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Chapter 298 Cannon insects

 Chapter 298 Cannon insects

The divine realms had cannons, but Chu Yunsheng also cannon insect, and the number of his cannon insects were definitely more than the divine realm's cannon.

The reason why he had not attack the divine realm was that he wanted to reduce the divine realm's energy as much as he could. He did not believe that divine realm had unlimited energy. Moreover, Chu Yunsheng believed that it needed to used the most of its energy to completed the return process.

So only until the palace started to have cracks did Chu Yunsheng finally ordered the swarm to initiated the first round of the attack.

In the creep area, all the tombs were constantly emitting the black smokes, they were non-stop producing the insects one after another.

Around three hundreds long cannon insects were gathered together and raised their head read to fire....

Fire! As Chu Yunsheng send the signal through the seal token, Dark instantly ordered three hundred cannon insects to fire.

Many huge fireballs whistling through the sky and heading straight towards the divine realm's cannon.

Just when the fireballs were about to land, a strange light blue coloured energy shield appeared above those cannons.

All of the fireballs were blocked by it, and all the fire energy were splattered all over the places around the energy shield

But Chu Yunsheng was not surprised, this was something that he already expected. So he ordered to fire the second round of attack.

The result of the second round of fireball was the same, every fireball would only cause strange blue ripples on the energy shield then they would be bounced back and landed on the ground outside the shield.

Chu Yunsheng constantly ordered the cannon insects to fire, the third round, the fourth round, and the fifth round, he ordered the cannon insects to fire 3 rounds at the same time. However even the blue energy shield was only covered with fire, it still did not break.

Chu Yunsheng frowned, the divine realm's cannons did not seem to be restricted by the shield, they were still firing at the palace, However, the cannon insect's attack did not seem to have any effect at the moment.

He knew that the palace would not be able to withstand the attack for long, but he still needed to stay here.

Only when he was in the palace with Tan Ning would the divine realm and the ice race be distracted. And only when they were distracted, would Dark has the time to produce more insects to assist him.

So Chu Yunsheng started to use the Yu Tu talisman to reinforce the structure of the palace.


A loud explosion hit the roof the of the palace, it finally made a hole in the roof of the palace. The bright light from the peak of the yellow mountain instantly passed through the roof.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea. He immediately ordered Dark to change the target.

He wanted to attack the peak of the yellow mountain!!!

The cannon insect's attack range was very far, they could attack the peak of the yellow mountain from the creep area. The insect's fireball speed was very fast, the first round of the attack reached the yellow mountain within a minute...

The Halos, the holograms, the light were all caused by the peak of the yellow mountain, Chu Yunsheng believed that once he destroyed that thing, it would definitely help his situation a lot.

The divine realm also seemed to notice that the fireballs were heading towards the mountain peak. Instantly, ⅔ of the giant cannons were retracted and replaced with many smaller sized cannons.

Those smaller sized cannons shot out red beams at many fireballs, and it instantly blocked the first round of the distraction attack.

But the cannon insects did not stop there, they were constantly firing fireballs under Chu Yunsheng's command.

This was exactly what Chu Yunsheng wanted. With the only ⅓ of the cannons to bombard the palace, plus Chu Yunsheng reinforced the palace using the Yu Tu talisman on time. He finally maintained the power balance.

"Do you know how to use a gun?" Chu Yunsheng asked Tan Ning while taking out a piece of paper.

"I have used once before, during the..." Tan Ning also did not know if she knew how to use a gun or not, so she just simply told Chu Yunsheng her experience with a gun. But before she even finished she was stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

"Okay, it fine." Chu Yunsheng quickly drew a strange armour on the piece of paper and said.

Comparing to the armour he was wearing now, the new armour was much bigger, it was enough for two people to stay inside. On the shoulders of the new armour, there were two guns, one on each side.

"let's hope that I can actually make this armour!" Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and said.

Tan Ning did not know what he was doing, but she still nodded her head.

Refining armour takes a lot of energy, concentration, time and material. He had already used up all the golden shells to make three backup combat armours, so he had to make a new one using those three backup armours.

Chu Yunsheng had never done this kind of refining process before. One of the reason was that his body simply did not allow him to do such thing, it required a tremendous amount of energy that could potentially cause his body to explode.

However, he was a skeleton now, plus his body was filled with high purity of Rong Yuan energy, so he wanted to try.

Tan Ning, on the other hand, was more curious about how Chu Yunsheng took out so many things out of thin air. She had never seen this kind of ability before. Probably even the ice messenger and the divine realm also could no do it. She thought.

The bombardment never stopped a single second, but Chu Yunsheng was still sitting there concentrating on refining his armour.

Finally, the divine realm and the Ice Race were tired of the bombardment, the castle was brought back to the ground.

All the spikes around the castle also retracted into the ground.

All the giant cannons were transformed into many strange vehicles crawling out of the ground...

It was closely followed by a massive crowd of people heading straight towards the castle of raging fire.

Ice messenger's flying machine was hovering in the sky, but the senior ice messenger was looking at the palace from outside the encirclement.

Strange vehicles and the massive crowd had already arrived at the castle blocking all the exists of the castle.

"Is he dead?" Xu Qingshu who was standing next to the ice messenger asked while looking at the silent palace. It sounded like she did not want to see this kind of result.

"Mr.Lennon?" "Grandpa.... " a group of people were gazing at the palace from far away.


A huge floating rock was smashed at the palace that looked severely damaged from outside.

The palace finally collapsed and It kicked up a large cloud of dust.

Then everyone started to move forward to check if they could find anything....

It was at this moment a bright white beam was shot out from the building debris and a golden shadow flew out of the castle and flew straight towards the creep area without a single second of delay.