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Chapter 305 Reversed monster seal talisman

 Chapter 305 Reversed monster seal talisman

Although Chu Yunsheng was surrounded by many insects, he felt like he was Robinson trapping on an island. He felt endless loneliness and emptiness...

There was no one he could talk to. Even the right to dream was also taken away from him. Because insects did not need it, they did not need to sleep.

Slowly he started to lose the sense of time, he could not tell if it was the fifth week already or it was the sixth week already.

Originally, he used his sharp legs to draw lines on a broken wall to calculate the date, however, the lines on the wall was messed up by that dumb insect who was always following him

Although Chu Yunsheng did not like insects, he was willing to admit that the dumb insect was something out of the ordinary. Unlike other insects in the swarm, it liked to study and imitate whatever he did.

A low-level insect was not supposed to have any emotions, this was why they were willing to obey and execute any orders until they die. It was also the reason why the insect was able to conquer an entire planet.

But the dumb insect was a special one. When Chu Yunsheng was bored, he would communicate with the dumb insect to improve his "language" skill, and the more he "talked" to the dumb insect, the more he felt like it had emotions.

The dumb insect did not know what "emotion" was, it did not know how to deal with feelings. Especially when it noticed that among countless red shell insects in the swarm, it was the only one who had this kind of "thing", it "panicked".

It was always trying to hide his differences, pretending that it was just like other insects, but the feeling of differences always tortured it deep inside its mind.

Only until the "return" of "Chu Yunsheng", did it just realised that its twin brother was also a weirdo in the swarm. Since that day, it knew what relief felt like, and since that day, it always followed Chu Yunsheng watching what he was doing and imitating whatever he was doing tirelessly like a little kid.

Since Chu Yunsheng started to calculate date on a broken wall, all its interests were shifted to the broken wall. It was tirelessly copying everything Chu Yunsheng did. Sometimes, it even forgot to get its mucus clot supply which only happened once in three days.

Chu Yunsheng also didn't remember that how many times did the dumb insect saved him from the attack of spore forest's insect. It always charged forward before him. But retreated after him. It never changed once.

On the endless battlefield, many large-scale insect's wars broke out every single day.

The group Chu Yunsheng was in had 10 insects. However, apart from Chu Yunsheng, the dumb insect and the bulky insect which was his team leader, all other insects in his team died every day and replenished every day.

He rarely paid attention to the life of the red shell insects before. The number of the red shell died under his sword was countless. Only until now did he realised that it was actually made up of so many teams like the team he was in right now.....

Whenever his "insect comrades" died one after another, or the dumb insect helped him to break out from an encirclement or his "comrades" bravely charged forward to make him a way to escape, Chu Yunsheng would have a strange feeling inside his mind. The feeling was very similar to the sense of pity or sadness. He didn't know why he would have this kind of feeling. He was supposed to hate insects.

During the nights in the swarm and when there was no war, Chu Yunsheng often confused himself with other insects. Probably his body was affecting his mind, he would often think that he really was an insect.

He was the smallest red shell insect in his team, his energy was also the weakest.

He almost could not do anything in the fight, because there was a monster seal talisman on his butt, and it was constantly sucking his energy away from him.

Since the last time he came out of the repairing tomb, he spent quite some time to study his butt, and he finally found out that there was really a monster talisman on his butt.

Moreover, he also found out that the talisman which was supposed to seal Dark, had his body inside now, and the ancient book was also in there.

Although he noticed that his body was broken into many particles, his particles-like human body was still trying to drain the energy from his insect body to restore his solid shape. So, at the moment of discovery of his body, he almost could not hold his excitement and wanted to scream out loud.

Although he did not know how to return to his body, he still had the book and his body. Sooner or later he would be able to find a way.

In order to return to his body as soon as possible, he spent more than three days to go through the book.

Although he did not need to sleep, the limited brain cells forced him to stop thinking sometimes. Otherwise, his brain would hurt like hell. But eventually, he still managed to find an answer from the book.

Speaking of the ancient book. Although it was sealed into the monster steal talisman, and it could not be taken out. Luckily the insect was a creature that had a fourth-dimensional sense build to them when they were born. It was their natural ability.

Regardless if this sense was as powerful as a Min or not, it provided insects with a great advantage when communicating with the Heaven and Earth energy. It was even better than Chu Yunsheng when he was in Yuan Tian Stage two.

It was also because of this ability, Chu Yunsheng was able to "read" the book in the monster seal talisman in his butt.

It was about two weeks ago when Chu Yunsheng finally understood why he ended up like this.

It was because the monster seal talisman's ability was reversed.

At the moment before his died, his body seemed to have met one of the monster seal talisman's requirements which was a creature must be dying.

Of course, just dying would not trigger the talisman's ability to reverse.

The second condition was that the body of the subject needed to be highly energized.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng had not actually met this requirement yet. It might be possible only when he reached Yuan Tian stage three or higher cultivation stages.

However, the concentrated energy in his skeleton-like body created an illusion of a "pseudo-high purity." Moreover, his body was exploded into particles when he died, so it added another element of "deception."

But having met with those two conditions were still not enough.

There was one last one requirement, and it was the most important requirement. It was that the creature that was sealed in the talisman needed to have a consciousness, and this consciousness must be loyal and willing to sacrifice everything for its master.

This was a self-contradictory condition.

It was impossible for a creature in a low-level monster seal talisman to have a consciousness. So the reversal would not happen at all. That was probably the reason why the senior practitioner never commented in this area.

But there were accidents when he tried to seal Dark and when he ordered Dark to mutate. It was that his active life energy was being sucked away from him twice. After it sucked almost all of his active life energy away from him, an independent and unique consciousness that closely tied with Chu Yunsheng was born.

The physical body of Dark was already destroyed when it turned into a gigantic monster, so the monster seal taliaman's connection was shifted to the gigantic monster. But when the gigantic monster was dying, it used all its remaining energy to split a red shell insect out from its body. Then the monster seal talisman was shifted to the red shell insect again.

And that was Dark's absolute loyalty. Even when it was dying, it was still thinking about Chu Yunsheng. It gave up its body and injected all Chu Yunsheng's consciousness into the red shell insect's body before its physical body was burned into ashes.

Hence the result was very strange.

Chu Yunsheng's consciousness existed on a red shell insect. But Dark? Chu Yunsheng did not know if Dark's consciousness died out or not. Or maybe Dark's consciousness was in his particles-like body.

But at the moment, he could not sense Dark anywhere in the talisman. Maybe it was in a deep sleep, or maybe it had dissipated completely.

In short, his consciousness still existed but his body had been swapped.

Since he already figured out what happened to him. What he needed to do now was to find a way to do the reversal again to get into his original body.

But before that, he needed to recover his body first. Otherwise, there was no way he could survive with a body that was in a particle form.

But recovery needed a huge amount of energy. Looking at the energy or the nutrition supply he received once in three days being sucked away by the monster seal talismans, and his body didn't have any sign of getting better, Chu Yunsheng knew that with only his supply, he wouldn't be able to recover anytime soon. Even with the supply gave by the dumb insect, it was still not enough.

The talisman was like a bottomless pit, if Chu Yunsheng didn't cut off the energy connection, it would suck energy from Chu Yunsheng until he dies.

The second thing Chu Yunsheng needed to do was that he needed to speed up increasing the power of his insect's body to a highly energized state. Otherwise, he would not be able to meet the second condition of reversal.

However, the second point conflicted with the first point. If he wanted to recover his body, he needed to consume energy, and when his energy was consumed he would not be able to increase his power.

So Chu Yunsheng was extremely frustrated.

And there was still one more condition that he had not even thought about the answer yet. He didn't know if Dark was in a deep sleep or not. If Dark's consciousness had completely dissipated, then he needed to find a way to make his physical body to produce another consciousness that was loyal to him.

Only when he met all three conditions, then the reversal could be done.


Underneath the dark sky, Chu Yunsheng sighed :" I need to find a way to increase the power first. There are so many battles in this area. If this body is killed then all the conditions are useless...."

But how could he increase the power? Although he could draw talismans in the air. But he only had fire elemental energy at the moment, not Ben Ti Yuan Qi.

Gazing afar at the bloody colored battlefield and endless frontline, Chu Yunsheng slowly started to confuse himself with other insects again.

Suddenly, Many insect's roars broke out in the quiet front line. Then countless insects started to charge towards the front line. Then an even louder scream appeared.

It was the forest insect's king. It arrived at the frontline.