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Chapter 306 Ghastly Kid

 Chapter 306 Ghastly Kid

In fact, the leader of the insect from the spore forest wasn't called the insect's king or the monster's king. It was just how the survivors from the spore forest called it.

In terms of how insect called it, Chu Yunsheng still hadn't figured out what the long signal that the dumb insect sent to him meant. But Chu Yunsheng already gave it a name the first time when he saw it. It was The Green Ripple insect.

He didn't dare to approach a mountain-like Green Ripple insect. All the red shell insects were like ants to it.

Every time, when it unleashed green ripple like energy waves, countless red shell insects would be thrown up to the sky and smashed into the ground again by a tremendous amount of wood elemental energy.

Most of the insects on his team that were replenished in the past 5-6 weeks were killed by the green ripple insect's energy attack.

Chu Yunsheng always pretended to charge towards the frontline in the battle, actually, he always stayed far behind the vanguard. but, despite he did that, he still injured twice with his claw broken once and his legs broken once.

However, insects were not scared of dying. After he was repaired by a tomb, he was forced to go back to the front line again.

The place where the green ripple insect appeared was far away from Chu Yunsheng's team, even if they didn't join the fight. It wouldn't affect the battle a lot.

However, his stubborn team leader and the comrades still rushed towards the green ripple monster bravely, once they got an order. Even the dumb insect was no exception.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to go, but he was pushed forward by the swarm behind him.

Countless insects were rushing towards the edge of the spore forest. The sounds caused by their footsteps were like constant thunderstorms.

What originally just a low-level insect's fight, because of the green ripple insect's appearance, it instantly became a final battle.

Above the sky and one and ground, the sound of different types of insects clashed into each other happened non-stop....

Many powerful fireballs were like raindrops landing in the spore forest burning areas after areas.

This was the biggest battle Chu Yunsheng had seen since he joined the swarm. As if all the insects in the swarm had come out and joined the battle.

It happened too early for him, he had not even figured out how to increase his power yet.

However, as if the world didn't want him to slow down, it was constantly pushing dangers near him.

Chu Yunsheng had to change his plan. He needed to follow his group and follow his stubborn team leader and the dumb insect closely.

Every insect had a unique life signal. The way to differentiate each individual insect was not from their shells but from their life signal.

And only the insect was able to detect this type of signal. Even Chu Yunsheng was no exception.

In accordance with the insect's iron law of survival. When they engage in battle, they need to cooperate and protect their teammates first. the second priority was a larger unit, and then a larger swarm of insects.

Once Chu Yunsheng separated from his team, he would be facing all kind of dangers alone. no one would be there to protect him. That was why that he decided to stay with the rest of his team.

In fact, the insect had other words for teams, groups and swarms. However, Chu Yunsheng found them very difficult to remember, so he just used human language to describe the size of the swarm in the creep area.


Many insects around Chu Yunsheng were still charging forward while dodging many green beams of light coming from opposite directions. Chu Yunsheng didn't know which insect unleashed this type of beam of light. But whenever the insect in his around him touched those light beams, they would immediately lose all their strength and collapse on the ground until they die like they were poisoned to death.

Chu Yunsheng was in a very awkward position, he still was not familiar with his insect body. So he was not as agile as other insects around him.

The death threat left him with no choice but became a traitor in his swarm.

When he couldn't dodge the attack, he would often drag other insects around him to block the attack for him.

Every second he felt like he was swinging on the line of death. If he was not careful enough, he would be dead immediately.

Since the apocalypse, it was the first time that he didn't have any power to fight back. Even if at the beginning of the dark age, it was not as bad as this.

He quickly dashed aside, barely dodged a 10 meters long earthworm-like green monster. Suddenly, there was a shadow flashed by in his sight, then he was lifted up.

"HELP!" Chu Yunsheng quickly sent a signal to the dumb insect asking for help.

Within a second, the dumb insect jumped up and pinched Chu Yunsheng's legs using its claws.

Then, other insects in Chu Yunsheng's team also jumped up to catch the dumb insect's legs.

His teammates jumped up one by one and caught each other's legs trying to save their small team. However, they were still being lifted up like a long string.

Chu Yunsheng quickly raised his head to see which monster caught him.

Then he found out that it was a thin long ribbon-like monster that he was familiar with. He also found out that its target was not actually him. Its actual target was a "poor" golden shell insect that was still struggling in its mouth.

Despite ribbon-like monster's flying ability was very scary and it could even lift up such a long string of red shell insects while trying to kill a golden shell, Chu Yunsheng's team still slowed down its flying speed, so It was constantly twisting its body trying to get rid of those small "ants".

As its body was moving left and right in the air rapidly, the string of insects below it was dangling loosely as if it would drop at any time.

Chu Yunsheng tried to remove his claw that was stuck on the spikes around the monster's leg.

But he failed. Then he immediately gathered his limited energy and spat out the corrosive liquid at the monster's leg that hooked him.

"Sizzling sound"

A cloud of smoke instantly burst out from the monster's leg, Chu Yunsheng was thrilled, and he immediately started to struggle even harder.

But after the smoke dissipated, the monster's leg only turned black, it still did not have any sign of breaking at all.

When Chu Yunsheng was disappointed at the result of the attack, there was a shadow appeared in his sight, and it was flying towards him quickly in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng wished that it was a green shell insect, Even if it was a weakest green shell, it might still be able to help him a little bit.

However, wishes would never come true. When the shadow became clear in his sight, Chu Yunsheng noticed that it was a strange triangular-shaped black insect. It was constantly shooting out lightning bolt-like energy attacks bombarding the red shells groups below while flying toward him.

It was obvious that it was not on his side.

The strange insect was flying towards Chu Yunsheng and his group.

It was too fast!

Chu Yunsheng had never seen this kind of speed before. Whether it was the aliens or other insects he had seen before, they could not compete with this insect's speed at all.

It was like a lightning bolt flashed across in the sky!

Its appearance clearly caused the insects below him to change their strategies. Chu Yunsheng could feel that apart from his teammates and his team leader who he didn't like that much, all other insects below him had signs of planning to relocate to other places on the battlefield.





Chu Yunsheng could hear all the insects on his side trying to send signals to warn each other. However, it was too noisy, he couldn't tell what the message was until the dumb insect said: "Ghastly... Kid!"

The dumb insect also saw it. But despite that, the dumb insect's claw still pinched Chu Yunsheng's legs tightly.

Seeing the powerful monster was getting closer and closer, the dumb insect roared and tried to use all its strength to drag down Chu Yunsheng again.

At that moment, he didn't know why he was touched by that big dumb insect's action.

Maybe the fate suddenly decided that he could not die here. When the ghastly kid was charging towards him and the dumb insect, a group of green shells arrived.

Slaughter! It was completely a bloody slaughter!

Whether it was the green shell insects in their original form or the type two green shells, or even some type three green shells that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before, they all could not compete with the Ghastly Kid.

Chu Yunsheng did not even see how it unleashed attack this time, many green shells just exploded into clouds of bloody fog one by one.

It was in that moment, Chu Yunsheng no longer hesitated. He opened his sharp mouth and tore his left claw apart.

His blood instantly burst out, then he fell down onto the ground quickly like a kite without a string.


Run as fast as he could.

That monster was too powerful.

Once Chu Yunsheng got on the ground, he immediately "ordered" his team leader to take them to leave this place, he would rather charge into the spore forest than staying at the edge of the spore forest now.

Missing one claw made Chu Yunsheng's body even more unbalanced, he staggered as fast as he could towards the frontline and the place beyond the frontline.


The ground was constantly shaking. Many fireballs landed around Chu Yunsheng like raindrops, and the closer he approached the front line, the more fireballs would land around him.

The progress of the push on the ground was not as bad as the progress in the air. With the overwhelming amount of the insects from his side, they pushed deeper and deeper into the spore forest.

Raging fire; corrosive liquid; energy shockwaves; all kinds of energy exploded in the spore forest destroying all kinds of spore plants in the forest.

The swarm that made up of many red shell insects was still pushing like countless bulldozers, it was almost unstoppable until they encountered a huge green ripple insect......