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Chapter 301 I would rather die

 Chapter 301 I would rather die

The pupils of the senior ice messenger suddenly contracted, she was very familiar with this scene, the scene of the last day of the Five Races' war.

The falling fires were like drumsticks beat her heart whenever they landed.

She could see that within a 50-meter radius around that human, everything was caught on fire and burned into ashes.

People scrambled, ran blindly tried while they were on fire, but soon they still ended up like those Duo Neng race's vehicles becoming a pile a scrap.

This male human was indeed the successor of the talisman civilization!

We have to have him! I have to get him!

As long as we have the talisman technology, we will be able to rebuild our civilization!

The senior ice messenger clenched her fists hard to force herself to stay calm, but inside her mind, she screamed as loud as she could.


Chu Yunsheng cast out 10 Li Huo talisman in one go, that was his limit, but if it were not that something wrong with his body, he would not be able to cast out half of them.

The burst of fire energy engulfed most the air around him.

Suffocation, blazing flames, and raging fire energy turned his surroundings into a place of death.

The power of Li Huo talisman was overlapped with each other, and Chu Yunsheng intentionally limited the attack range to 50 meters radius around him to maximize its power. It resulted that the half of the divine realm's vehicles were damaged, countless robots were destroyed and all the humans around him were burned into ashes.

When he walked out of the fiery land, all the skywalkers who were observing the fight were stunned. No one knew that if they should be feeling fortunate that they did not attack, or they should be feeling sad that their fellow humans were burned to ashes.

But it was not easy for Chu Yunsheng as well. He struggling to walk out the land of the fire as well.

His armour was fuming green smokes, and it was scarily hot. Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning both felt like they were cooked by the fire, they could even smell burnt smells from each body.

The fight still continued, no one was willing to give up.

The talismans attack were successful, but the divine realm also had countermeasures, the blue energy shield was split into many small spherical energy shields to cover its vehicles and robots, it completely gave up protecting those humans.

The fireballs that fired by ⅓ of cannon insects that were originally used to drain the energy shield's energy directly hit the crowd of the humans. In a split second, crowds of human were liquified turned into rivers of blood.

Chu Yunsheng was still charging forward, but the fight was getting harder for him. After The shield was activated on those robots, their defensive ability was greatly increased. The numbers of robots that could be destroyed by the talisman were reduced to less than a half.

At this moment, a large floating mountain was lifted above Chu Yunsheng and smashed down at him, then it was lifted up again and smashed down again......

Chu Yunsheng felt like his body almost became a minced meat, he cast out the glacier talisman desperately trying to destroy or maybe just reduce the size of the floating mountain. At the same time, he also cast out the Li Huo talismans to blow away the army of robots that were surrounding him.

Originally he planned to use all the talismans to deal with the ice race and the heaven's messenger. He knew his own ability, he could not even defeat the ice race, let alone the heaven's messenger who has not returned yet...

But he could not hold it any longer, he and Tan Ning were going to die if he did not use them.

The divine realm was too strong, it was totally and completely out of his imagination. Every human, every mountain, everything was under its control.

In this kind of attack, he believed that even the cloaked man itself also could not walk out of the yellow mountain area alive.

Is he going to die here?


Chu Yunsheng was repeatedly trying to "hypnotize" himself: the tentacle monster in the Shen Cheng city couldn't eat him, and the flame bird of the fog city couldn't kill him. Even the Jin Ling City's Min also couldn't kill him. How could he die in this place?!

The divine realm was not invincible, it was definitely not invincible.

But where is its weakness? Is it the peak of the yellow mountain?

It must be there! It can only be there!

The dazzling light on the peak of the yellow mountain had never dimmed for a single second, and the more intense the fight was, the brighter the light was.

The divine realm's physical body must be in there!

If he wanted to escape from this place, He needed to destroy its physical body. There were no other choices.

Chu Yunsheng once again stood up and dashed forward, but then he was smashed into the ground again.


The numbers of talismans were reduced rapidly, the combat armour was weakened every second, even the Xuan Bo energy shield also started to crack....

Tan Ning had already passed out, Chu Yunsheng did no know whether she was still alive or not.

But Chu Yunsheng only knew that he could not surrender, and he could not die here.


Finally, the Xuan Bo energy shield was broken, its device stopped working, and his armour was also on the edge of collapsing.

Blood mixed with sweat blurred his eyesight.

He started to cast out talismans and waving the sword by instinct. He did not know how many robots were broken and how many humans were killed, all he knew was that it was harder for him to wave the sword every second.

The creep area was near, he was almost there, he could even see the smokes that were spouted out by the tombs.

The swarm had already started to rush madly and desperately towards the army of robots....


Floating mountain once again smashed Chu Yunsheng into the ground.

He tried to used his hands to help him to get up, but the heavily injured legs could not support him standing...

It is almost there, almost there, as long as he got back to the creep area, he would be able to fight back. He told himself.

Get up! Get up! Chu Yunsheng! It is almost there! He told himself repeatedly.

But the floating mountain Landed on him again, and the robots were still firing at him.

Maybe the divine realm had used up its energy, the robot army could no longer fire the red beams, and the vehicles could no longer fire the blue beams, even the blue energy shields were disappeared.

Or maybe I am dead, and this is just a dream.... Chu Yunsheng thought

The swarm was desperately trying to break into the encirclement to save Chu Yunsheng, then green shells also tried to break in, However, they were blocked by many Ban Lan birds...

Chu Yunsheng could no longer walk, so he cast out monster seal talisman to summon the insect to drag him.

Then the floating mountain landed on him again. The insect died instantly, and he threw up a lot of blood, then summoned the second one, but it did not drag him very far, the second insect was killed by the mountain again.

Then the third....

The fourth ....


The insects he sealed died one after another, he was closer to the swarm every time, however even it was very close, he still could not break out.

Two purple flame monsters rushed into the army of robot first. but, they were instantly buried by countless robots...

Chu Yunsheng had finished all the talismans, he had nothing to use to fight back the robot army and the floating mountain.

All the skywalkers including those who tried to kill him earlier felt like a needle was stabbed into their heart while looking at Chu Yunsheng struggle.

"Grandpa, (Mr.Lennon), Please, Surrender!" Cao Zhengyi and Edgar were crying at a place far away from Chu Yunsheng.


"Surrender. you have made your point, there is no need to carry on. It is over now!" the senior ice messenger flew into the encirclement and said to Chu Yunsheng. There was even a trace of pity in her voice.

"Surrender......" the ice messenger Snow followed in and sighed.

"Surrender!" "Surrender!" "Surrender!" .... All the skywalkers started to murmur the same words again and again.

"Surrender!" those ordinary humans behind the pile of bodies also said with gloomy voices.

"Surrender!" those robots mimicked the human voice and said.

"Surrender!" the voice came from the main peak of the yellow mountain, The shadow sighed.

"Surrender!" "Surrender!" "Surrender!"


The sound of surrender resounded in the entire yellow mountain constantly.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth that were covered with blood and roared. Despite his legs were broken, he used his hands to push up his body so his broken armour could support his body from standing.

He did not want to kneel before those aliens!

"I would rather die..." Chu Yunsheng threw up blood and said determination.

And before the ice messenger Snow said something, Chu Yunsheng laughed:"hahaha... cough... cough .... and I will take you all hell with me! "

When he finished, he took out all the absorption talismans and started to absorb them all at once, endless energy flew into his body and blew up his body like a balloon.

At the point when he felt his body was going to explode, he recited the incantation to make the monster seal talisman to suck everything from his body.

Before he lost his conscious, he murmured:

"Turn into the giant insect!

Turn into a devil!

Destroy the divine realm, Destroy the yellow mountain, Destroy everything here for me!"