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Chapter 304 Butt, book and the big dumb insect

 Chapter 304 Butt, book and the big dumb insect

"If my brain was changed, then I will be completely dead!"

He could no longer keep his composure anymore. He had to fight back. How could "he" still survive if he let them changed his brain.

Looking at the golden coloured tube was about to spit out a stream of liquid, Chu Yunsheng was moving his body violently. As he used all his strength to move forward, he barely dodged the first stream of strange liquid.

The strange and seemingly highly corrosive liquid missed Chu Yunsheng and went straight into the wall next to him. Within a second, it sliced open a wide gap on the wall.

The sudden uncooperative behaviour of Chu Yunsheng made those tubes very "angry". They immediately tightened themselves and dragged Chu Yunsheng back to the original place and locked him there.

The golden tube adjusted its position and about to spit out the strange liquid again.

Chu Yunsheng panicked. He can not afford to let them take his brain away. All his consciousness, thoughts, feelings, and memories were in his brain. Although technically it was not his brain, he still did not want to lose it.

He just came back from dead. Although he had an insect's body, at least, his consciousness was still there.

However, he was very weak, and his body was locked in there. All he could do was to use his mouth to chew the tubes that were restraining him, like a mad dog.

Luckily those tubes were very fragile. They were easily chewed apart by Chu Yunsheng's mouth.

His aggressive behaviours quickly attracted the tomb's attention. Many offensive tubes that he was familiar with, quickly shot towards him and stopped a few centimetres away from him.

Chu Yunsheng believed that if he dared to destroy one more repairing tube, those offensive tubes would immediately tear him apart.

He could not move, but he could still scream. Although he was not sure that if those tubes were able to understand him or not, it was his last resort. He screamed at those tubes and shook his head to signal them that he was fully recovered.

While Chu Yunsheng was struggling to deal with the tubes, he did not notice that the big dumb insect who was in front of him, was staring at him nervously.

Chu Yunsheng did not know if the tomb understood him or not, but after a few minutes, all the tubes were retracted. Then the big dumb insect and he were sent to an assembly point inside the tomb.

Only until he got out of the repairing place, did he finally let out a long sigh of relief.

Chu Yunsheng did not know where to go next, so he just blindly followed the big dumb insect that was walking in front of him to a group of insects that seemed to be also sent out by the tube not long ago.

In the beginning, Chu Yunsheng did not know why the group did not seem to move. Soon he realised that the insects in the group were queueing for something near the exit of the tomb.

Near the exit, there were large numbers of big and thick red tubes constantly spitting out many clots of slimy and semi-solid mucus. Each clot was as big as an old television. Every insect came out of the tomb would get one of those.

When Chu Yunsheng followed the big dumb insect to one of the big red tubes that were distributing the mucus clot, a strong and irresistible sense of hunger suddenly appeared in his mind. He was staring at a clot of mucus, could not move his eyes away from it.

He eagerly wanted to eat it!!

However, the more he wanted to eat it, the slower he felt like the queue was moving.

When he was almost nearly the mucus distributing point, he suddenly "heard" a set of information. The noise seemed to be caused by the tubes on the wall, vibrating in a strange frequency. The frequency seemed to be sent to Chu Yunsheng's sense organs through the Heaven and earth Yuan Qi rather the air, and strangely, Chu Yunsheng seemed to be able to decipher the information.

The information he received was about the numbers of mucus clot he could get.

Every red shell was only able to get one, a green shell was able to get two, and a golden shell was able to get four....

Chu Yunsheng did not expect that there was also discrimination in the insect's social structure. But he was not a rule-abiding red shell insect. of course, he would not follow those rules. When it was finally his turn, the extreme hunger made him swallowed three clots at once.

Although as a human, eating something like a clot of mucus made Chu Yunsheng feel extremely disgusting, his physical body was constantly sending the signal to his brain to tell him that it wanted more.

He instinctively raised his claws, wanting to take two more. But what he did, already attracted offensive tubes' attention again. Looking at the tubes that were shooting towards him, Chu Yunsheng ran pass the big dumb red shell who was always in front of him and ran out of the tomb in one breath, in panic.

Standing at outside the tomb, Chu Yunsheng swallowed the last clot he got. An indescribable comfortable feeling quickly appeared all around his body again. A moment later, a burst of hot energy was pumped into his body from his stomach to his claws, legs until the energy reached every part of his body.

Chu Yunsheng suspected that if he opened his mouth now, he would definitely be able to spit corrosive liquid.

However, it did not last for long. Just when he was thinking that way, all the hot fire energy were moved back, all the way to his butt.

Then, all the energy disappeared.

Chu Yunsheng once again lost all his energy. "What the fuck! Did I just shit all the energy less than a minute after i ate it? How is that possible? "

Looking at other insects running past him energetically after they ate the mucus clot, Chu Yunsheng was confused. It seemed like only he had that kind of problem.

"Something is not right!" Chu Yunsheng thought, he could clearly felt the energy was moved towards his butt by something.

And before the energy disappeared, he felt something familiar.

So he immediately tried to turn his stupid big insect's head around, attempting to study his own butt. However, no matter how hard he tried, he still could not see it. Comparing to a human body, his insect's body was too long.

"I need to find a quiet place to exam it!" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said to himself.

While he was trying to check his butt, he suddenly remembered that feeling. It was the feeling he had when the monster talisman was sucking his life away from him. So he suspected that there might be a monster talisman cast on to his butt.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to look around. Despite there was a bigger red shell insect screaming at him and calling him to join the group, he still turned around and headed towards a place which had fewer insects.

Whenever there was a Min in the swarm, the swarm would act like a well-disciplined army. Not a single insect would disobey an order or act without any orders.

Chu Yunsheng's movement caused a strange scene of "disharmony" in the creep area. While a large number of newly repaired insects were gathered and headed towards the designated assembly point, Chu Yunsheng was slowly staggered out of the group clumsily headed towards a quiet and remote corner.

There was a three-storey building on the creep area in the direction that Chu Yunsheng was heading. The house was covered with creep, but it did not collapse, so Chu Yunsheng decided to hide there for a while.

But just when the large group was marching towards the west, another red shell insect that was slightly bigger than Chu Yunsheng also moved out of the group slowly. It stopped at the edge of the insect's group and gazed at Chu Yunsheng's back. It seemed like it was hesitant. But when it saw Chu Yunsheng slowly crawling further and further, it finally decided to follow him.

When Chu Yunsheng was just about to crawl into the building, he suddenly felt something was behind him. He was alerted and instantly turned around. He was surprised to see that it was the big dumb insect who was always a few meters away from him.

The insect's world had always been very cruel, every insect was living by the law of the jungle-survival of the fittest or the strongest.

This was what Chu Yunsheng learned when through the golden shell insect's consciousness back when he was in Jin Ling city.

"It wants to kill me?" Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk. He was very weak, all his energy also just disappeared not long ago. There was no chance he could defeat his big dumb insect at all.

He started to regret that he left the group. He should have been more careful. However, regret would not help him to improve the situation.

He thought for a second then stepped forward while glaring at the dumb insect hoping that it would intimidate it and scared it away. He had only limited knowledge about insects. He did not really know that he would be able to scare it away or not. But it was the only method that he could think of at the moment.

However, the dumb insect's behaviour confused Chu Yunsheng. It clearly felt Chu Yunsheng's unfriendliness, because it suddenly stopped approaching Chu Yunsheng. But it did not retreat. Instead, it was making chirp sounds trying to communication with Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng did not know why he was able to understand the message, he just thought that maybe his body had functions to translate the information. In the beginning, he was not sure that if understood the dumb insect's message correctly, but after the same noise was repeated several times, Chu Yunsheng was finally able to determine that it was saying:" go..... back.... dangerous"

Perhaps the dumb insect's was not very smart, the entire message only contained those three words. But Chu Yunsheng did not want to stay with the swarm. At the moment, he had a more urgent thing to do, which was to find out that if there was something on this butt.

However, the dumb insect did not seem to want to give up, no matter how aggressive Chu Yunsheng was glaring at it, it just kept saying: "go.... back..... dangerous..."

Chu Yunsheng was frustrated. Although he could understand the information, he did not know how to reply it.

The dumb insect was gazing afar at the sky above the group, that was currently far away from them anxiously from time to time while waiting for Chu Yunsheng's response.

But when it saw Chu Yunsheng still didn't want to follow it, it hurriedly used its fire energy to send a complicated message to Chu Yunsheng.

The message was not "written" by the dumb insect itself. However, it still seemed to consume a quite good amount of the dumb insect's energy when it was sent out.

It seemed like the dumb insect had shared its "body memory" with Chu Yunsheng.

Only until Chu Yunsheng got the piece of memory, did he understood why the dumb insect was following him. At the same time, he was also amazed by how powerful the insect was.

The dumb insect and Chu Yunsheng's inscet's body were born at the same tomb, the same spawning pool at the same time. They were even produced by the same Hatching Tube!

"No wonder why this dumb insect wanted to follow me, so they are twins." but Chu Yunsheng was still confused. The dumb insect was replaced with a new brain? How could it still remember anything?

The insect is indeed a mysterious race! Chu Yunsheng was once again amazed by the insect.

According to the information that the dumb insect passed to Chu Yunsheng, They were separated a long time ago. Chu Yunsheng suspected that because of the divine realm's lockdown, he was trapped inside the yellow mountain area, but the dumb insect was still outside the yellow mountain area.

Soon, he noticed another problem. If his insect's body came from the yellow mountain area, how did it survive? He clearly remembered that before he died, he ordered Dark to merge all the insects and turned into a giant monster to destroy the yellow mountain.

Did it come from the gigantic monster? But where is Dark? How did his consciousness end up staying in an insect's body?

Questions after questions made Chu Yunsheng head hurts again. It seemed like his insect's brain could not handle complicated thinking.

Suddenly, a group of green shells appeared in the sky, and they were screeching loudly while flying towards Chu Yunsheng and the dumb insect.

The dumb insect immediately pinched Chu Yunsheng's claw in panic and started to run back to their group. Only until seeing those two insects making their way back to the swarm did those green shells finally flew away.