb insect, he would always win the argument because of his language ability.

The dumb insect instinctively wanted to argue again, it wanted to defend Min. But because its brain was too simple, it did not know how to talk back.

"Lie down, quick, there is one coming! Don't get me killed!" Chu Yunsheng quickly sent another signal and used a different way to persuade the dumb insect.

The dumb insect immediately stopped arguing. Chu Yunsheng felt sorry for the poor dumb insect sometimes, it did not even care about its own life, but it did not want to get Chu Yunsheng killed, this was probably the side effect having a consciousness.

One Ban Lan bird was casually wheeling in the sky and slowly approaching toward them.

Chu Yunsheng quickly moved two insect's bodies to cover him and the dumb insect. At the same time, he sent another signal out:" don't think too much, just follow me, play dead! Wait until they had enough, they will leave. "

Chu Yunsheng was the expert of playing dead, it was one of the most useful abilities he had when he wanted to escape from danger. Sometimes this ability was even better than his sword fighting techniques.

Luckily the bird only wheeling in the sky above them for a few seconds before it picked up a dead green shell's body and flew away.

Chu Yunsheng waited for a long time until he could no longer hear any sound. He popped his big head out and took a quick glance at outside. Only when he did not notice any danger did he finally dare to come out.

"Dumb insect, you have to remember, you are now an insect that has a consciousness, you are no longer an ordinary insect, you are a ...." Chu Yunsheng wanted to teach the dumb insect something, however, he could not find any word to describe this insect.

The dumb insect was looking at Chu Yunsheng, hoping that it could tell it what it really was.

This was the question confused it since the day it was born, so it really wanted to know the answer. However. Chu Yunsheng just simply said, "go!"

There was another pack of Ban Lan birds flew out from the yellow mountain area. The fight between the insects probably caused them to relocate their home.

Although there were many dead insects in this place, those birds still liked to hunt live insects.

After they left, Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to go back to the yellow mountain area.

Although his body was turned into an insect, and the storage talisman he had before had exploded, he still wanted to go back and found the stuff he had left behind, because there were some things that were important to him.


The yellow mountain's creep area was connected to the creep area outside. It was only when they were isolated from the outside did the tomb inside the yellow mountain began to generate Min which later on became Chu Yunsheng's Dark.

Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect lurked all the way into the yellow mountain area. They were like cautious mice, if they noticed any sign of danger, they would immediately lie down and play dead.

With the help of Chu Yunsheng's memory, and the insect's ability to see in the dark, it did not take them long to find the place where he dropped his staff.

The huge pile of supplies was not dropped at the place where he lost his consciousness which was first the place Chu Yunsheng thought about, it was actually at next to the destroyed yellow mountain peak.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't know what happened, the stuff was indeed his.

All the insects' bodies he stored were gone, perhaps they were already collected by other insects back to their tomb.

All it left were some human food, drugs, a pile of clothes and some other stuff.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take any one of those things away, without a storage talisman, they couldn't carry much. Besides, insects didn't eat any of those things.

He wanted to find Xuan Bo energy shield, his family photos, and the birthday present that his cousins gave to him.

Xuan Bo energy shield was one of a few pieces of important defence equipment he had, although he couldn't use it at the moment, it would be useful when he returned to his human body.

In terms of his family photos and present, they were the things that gave him the courage to survive and kept him from losing his mind while being alive in this lonely world.

He was afraid that he would forget everything after he lived as an insect for a long time, he might even forget he was once a human being.

However, what made him sad was that apart from Xuan Bo energy shield and some bottles that contained culture fluid, he couldn't find anything else.

Chu Yunsheng swallowed the energy shield device and stood there watching the pile of supplies for a very long time. He felt a dull ache inside him that he just couldn't get rid off it. He became an insect, he was no longer a human......

Comparing to Chu Yunsheng who was dispirited, the dumb insect was like a curious kid tirelessly playing in a pile of clothes that Chu Yunsheng took from an unknown supermarket.

:" Let's go." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to stay here any longer. He felt like the longer he stayed, the worse his mood would become.

The dumb insect quickly and excitedly crawled out a pile of clothes with some pink stuff on its head. Only when Chu Yunsheng took a close look did he realized that it was a pair of women's bras.

Chu Yunsheng was not in a good mood, a sudden irresistible irritation just burst out from his mind.

" What are you doing! stop doing that! you are not a human! you just an insect!.... " He said angrily.

Originally the dumb insect was very excited, it thought that if it showed Chu Yunsheng what it found, he would be happy too, but it didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would be angry at it.

:" But.... You... said... I... am... special...." The dumb insect was upset.

" You are an insect, YOU ARE AN INSECT!..." Chu Yunsheng responded angrily. However, it seemed like he was talking about himself, not the dumb insect.

" Why....?" The dumb insect's message was filled with sadness, it was lost.

"Don't ask me why." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to carry on this subject. he knew that it was his feelings that made him to "shout" at the dumb insect.

The dumb insect stopped asking, it just dropped its head down dispiritedly.....

If Chu Yunsheng knew that his words just destroyed the dumb insect's confidence which it spent a long time to build up, he would definitely regret it.

It was just like it is very hard for adults to understand what kids are thinking, sometimes a few irritated harsh words could harm kids psychologically.

So to Chu Yunsheng, he might think his words would not cause any harm, but to the dumb insect "you are special" and "you are an insect" have a huge difference.


As two insects were crawling quietly and dispiritedly on the road. Suddenly, there were two supersonic booms appeared in the sky. Then, two shadows appeared in Chu Yunsheng's sight, one after another. They were fighting each other and crashing right into the creep area not far from Chu Yunsheng.


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