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Chapter 302 legend

 Chapter 302 legend

All the insects suddenly stopped rushing, then an ear-piercing mournful cry arose from deep inside a giant tomb, it caused visible sound waves to ripple through the entire yellow mountain area.

In the next second, all the insects, no matter where they were, they all rushed back to the tomb where the sound came from.

The mournful crying still continued, and it cried louder and louder every second. Even people covered their ears, they still could not stop the sound coming into their ears.

"Let's go!" the senior ice messenger suddenly changed her face and said to the ice messenger Snow.

At the same time, she quickly broke open the armour and took Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning out.

Although she did not know if the Tan Ning was still alive or not and why Chu Yunsheng's body continued to swell and shrink every second. She still passed Tan Ning to the ice messenger Snow and said:" split up! And leave this place!"

She then quickly headed towards the east which was the side that was the closest to the edge of the yellow mountain area, without waiting for the ice messenger's Snow's reply.

The ice messenger snow was dazed for a second. Despite she did not know why the captain wanted to split up, she still followed her order and headed towards the west where her flying machine was.

"Yana Yan! You despicable Ice Race! Stop them!" An angry roar came from the main peak of the Yellow mountain. Probably because it had used too much energy during the attack, It could no longer project shadows into the sky.

The army of robots and the ordinary humans below the yellow mountain immediately split up trying to stop them.

The army of robot quickly surrounded the senior ice messenger Yana Yan and the ordinary humans that were controlled by the divine realm also flocked towards the ice messenger Snow.

Only until now did the ice messenger Snow realised that her captain wanted to increase the chance of breaking out from this place.

"Ji Qing! Go! Help the senior ice messenger! " the ice messenger Snow shouted at a group of Skywalkers.

Ji Qing did not trust the divine realm, she only trusted the ice race, however, when she was about to give an order, she suddenly heard a group of skywalkers by the name of six stars and 18 generals from the castle of raging fire shouted:" Do not move! Let them fight themselves!"

"Castellan!" Xu Qingshu looked at Ji Qing and said.

"Castellan!" the horsemen behind Xu Qingshu also shouted at her.

Ji Qing was lost. She opened her mouth, but she could not bring herself to say anything. In the end, she closed her mouth. She was smart, she knew that without the support from those people, she was nothing. So She did not give any orders.

When the divine realm and the ice race were fighting for the candidates, the swarm had already gathered around the tomb number 1. The tombs no longer spurted out any smokes, instead, three tombs were spouting out a large quantity of strange liquid.

Dark was moved to the outside of the tomb No.1 by a tomb's long tube, all the insects in the swarm were spinning around it, and all the insects were quickly dissolved as they approached Dark.

The body of Dark became bigger and bigger until a gigantic meatball was formed in the creep area.


As a loud roar appeared in the creep area, a gigantic monster that was almost 100 meters high broke out of the meatball.

All the Skywalkers were stunned. What the fuck is that.

A terrifying triangular shaped armoured head was facing the sky and roared loudly, its roar even shook the ground they were standing.

Below its neck, there were four huge sharp long armoured blades, each one of them was at least 50 meters long.

It had 6 strong thick legs, every time when it stepped its foot on the ground it would shake the ground violently.

It's back was covered with a thick layer of armour, and on the top of the armour, there were many sharp spikes.

Behind it, there was a long armoured tail which was covered with scales, when it swept its tails, an entire tomb was pulled up and flew into the sky.

In the next second, all the skywalkers started to run in panic. Because the gigantic monster was charging towards them.


Two armoured blades were smashed at the robotic army. The ground was destroyed instantly, causing some other places to tilt upward and throwing a lot of robots into the air. But those robots were stopped by another two armoured blades, and they were smashed into the ground again.

However, its attack was no over, in the next second, it opened its mouth to spit fire at the rest of the robotic army while charging towards the senior ice messenger. All the robots were instantly liquified.

When it caught up the senior ice messenger Yana Yan, it swept its tail to smash at the senior ice messenger.

The senior ice messenger was hit by the powerful tail, and it instantly made her throw up blood. However, despite the acute pain she still carried on flying toward the east quickly.

The gigantic monster followed her closely while trampling on the robotic army that was also chasing the senior ice messenger.

Seeing the edge of the yellow mountain area was in her sight, the senior ice messenger Yana Yan used all her energy trying to break through the barrier!

She was soo close, so close to break out of the yellow mountain area. she finally understood how Chu Yunsheng felt earlier.

The gigantic monster opened its mouth to shoot out hundreds of its "tongues" that were covered with purple flames. The senior ice messenger was wrapped around before she was able to break out of the barrier.

Yana Yan quickly cast out many icicles attempting to cut the flame tongues that were wrapping her. However, no matter how she cut it, more and more tongues arrived and wrapped her around.

She was pulled back and Chu Yunsheng who was in her hand was taken away by those tongues. In the next second, the gigantic monster unleashed the most powerful fire breath.

All Yana Yan's energy was pushed back into her body by the attack, and her body was caught on fire instantly. But she was not dead yet.

While she was trying to put out of the fire, Four armoured blades closely followed and started to chop her non-stop.

Only until Yana Yan stopped moving did the gigantic monster stopped the attack.

The monster did not carry on chasing anyone. Instead, a soft tongue that did not have any flame slowly opened next to its big eyes. Chu Yunsheng was lying there with his eye closed. It bowed its head down and used its soft tongue to gently move Chu Yunsheng while whining quietly as if a kid lost its parents.

Its eyes no longer filled with wildness. instead, its eyes were filled with tender and love. It was gently moving Chu Yunsheng body tirelessly as if it was trying to wake him up.

However, Chu Yunsheng was still lying there coldly, no matter how it "begged", he was still not moving.....


The monster raised its head and roared again.

The roar was so powerful that it instantly shattered the space barrier that the divine realm was used to lockdown the yellow mountain.

Its eyes were filled with hatred. It slowly wrapped up Chu Yunsheng and swallowed him into its body. Then it used its legs to trample Yana Yan's body repeatedly before it charged toward the yellow mountain.

Boom! boom! boom!

It frantically hacked the mountains with its four long armour blades. and then slammed itself into the yellow mountain constantly.

No one knows exactly how long has the yellow mountain been there. but at the moment, it was slowly collapsing under the gigantic monster's wild attack.

Just when the peak of the mountain was about to fall, the mountain suddenly cracked open, and a flying machine that was much bigger than the ice messenger's flying machine flew out of the crack.

However, the flying machine did not get away, it was immediately warped by the gigantic monster's tongues and it was pulled back to the monster's mouth.

The monster used its powerful jaw to bite, chew, worry and crash the flying machine, at the same time, it spat out its powerful fire breath constantly to burn the flying machine....

Perhaps the gigantic monster had also reached its limit, the fire started to appear everywhere around its body. It raised its head again and gave a last loud scream then collapsed next to the yellow mountain.

The ground was still shaking, but it was no longer caused by the gigantic monster. It was caused by the swarm from outside the yellow mountain area that flocking into the yellow mountain area, the barrier was broken, and the mist that existed on the edge of the yellow mountain area also disappeared.....

No one knows why would the insect come into the yellow mountain at this time, but they did not dare to stay to find out.

"Let's go, take the kid as well!" Cao Zhengyi held the kid who was already woken up and said. His eyes were filled with tears. Grandpa is dead, although he did not want to believe it.

"Sigh.... " no one knows who let out a long sigh, but all of them started to move out. Edgar was staring blankly at the peak of the yellow mountain. only when other people started to pull him away did he realized that he needed to leave as well.

Through the windows of the flying machine, the ice messenger Snow cried:" the captain died, Chu Yunsheng also died, the divine realm was also destroyed, how did we end up like this?" she did not understand....

All the Skywalkers were gathered together, and all the ordinary humans also resumed their consciousness.

Perhaps most of them learned something from this incident, all the skywalkers started to help the ordinary people and slowly moved out the yellow mountain area.

Luckily the light caused by the burning of the gigantic monster attracted the swarm that came from outside the yellow mountain area, so the swarm did not chase those Skywalkers and humans.

"He is a legend, even he is dead!" Xu Qingshu turned around looking at the monster that was still burning and said.

But everyone else bowed their head down while slowly moving in the dark.

No one expected this result. That young man, that skeleton-like old man, use his own life to destroy the divine realm and kill the ice messenger.


The dark once again swallowed the entire yellow mountain area. Apart from some strange screeching noises, heavy blood smell and the sharp smell of dead creatures, the yellow mountain area was deadly silent like other places on the earth.

Suddenly, a small pile of the gigantic monster's ashes moved slightly, then a heavily injured red shell insect staggered out of the remains of the monster.

On its back, there was a strange blurry pattern, the pattern that resembled a human skeleton.

Even the Min outside the yellow mountain area also did not notice that this heavily injured red shell had infiltrated into its swarm.

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end of volume 4