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Chapter 300 robot army

 Chapter 300 robot army

Chu Yunsheng had never killed so many people, he did even not how many of them exactly. But he still did not stop killing.

If he did not want to die, then he had to carry on killing, no matter how many of them, how familiar he was with them.

It was not that he did not want to order the swarm to attack them from outside. If he really did it, then the swarm would lose its advantages and he lost the fight.

Moreover, Dark just levelled up less than 3 days, Although its control range was increased, if it was outside creep area, it would require him a tremendous amount of Yuan QI energy, and it would also be much more difficult for him to control.

It was exactly what happened what he tried to save Tan Ning. At that time, his almost lost the control of the swarm.

Dark and the swarm was his last resort. If ordered them to attack now, that meant he was lost already.

So he needed to break through the encirclement, reach the creep area and join the swarm


The bodies that Chu Yunsheng left behind were quickly increased, the Skywalkers that were behind ordinary people started to move back even faster.

His armour was no longer in the golden colour, it was now covered in blood red. When he finally reached the edge of the encirclement that was formed by the ordinary people, rows of black vehicles behind the ordinary people instantly fired at Chu Yunsheng.

The dense blue light beam immediately liquified the people who did not have time to run away into blood pools. Those beams swept through the crowd like a huge scythe.

Chu Yunsheng was hit and knocked back into a pile of dead bodies. Then an acute pain instantly appeared in his abdomen area.

Before he had time to get up, two vehicles instantly aimed at Chu Yunsheng and fired again.

Nearly twenty blue beams converged into one point in the air to form a dazzling point like a bright star. The pile of bodies was liquified into a blood pool less than one-third of a second. then Chu Yunsheng was blown up, flew back and smashed into another pile of body again.

Pains, all he felt was pains...

Although the armour was not broken, however, the damage of the blue beam also occurred inside the body, it triggered the energy shield to blocked the energy from running around inside his body causing more damages.

The intense crash and the acute concussion cased Chu Yunsheng to vomit a bunch of half-digested sticky food.

However, his was conscious and before he was hit for the second time, he immediately activated the Xuan Bo energy shield.

There were two things that Chu Yunsheng had not used. One was the cloak, the other one was the Xuan Bo energy shield.

He wanted to use the cloak after the divine realm lifted its lockdown. If he could reach the edge of the lockdown area, then he could use the cloak to get rid of those aliens chase.

He was surrounded by a large number of people at the moment, the space that he could move was almost as big as the palm of his hand. Even if he hid his body, he still could dodge the attack from all directions. If he was not cautious enough, he might end up heavily injured because of the limitation of the stealth mode.

Xuan Bo energy shield was something he originally planned to use at the end, it was the main equipment he wanted to use when he was dealing with the Ice Race or the heaven's messenger.

But looking at the situation he had at the moment, he had to use it. Those vehicle's attack speed was too quick, it was so quick that even with his speed, he also could not dodge it in time.

But he could not just stand there, he needed to destroy those vehicles.

At the time when the Xuan Bo energy shield was activated, the third round of the divine realm's attack also arrived.

The blue light hit his shield, it instantly caused many ripples around the spherical shield. The beam did not disappear immediately, it pushed deeper into the energy shield causing Chu Yunsheng to move backsword. Luckily the shield was strong enough. Within a few seconds, the beam lost its energy, and the shield restored its shape.

This time, Chu Yunsheng only felt a minor concussion, most of the attack was absorbed by the energy shield.

He then quickly jumped up and fired several times at the strange vehicles, Tan Ning also fired several shots as well.

While the vehicles were cover by the fire, Chu Yunsheng quickly took over Qian Bi sword and cast out sword QI before the vehicle had time to fire again.

18 sword QI were merged into on beam and shot into the vehicle's gun.


Many electric arcs suddenly appeared around the strange vehicle when it was hit, it shook violently for a few seconds before it completely stopped working.

With the help of Xuan Bo energy shield, Chu Yunsheng jumped onto the vehicle and used his sword to hack another vehicle next to him.

At the same time, Tan Ning also fired the freeze gun to temporarily freeze a row of the vehicles.


Sword broke the armour of the vehicle and Chu Yunsheng unleashed another round of sword QI into the vehicle again.

After Chu Yunsheng destroyed two of the divine realm's vehicles, the ordinary people started to charge towards him again.

In order to avoid being surrounded by the ordinary people again, Chu Yunsheng had to stop the attack and leapt towards the outer circle.

While he was in the air, he unleashed another round of sword QI to clear the people underneath him, and when he landed he immediately charged forward again. He did not want to stop, he could not afford to stop. However, in the next second, he was hit by a wall of metal.

It was extremely chaotic on the battlefield. Chu Yunsheng didn't even know what was in front of him.

Only when he was blocked by the metal wall, did he realised that in front of him was not a strange vehicle he encountered earlier, it was a robot with three long legs?

Same as the strange vehicle, its body was covered in black and its surface was so smooth that it could reflect the light from the peak from the yellow mountain.

The robot had a total of three long mechanical legs, each with three joints, and the main body part was a solid weapon platform with a long cylindrical giant muzzle on each side. Its disc-like head was also a rotating small-calibre weapon.

Although it was less than three meters high, there were a scary number of the same robots densely crowded together behind the one he hit.

So, this was the thing he saw when he at the beginning. He instantly realised that he had a huge problem now, when he in that palace, he clearly saw that the number of this kind of robot was countless.

The milky white beam and sword QI was shot out at the same time when the robot fired.

In the fierce energy collision, a huge fire cloud was formed between Chu Yunsheng and the robotic army. The shock wave was like a strong wind pushing away the rocks that were falling from the sky.

The aliens from the Ice Race had not started to join the fight yet, but Chu Yunsheng already fell into a desperate situation!

While Chu Yunsheng was struggling, more and more of Skywalkers started to hope that Chu Yunsheng could defeat the divine realm. All of seemed to realise that why this fellow human being did not want to surrender....

At the same time, One of the ice messengers who was observing the fight from outside the encirclement said to the other ice messenger with sympathy on her face: "Captain, is it over soon? Did Duo Neng Race lie to us? They don't really want to work with us, do they? They want to have them both, right? "

But the other ice messenger did not say anything, instead, she knitted her brows while looking at Chu Yunsheng.

Suddenly, the sky became brighter again.

Woo... woo... woo...


There were fires everywhere!

As if may meteors, shooting down on earth!

The earth was trembling, the flame was raging, and the Yuan QI energy was sweeping across the battlefield....