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Chapter 308 all become one

 Chapter 308 all become one

Green ripple insect was indeed the king of the spore forest, the amount of wood elemental energy it had shocked Chu Yunsheng several times.

Although it died in the battle, the amount of remaining energy still helped Chu Yunsheng to fully recover his fire elemental energy in the past few days.

While Chu Yunsheng was recovering, he also noticed a few things.

He was not an awakening human, so after he turned into a red shell insect, it was the first time he had fire elemental energy inside his body.

Since the day one he discovered the talisman on his butt, he tried to find a cultivation method for his insect's body. However, he had a very little progress. Only until a few days ago did he finally figured out how to increase his power.

As a fire elemental insect, restoring the fire elemental energy inside his body could only recover his strength, it could not cause his body to transform.

It meant that no matter how much fire elemental energy was restored, he still would not be able to transform into the second form.

In order to transform into the second form, he suspected that a fire elemental insect needed to eat something that contained wood elemental energy, and the higher quality the thing he ate was, the faster it would speed up his transformation.

That was why the dumb insect could level up so quickly.

Originally, Chu Yunsheng decided to get stronger first. Without the strength, he couldn't even defend himself, let alone getting for energy for the monster seal talisman.

However, what frustrated him was that even after the dumb insect levelled up, apart from having his claw grown back, his body still had no sign of transformation.

He continued to eat the strange liquid to build up his energy for another two days. However, apart from having a large amount of fire elemental energy inside his body, he couldn't feel anything else.

Without any other choices, he transferred the energy into the monster seal talisman reluctantly.


Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect were eating the strange liquid day after day in the pile of bodies, luckily they don't need to sleep and because they were supplied with energy constantly, so they don't felt tired at all.

However, the speed of them eating the strange liquid was still limited. Moreover, the green ripple insect was already dead, so its energy would gradually dissipate over the time.

When it got to the 10th day, which was also the day that the fight above them was finally over, the green ripple insect's energy was finally and completely dissipated.

Just when Chu Yunsheng decided to dig out of the pile of the body, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. The acute pain happened all of sudden and it made Chu Yunsheng lost his consciousness instantly.

The dumb insect didn't know what happened to Chu Yunsheng, and its simple brain didn't know how to react properly. Shortly after a pause, it finally panicked.


After a long time, Chu Yunsheng finally regained his consciousness. The first thing he felt after he woke up was that the dumb insect was constantly shaking him. He felt like his weak body was almost going to be destroyed by the dumb insect's violent shake.

" Stop, stop shaking me, check what's wrong with my head." Chu Yunsheng felt dizzy, but he still sent the signal to the dumb insect.

The pain had stopped, but he felt his head was swelling and it was extremely uncomfortable.

The dumb insect looked his head and then looked at the dead green ripple insect, then it kept pointing at his head and the green ripple insect back and forth repeatedly. At the same time, it responded:" it ... you.... Eyes..."

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. He forgot that the dumb insect had a difficulty explaining stuff.

But his claw was too big to be able to feel anything on his head. All he could feel was that there was something on the top of his head.

He immediately harnessed the energy inside his body to check the condition of this body. As long as he still had an ability to protect himself, he didn't really care about the appearance anymore.

But he didn't expect that as he began harnessing the energy inside his body, all the energy started toward his head.

Before he had time to react, a red beam of light was shot out from his head. The beam flew past the dumb insect almost touching its claw.

In the next second, a huge gap appeared in front of them.

The dumb insect's eyes were wide open, it looked at Chu Yunsheng's head in shock.

WTF?! Chu Yunsheng was also stunned. He had never seen a red shell insect had this kind of ability before.

Did he transform into a type two red shell insect? It can't be. He thought.

:" Dumb insect, don't move. That's right. Don't move. Open your eyes. Bigger..."

:" What the hell is this!?" looking at the strange reflection in the dumb insect's eyes, Chu Yunsheng was confused.

The shell on the top of his head was torn apart, and there was a transparent hemisphere inside the gap.

When he just thought of it, the gap instantly opened widely and the hemisphere was pushed outside of the gap. It scared him and got him slightly distracted, then the hemisphere was instantly retracted into the gap.

" It ... it ... look..." the dumb insect pointed something above their head and sent out stammered-like signals.

Only until Chu Yunsheng raised his head did he realized what was on his head.

He was shocked again:" how did the green ripple insect's eye end up on his head? Is it because that I drank too much of that strange liquid? But then why the dumb insect didn't have it. It didn't drink any less than me?" The more Chu Yunsheng thought about it. The more confused he was.

Is it because of Dark! A possibility suddenly came to his mind.

Dark indeed had an ability to absorb other creature's knowledge. However, even if it was still alive, it was sealed inside the talisman at the moment. How did its ability affect this red shell's body?

Chu Yunsheng felt like he didn't have enough brain cells to think again. In fact, he still hasn't figured out if Dark was alive or not.

According to the information he received from Dark before, after it turned into a gigantic monster, it would be dead. However, because of monster seal talisman this strange object's interference, it might have changed something.

But in terms of what had been changed, Chu Yunsheng had absolutely no idea.

Maybe one day when he returned to his body, he would be able to find out. He thought.

Fortunately, it was a good change. At least, he had one weapon now.

The red beam almost consumed all his fire elemental energy, and the effect could be described as " pierced through completely".

Not only it was much more powerful than the insect's corrosive spit, it may even compete with his sword fighting technique in some areas.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng had an idea. If he could "steal" the green ripple insect's ability, what about other insects?

If it is possible, then that is crazy. Chu Yunsheng thought. He could have all kinds of ability.


The red light beam made a long tunnel for the dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng, With the help of the dumb insect widening the tunnel at the front, Chu Yunsheng finally got out of the pile of insect bodies.

What they saw after they came out of the tunnel stunned both of them instantly.

There was no more spore forest, no more tombs.

There was nothing but insect's bodies, pile after pipe till the end of the horizon.

The dumb insect's first instinct was to call for other insects. But it was immediately stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

There were probably only two insects alive in this area, it was not like before when there were countless insects, what if they summoned the enemy instead? Chu Yunsheng did not dare to take the risk.

"Min,... Great... Min, ...gone...." the dumb insect panicked. Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel its fear from its signal.

Chu Yunsheng also could not feel Min's force anymore. There was nothing in the area.

"Gone.... Gone...." the dumb's insect's body was trembling.

Chu Yunsheng understood its feeling. Since the first day when it was born, it was controlled by Min. To it, Min was its parent, and it was reasonable to have this kind of reaction when a kid lost its parent.

"It's okay, we will find it. Besides, there are other Mins in this world!" Chu Yunsheng gazed afar and said.

The dumb insect looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion. Whether it was Chu Yunsheng's careless expression or the words he said, it could not understand any one of them.

" At least, we are still alive, you will understand it in the future. Look around, see if we can find any other wood elemental enemies!" Chu Yunsheng slowly crawled down a pile of body and said. There was a ribbon-like flying insect's body not far from him, at the front.

The dumb insect was stunned for a very long time. But eventually, it still dropped its head and walked dispiritedly behind Chu Yunsheng. Its body size was currently two times bigger than Chu Yunsheng, its shell was in the bright red, and looked very solid and powerful.