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Chapters 299 running on the road made of endless bodies

 Chapters 299 running on the road made of endless bodies

The armour was finally refined successfully, although it might look very strange, at least, it could cover two people and it did not affect his movement. When both of them were in the armour, it looked like Chu Yunsheng was carried Tan Ning on his back.

The guns on each side of the shoulders were freeze guns. Chu Yunsheng had also modified them so that Tan Ning could use them without any problem.

Chu Yunsheng did not really want to fight with the people outside the castle. When the castle collapsed, he tried to use a golden shell to dig into the ground. However, no matter how hard the golden shell tried to dig it, it would be bounced back to the ground again. He suspected that the divine realm definitely had prepared something in advance to prevent him from escaping from the ground.

There was no way for him to escape from the sky as well, since many Ban Lan birds were flying everywhere and the Ice Race's flying machine was just hovering above the castle of raging fire, so he could not order the green shells to take them away.

All he left with was just one route.

It was to escape from the ground, to make a bloody way in the crowd that had thousands of humans. However this route also made Chu Yunsheng scared, he had rough ideas how many people were in the crowd. Around 2000 Skywalkers and 30,000 ordinary people, plus the aliens and their machines. That was the number that would make his hair stand on end when he just thought about it.

Chu Yunsheng did not run very far before he was stopped by the crowd, his first sword QI was also stopped by several skywalkers who casting their energy at the same time.

"Kill Chu Yunsheng!"

"Give us the candidate!"


People were constantly shouting at him while charging towards him.


He quickly stored and the Sword and took out two roaring flame guns to stop those people approaching him even further.

In order to save his energy, and prepare himself for a long fight, Chu Yunsheng tried to use the roaring flame gun first.

Four guns might look usual, but they were extremely powerful, especially when there were four of them.

Puff..... puff.....

Bomb.... Bomb ... bomb...

Milky white beams and red raging flame were constantly fired into the crowd to make the way, Chu Yunsheng was running as fast as he could. While he was trying to break through the crowd, Chu Yunsheng's armour was also hit by many energy attacks.

If it weren't that his armour was mainly made of golden shells plus some purple flame monster's shell, Tan Ning definitely would not be able to withstand the violent shake caused by every attack.

Chu Yunsheng had also used some flying centipede monster's shells in the armour to increase the lightness of the armour. Otherwise, the weight of Tan Ning would affect this dogging speed.

Jumping left and right, dodging the attacks were one of Chu Yunsheng's specialities, this was the skill he learned whenever he encountered the swarm. Some of those skywalkers were slower than the red shell, some of them were weaker than the golden shell, so Chu Yunsheng was moving quickly and steadily in the crowd.

A large number of skywalkers started to die since Chu Yunsheng fired the gun. Some were frozen and broke into pieces, some were burned and some instantly blast into pieces....

Chu Yunsheng was running on the road that was made of many bodies of Skywalkers...

Those who were not controlled by the divine realm started to panic, especially those who were from the castle of raging fire, they were afraid of him even more...

The smart ones like those six stars and 18 generals only pretended that they wanted to attack, actually they were shouting at Chu Yunsheng from the outer circle. None of them dared to charge into the crowd to kill Chu Yunsheng, despite that the divine realm had promised that whoever killed Chu Yunsheng, they would be the first follower of the heaven's messenger.

Compared to their lives, those rewards were nothing.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not stay at the castle of raging fire for long, they met those Skywalkers quite often, he was actually quite familiar with some of them. So when looking at them died one by one because of him, Chu Yunsheng had a mixed feeling.

They used to be comrades, but because of the divine realm's influences, they needed to fight each other.


No, Chu Yunsheng did not think so, those people never truly joined his side, so there was not much of loyalty, to begin with.


Yes, Chu Yunsheng felt nothing but Irony. They were forced by those aliens to fight each other, to kill each other, and those aliens were watching them fight and watch them die...

But even that, Chu Yunsheng still did not show any mercy, even those who he familiar fell down next to his feet, he still stepped on their body making his way out.

There was no way to save them, it was either he dies, or they die!

The "failure" of the Skywalkers was beyond the expectations of the divine realms and the ice race. They immediately decided to change the formation, having ordinary people rushing to the front of the crowd with different types of weapon.

Skywalkers were scared and afraid, because the divine realm could not control their mind directly. But hose ordinary people were different. None of them was scared, everyone's eyes were filled with unusual red colour, and they were charge towards Chu Yunsheng fearlessly.

Although their attacks were less powerful, they have numbers, they were using their lives to drain Chu Yunsheng's energy.


Chu Yunsheng blew away an ordinary man who was clinging to his leg and trying to remove Chu Yunsheng's armour using his hands.

Then another person jumped towards him, and then More and more people started to jump towards him. Chu Yunsheng was constantly using his gun to blow them away. however they were so weak, and they don't have any protections, every shot would blow them into pieces and their blood and organs were splashed all over Chu Yunsheng's armour.

Looking at this kind of bloody scene, some of the Skywalkers could not control themselves but quickly moved back and started to vomit.

However, the more they moved back, the more ordinary people started to move in....

Chu Yunsheng was tripped over by an original human's body. When he got up his both hands were entangled with human's Intestines.

Then he suddenly felt something hot flew down his neck. He knew it was Tan Ning who vomited in the armour.

Chu Yunsheng had seen worse, so he immediately shouted at Tan Ning,:" don't stop shooting, more of them are coming..."


Boom.... Boom....

Chu Yunsheng just moved a few steps, then he was again buried underneath many ordinary people. His gun was stuck into an old woman's chest, he was trying to pull it out, but the old woman was still trying to take the gun away from him. Chu Yunsheng had no choice but to blew the old woman into pieces and then blew the people at the top of him away.

Chu Yunsheng got up from the piles of dead bodies, again and again, he knew he should keep calm in this kind of situation.

However, when he saw a group of kid were holding many boxes that look like bombs and charging toward him, he lost his mind.

They were all very young, 10 years old at the most, all of their faces were without any emotions, all of their eyes stared blankly at the front. They were not sacred, but Chu Yunsheng and Tan Ning were....

Chu Yunsheng's were shaking, and Tan Ning stopped shooting.... But eventually, before the kids reached Chu Yunsheng he still fired the gun.....


A loud explosion, causing a big fireball reaching almost 10 meters high. All the kids were blown up into the sky and then fell to the ground.....

Chu Yunsheng clearly felt Tan Ning was shaking behind him, but he did not regret. As long as he was not giving the divine realm what it wanted, everything was worth it.

He carried on walking on the road made of endless bodies parts....

Slowly his mind as replaced with cold hatred. He hated those aliens, he hated the divine realm even more.....

In the chaos, a one-armed young man used his chest to block Chu Yunsheng's gun again. After a hole appeared in the young man's chest and before the young man was dead, the young man seemed to have resumed its consciousness slightly, he said slowly while there was blood still in his mouth: "Grandpa Yuan... me.... San... Fazi.... I...."

The young man died. It was already a miracle that he did not die instantly. However, he still didn't get to finish his word...

Chu Yunsheng's hands trembled again, he pulled out the gun from San Faizi chest and roared:" AHH~!"