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Chapter 307 Endless hate

 Chapter 307 Endless hate

It was too late to retreat, there were countless red shell insects behind him, everywhere was blocked.

Advancing? That was a suicide, Although the insects from the spore forest were not many, every single one of them was a meat grinder.

On the battlefield, every single second of delay would result in many losses of life, it was even more so in the war between insects.

So Chu Yunsheng didn't have any spare time to think.

Speaking of the green ripple insect, it was a huge monster that had many eyes-like hemispheres on its body. Each one of eyes was able to cast out green energy waves, and not a single red shell was able to block this kind of energy attack. It was very easy to tell how powerful a green ripple insect was by just looking at how many eyes-like hemispheres on its body. The more eyes it had, the more powerful it would be.

For example, the one that Chu Yunsheng encountered had a dozen of eyes on its huge body, each one of its eyes was more than one meters long in diameter. It meant that the one he encountered was a powerful monster that had rich combat experiences.

Every time when it unleashed an energy attack, it would also cause a strong shockwave pushing outward rapidly. Although Chu Yunsheng and his "comrades" dodged the energy attack, they were immediately blown up to the sky by the shockwaves.

His team leader was not as lucky as him, it died instantly in the first round of the attack.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how to describe the scene he saw. Comparing to what happened in the yellow mountain area, this was much worse.

Before Chu Yunsheng was able to get up, another round of attack arrived. The dumb insect suddenly jumped up in panic and pushed Chu Yunsheng into a pile of insect's dead bodies.

Chu Yunsheng dodged the attack, However, the dumb insect couldn't dodge the energy attack in time. its butt and back legs were cut off by the energy wave instantly. Despite that, it still wanted to charge towards the green ripple insect after it pushed Chu Yunsheng away.

Chu Yunsheng immediately used his remaining claw to pull it back. Probably because the dumb insect was injured, or maybe there were other reasons. Although Chu Yunsheng was very weak. He managed to pull the dumb insect back into the pile of bodies he was in.

The skilling still continued...

The pile of bodies that covered both the dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng became higher and higher, it completely buried the dumb insect and him.

The sound of countless insects' footsteps disappeared into the spore forest and re-appeared again repeatedly. It seemed like the frontline was pushed into the forest and pushed back out of the forest again and again...

An uncountable amount of insects' bodies spread across the battlefield, many huge insects that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before started to march into the forest from the creep area.

Soon, another group of huge insects that could easily destroy a city ran out of the following forest and ran into the creep area destroying many tombs.

While the situation on the battlefield become more and more fierce, the small and narrow space underneath the pile of insect's bodies was very calm and quiet as if it was isolated from the rest of the world....


" Dumb insect, I'm telling you, you can't sleep, do you understand? the insect doesn't sleep, do you hear me!" Chu Yunsheng repeatedly chirped at the dumb insect who was slowly losing its strength.

" You are an insect, you are not human, don't close your eyes and wake the fuck up..."


" Don't you always want to me tell you stories, I will tell you, but you can't sleep...."

" There used to be a craw... you don't like this one?..... There was a kid....",

:'There used to be an insect called Sun Goku. He was different from other insects when it was born, he was just like you.


"Dumb insect, wake up, wake the fuck up.... Stop pretending that you are a human!"

"Stop playing dead, you haven't learned the human word I taught you.... How can you stop..."


"Please, I'm begging you, don't die..."

"If you died, I'll have no one to talk to..."


" Why... why.... Why all of you are dead, why all of you want to leave me alone in this world! Why!!!!!...."

Chu Yunsheng felt like his chest was going to explode, he wanted to scream as loud as he could.

"Why? Why...." He murmured repeatedly, his voice was lower and lower until he fell completely silent.

After a long silence, Chu Yunsheng finally moved a little bit, he wanted to shake off the pile of bodies on top of him. However, he noticed that he couldn't stand up because of the weight of many dead bodies.

At that moment, the anger that he could barely get it under the control instantly erupted. He roared hysterically like a mad insect:" fuck you, fuck you all, fuck you ice race, fuck you Divine realm, fuck you...."

He was using his only claw and sharp legs to hack, to slice, to tear the bodies around him apart frantically.

Cut after cut, slash after slash, as if those dead bodies were the divine realm, ice race and fire race and the green ripple insect that killed the dumb insect....

His mind was filled with hate, endless hate, the hate that was built up deep inside his mind since the beginning of the dark age, the hate that suppressed and deliberately forgotten by him every time when he lost someone important to him. However, he didn't realize that the more he tried to suppress it, the more he tried to hide it, the more powerful it would be when it erupted.

Chu Yunsheng was already on the verge of collapsing, he already lost the strength to move his body, but he was still growling and growling....

:" God! what do you want from me! I am already an insect, why do you have to torture me, tell me... tell me.... "

He was in a state of trance. However, he was mouth was still murmured instinctively, until he lost his consciousness completely.


Chu Yunsheng was able to dream again, he dreamed the girl who used to sell meat buns and soya milk in the shop on the ground floor of his building. He dreamed the girl he met on the underground station, he dreamed his boss who liked to annoy him....


Every familiar face was so close to him. However, when he wanted to touch them, wanted to talk to them, they started to run away further and further. No matter how fast he chased, he still could catch up with them.

Suddenly, the world around him started to shake, then he noticed something was behind him. When the turned around and saw a monster behind his back. He instantly woke up in shock.

:"You?" Chu Yunsheng stammered when he saw the " monster" in front of him:" you... you... you..."

"Am I dreaming again?"

"The dumb insect is still alive?"

Chu Yunsheng turned his insect's head around to check his surroundings. He knew that if it really was a dream, then he wouldn't be able to see many details of the surroundings.

But his quick glance instantly startled him again.

He was soaked in a puddle strange green liquid?! Although he had an insect's body, he didn't need to breathe, when his surroundings suddenly changed, it could also startle him. Especially when his body was soaked in a puddle strange liquid.

Chu Yunsheng quickly checked the energy inside his body to see if there was something wrong with his body. But he was surprised to find out that the energy inside his body increased a lot?

:" What is this? Are you alive?"

Chu Yunsheng immediately sent signals to the dumb insect.

The dumb insect looked at Chu Yunsheng in confusion for a very long time before it used its claw to pointed a place above their heads and said:" eat... eat... eat...."

Chu Yunsheng raised his head. He saw a big hemisphere that made of unknown material had a thin crack in its middle. The crack seemed to be cut by sharp objects many times, there were many scratches around the thin crack. The strange liquid that Chu Yunsheng was in was dripping from the thin crack.

It was the wood elemental energy!

Chu Yunsheng was sure that he sensed the wood elemental energy in the strange liquid. Although he lost his original body, the ability to sense all type of the energy was already marked deep into his consciousness.

" Did those wood elemental energies save the dumb insect?" Chu Yunsheng thought.

"It was very likely." Chu Yunsheng thought again. He clearly remembered that the leech-like monster's wood elemental energy help his green shell to level up and the girl whose name was Jing Mouyou also used her wood elemental energy to speed up his purple flame monsters recovery.

With the dumb insect limited language ability, god knows how long it would take it to explain the whole thing. so despite the dumb insect was still trying to explain to Chu Yunsheng like a kid, it was ignored by Chu Yunsheng.

At least, it was still alive, and that alone made Chu Yunsheng very happy. He was not alone now. He no longer needed to face this cold dark world alone.

The killing above them still hadn't finished. The energy fluctuations caused by many energy attacks still appeared constantly.

From time to time, they could hear some loud painful screams caused by unknown monsters, then as if something huge fell to the ground, it caused the ground to move violently.

Time slowly passed, Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect was eating that strange wood elemental energy day after day.

The dumb insect had tried to run out and join the push several times, but it was stopped by Chu Yunsheng every time. The dumb fuck was completely brainwashed by Min, even it came back alive, it still wanted to work for Min.

Only until 10 days later, or maybe longer, the sound of killing finally stopped above the pile of dead bodies that Chu Yunsheng was in. Even the energy fluctuations also disappeared.

:' Finally over?" Chu Yunsheng signed.

He didn't know why the insect from both sides "hated" each other so much. The last war even took more than 10 days. This time, Min's losses had already surpassed the losses it had when it attacked Jin Ling city.

There might be more insect's secrets that he didn't know, but he also didn't want to know.

What he needed the most right now was to find a safe place to digest the wood elemental energy he ate in the past 10 days.

The dumb insect had transformed to the second form of a red shell insect yesterday. It looked much bigger and stronger now. Its butt and legs had also grown back as well. In terms of what kind of new ability it got, they couldn't find it out in such a narrow place underneath a pile of dead insect's body.

Unlike the dumb insect, the most of the energy Chu Yunsheng ate was sucked away by the monster seal talisman in his butt.

But there was one more thing Chu Yunsheng discovered in the past 10 days, it was that the hemisphere above him was the eye of a green ripple insect.

........... translator's note.........

a small tip for readers to understand this volume better.

As last few chapters explained. Although MC was alive, his insect's body was affecting his mind. So in this volume, you will see many cases where MC struggles mentally and he does things that conflicting to his thoughts.

This chapter briefly explained why MC could get used to insect's world so quick. The painful memories of losing his families and friends still have not gone away and MC's mind was in a very vulnerable state. plus its mind was affected by the insect's body, so the Dumb insect who saved him many times became his only emotional support.

one more thing needs to pay attention to is that you will be able to see MC's reflection on the dumb insect. they were almost the same. I don't know if the author accidentally wrote that way, or there was a deeper meaning to it. but I think it is worth mentioning.

for example,

1 .the dumb insect is a special insect among red shell insects. MC is a special human among human beings.

2. the dumb insect was scared that other insect would find out it was different than the rest of their people. MC was scared that other human would find out he was different than the rest.

3. MC tried to save his useless friends and family all the time.

the dumb insect tried to save useless MC all the time.


there are many more like those examples in the published chapters and in the future chapters as well.

and why MC suddenly called an insect the dumb insect? is it a self-ridicule? the dumb him?

another area needs to look at.

MC's was scared of being alone, and keep in mind that in volume 3 and the volume 4, the author repeatedly mentioned that MC was scared of being alone multiple times for unknown reasons. it had given a slight hint that it might relate to the end of volume 2 where MC discovered himself in the world of dead bodies. However, it seemed like there is something more to it.