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Chapter 303 a good insect knows whats good for it

 Chapter 303 a good insect knows what's good for it.

No one knew how long had passed on earth, but the cycles of dark nights and hazy days still continued.

On an endless creep area, many huge tombs were spread out towards the end of the horizon, the smoke they spurted out made the hazy sky even dimmer.

Countless insects were like ants moving orderly on the creep area. Every group of insects seem to have designated tasks assigned to them. Sometimes, they were split apart; sometimes two or more groups were gathered together moving in the same direction; Occasionally, there was one huge but blurry figure passing by groups interrupting their work.

Among busy swarm, a relatively bigger red shell insect was dragging a dying red shell and slowly moving towards a tomb that had a strange look comparing to others.

Over there, it had the biggest blood pool in this creep area. All the dead insects would be gathered here to be dissolved and reused again.


Chu Yunsheng felt his head was heavy; his body was heavy; his arms and his legs were also.....

"Wait, it was not right, it did felt like arms or legs!?"

He wanted to wake up. However, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't open his eyes.

He felt like he was being dragged by something, and there were sounds of many insects around him.

"Where am I?!" He wondered.

Wake up! He shouted in this mind and attempted to use his hands to pinch his face. But, he couldn't feel his "hands".

:" Wait, am I still alive? Am I not supposed to be dead? " then he suddenly remembered something:" that's right, my body exploded, but where am I?"

:"What happened!!!"

Then, he seemed to smell the sharp and distinct smells of the insect's mucus.

"But why it smells so nice now?"

"I really want to lie down and sleep on it." he thought.

"Ah!~" He suddenly felt a hard pain in his head. :"why it hurts to think anything? Why I feel like someone is calling me?"


"I woke up again?"

"Huh? Why again? Did I wake up earlier? Am I dreaming again?"

:" My brain hurts again. Why I feel like I don't remember a lot of things?"

"But, how do I know that I forget a lot of things?"

:" My brain hurts again...."


" I am an insect? Why do I have this kind of thoughts? No possible, I hate insect. How come I am an insect?"

" But that signal told me that I am an insect..."

" No, I am not an insect! I am Human, my name is Chu... Chu...? "

"Ah!... my head hurts again, why it always happens when I am about to remember some important things...."


:" Yes, I remember it! my name is Chu Yunsheng. It must be this name! That's great. I have a name, I am not an insect, insects don't have names."

" But....."

" It seems like I have lost something important, very very important. What is it?"

"Please remember it. please remember it. what is it?"

" My head hurts.... Ah.... Why....."


" Yes! I remember it now, it's a book. But why a book is important, I don't like to read at all."

" I'm hungry? Why am I hungry?"

" Where am i. Why is it so hot here? "


" Someone wants to harm me, that's right, someone wants to harm me, who is it? Who?'




Confusion... confusion... continuous confusion...


" Sounds of bubbles popping....."

:" I feel like I am sinking, but why I don't feel suffocating? Do I not need to breathe?"

" I am feeling uncomfortable, Why I am feeling like my body is being dissolved, it's very painful."

"Pains everywhere..."

"I can't take it anymore!"


" Sounds of bubbles popping....."

Suddenly, A mucus bubble popped out from deep inside a blood pool. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng who suffered from acute burning pain also woke up.

However, what he saw next shocked him.

His " vision " suddenly became extremely good. He could tell that the place he was in, had a bad visibility. However, he still could not see a lot of things clearly.

"What the fuck is this place? why am I here?"

Around him floated bodies of all types of insects. There were red shells, green shells, golden shells... There were also many bodies of insects that he had never seen before, and there was even a huge skeleton of a dinosaur-like body!

They were all thrown into this red coloured slimy pool.

"Was I caught by the tentacle monster?" Chu Yunsheng thought.

He remembered clearly that when he was in Shen Cheng city, the tentacle monster he was dealing with had this kind of pool, but that pool was much smaller than this one.

However, when he looked around, he couldn't find any tentacle monsters around him. Instead, the more he looked, the more he felt like he was in a tomb?!

But the tomb's internal structure shouldn't be like this. Chu Yunsheng was confused.

Then, he was suddenly hit with a fit of dizziness. He felt like his brain couldn't handle too much thinking as if he didn't have enough brain cells to help to process the information.

But no matter where he was right now, he had to get out of this dangerous place.

So he immediately wanted to swim to the edge of the mucus pool. But in the next second, he was almost scared to death.

" Where are my hands!!!!"

When he lifted up his "hand", he noticed that he lifted up a big and broken claw!

It was the claw that he was extremely familiar with. It was a red shell insect's claw.

"What happened?"

Chu Yunsheng lifted another "hand" in panic. But it was still a broken claw. He was terrified and tried to use his claws to feel this body and head....

However, all he touched were solid shells.

He was stunned and completely paralyzed by the fact that he was now a red shell insect. Even he was still in the mucus pool, and all the liquid around him was trying to dissolve him, he had no reaction to it at all.

Strangely, shortly after Chu Yunsheng's mind went completely blank, its body started to move clumsily and slowly towards the edge of the mucus pool, and it didn't seem like he was controlling it.

When "he" staggered to the exit of the tomb, a red shell that was much bigger and stronger than him, rushed in and waved its claws at him.

The familiar fight scene instantly triggered Chu Yunsheng defensive subconsciousness. He instinctively wanted to take out the roaring flame gun and Qian Bi sword to kill the red shell insect, However, nothing happened.


The bigger red shell insect easily pinched his head and threw him outside the tomb forcefully. All the red shells that were just passing by the tomb casually dodged him and carried on doing their works. it seemed like none of the insects were interested in him.

Then, one stronger red shell insect crawled towards him. It picked him up and turned him around and around while checking something on his body. A few seconds later, it put him down and dragged him towards another tomb nearby.

Chu Yunsheng already woke up. The panic caused by the fact that he had become an insect had already suppressed by him.

"At least, I am still alive." he thought.

He had been through so many life and death situations, the simple and ordinary belief of being alive made him adjusted his emotions very quickly.

"As long as I am alive, there will be hopes, if I am dead then everything is over."

He struggled to try to stop the red shell that was dragging him towards another tomb. However, his weak struggle did not even slow down the bigger red shell's speed at all.

His broken body was too weak. Including his claws, not a single place on his body was not injured. He felt empty inside his body, his insect's body did not seem to have any corrosive liquid left, let alone the unique insect's fire elemental energy.

He was dispirited. He already accepted the fate of being an insect. But why it had to be the weakest red shell insect? And why it had to be the injured one?

"Probably I am the weakest red shell in this swarm." he thought.

After having failed to break free, and having "beaten" by the red shell insect that was dragging him several times, he gave up reluctantly...

If it's fortune it isn't a calamity, and if it's a calamity then it can't be avoided. So, Chu Yunsheng just let the stronger red shell insect kept dragging him.

At the worst, he would just be thrown into another one of those mucus pools. It was better to restore his strength at the moment, so it would be easier for him to crawl out of a pool later.

"A good insect knows what is good for it." Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh. It might look like Chu Yunsheng was trying ridicule himself, but actually, he was trying to encourage himself.

He knew that no one would be there to share his difficulty and loneliness, so he needed to learn how to handle this situation himself. Self-ridicule was exactly the method he used.

He needed to stay optimistic, even if it was just pretending. Otherwise, he really didn't know if he had the courage to survive with an insect's body or not.

He suppressed all the negative pessimistic emotions, buried them all deep inside his mind, and tried not to think about it.

The life and death experiences he had in the past taught him that he shouldn't be pessimistic. Negative thoughts could easily make him lose himself, and once he sank in, become a decadent walking dead, he would not be far from death.

Soon, he was dragged into another tomb. Comparing to the last tomb, the entrance of the tomb he entered was much busier. Many insects with flashy shells constantly passed by him and joined the swarm outside.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to shift his attention from himself to the new tomb.

But before he was able to carefully check the internal structure of the new tomb. A black tube that as big as a human arm quickly wrapped him up and took him into the "forest" of tubes inside the tomb.

The sudden high-speed movement made Chu Yunsheng's weak head felt dizzy. When the dizziness finally stopped, he noticed that there were many thin small and tender transparent tubes were spitting different colours of liquid onto on to his wounds.

When those liquids just touched his body. Chu Yunsheng instantly felt like his injury was recovering rapidly, but at the same time, A acute discomfort like many ants were biting him, immediately rushed into his brain from those injured areas. It was so painful that he almost wanted to commit a suicide.

Looking at the red shell insect who was going through the same process only a couple meters away from him, he extremely envied. That dumb fuck probably didn't have any consciousness, it didn't even have any reactions to the liquid at all.

After almost 2 hours of painful recovery, Chu Yunsheng was lifted up by the tube again and send to another place to fix his claws and legs.

Chu Yunsheng finally realised the function of this tombs now. The last tomb was probably used for recycling the dead insects. But this tomb was used to repairing the injured insects.

A creep area with such clear division of the labour, How big could it be? And how powerful the Min here could be? Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to imagine.

Comparing to the tombs here, three tombs Chu Yunsheng controlled in the yellow mountain area was like a kid's game.

It took the tomb another two hours to repair his claws and legs. Then, he was moved to another place to repair his shell.

The dumb red shell Chu Yunsheng saw earlier seemed to be always at a place a couple meters away from him.

It seems like that dumb fuck only entered the repairing process a couple of minutes before me. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng slowly started to drop his guard. It seemed like he was not in any danger in this place.

After a moment of dizziness, he was sent to another place again, and the dumb red shell insect was already there.

In the next second, he suddenly had a strange cold shudder. While he was trying to figure out what caused him to feel that way, a golden tube was sent down from the above of the dumb red shell in front of him.

Then a strange steady stream of liquid was shot out from the tube. When the stream touched the back of the dumb red shell's head, a cloud of smoke appeared, and with the sizzling sound it made, the tube was slowly moving horizontally from the back of the dumb red shell's head to the front.

Shortly after the cut. A dozen of thin transparent tubes quickly reached the dumb red shell, lifted up the top half of its skull.

The golden tube retracted, but another white tender earthworm-like tube was sent down from the above. It wriggled into the skull, moved along the edge of the inside of the skull, wrapped around a brain-like black mass then lifted it up.

There were many sticky substances attached to the black mass when it was lifted up. They were stretched very long before they finally break apart. It looked disgusting as hell.

A few seconds after the black mass was being lifted up, a red colored but crystal clear brain-like mass was sent down from above and "stuffed" into the red shell's empty skull.

At the same time, the top half of the skull was put back by many thin transparent tubes. They also spat out some strange fluid to glue the skull back together.....

After seeing all of this, Chu Yunsheng instinctively raised his head to check.

Above him, a golden colored tube was pointing at his head. He could even see the smokes coming from the tube.


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