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Chapter 297 bombard the castle of raging fire.

 Chapter 297 bombard the castle of raging fire.

Xun (musical instruments)

Chapter 297 bombard the castle of raging fire.

:"Edgar, it was a pleasure to have you beside me since the Jin Ling city disappeared. You are..." Chu Yunsheng suddenly laughed:" you graduated from a top university, and I was just an ordinary guy in the age of light, if it weren't all of this, we probably would never meet each other!"

:" No, Mr.Lennon, even without all of this, we will still be able to meet each other at some place and some time. It is fate!" Edgar had visible sadness on his face. He realised this was probably the last time he would be able to see Chu Yunsheng. He had never seen Chu Yunsheng so pessimistic before.

:" Maybe, anyway, it is nice to have you as a friend, it is my honour...." Chu Yunsheng's voice slowly quieted down. What he said was true. Since Jin Ling city disappeared, Edgar was the only one who can make him fall into deep sleep.

"Mr.Lennon, we can make it, just like what we did outside Jin Ling city. I can still guard the back for you!" Edgar clenched his fists and said.

"Edgar, it is different now..." before Chu Yunsheng finished, he was suddenly interrupted by a deep and plaintive song.

His body suddenly shook a little, the song seemed to go straight into his mind and touched his soul. It was filled with ethereal sadness and loneliness....

Chu Yunsheng stood up unconsciously, walked towards the door, opened the door and looked outside.

Outside the palace, many rocks still falling from the sky as if it was the end of the world.

Inside the hall, ten cold bodies were laid in a line on the ground, a few student skywalkers were looking silently at them on the side of the hall.

Jiang Qianqin's hair was no longer tied in the bun, it was scattered all around her face. She was standing desolately on the other side of the hall alone with an oval-shaped instrument in her hand. The song Chu Yunsheng heard came from that instrument she was playing.

There were visible white ribbons made of ice energy moving ups and downs around her while she was playing the music. It was a beautiful scene but filled with sadness....

"Burn it...." The gentleman Zhuo had already stopped his Slovenly attitude, his face was covered with dirt but the sadness was still visible.

Two fire skywalkers were standing at the end of the line, one on each side. They cast out their energy to cremate the bodies of 10 students while their faces were filled with tears...

"That's Xun(1), she was playing Lament for Ying ( 2) " Tan Ning said softly behind Chu Yunsheng.

Looking at the burning fire, Chu Yunsheng did not say anything. He did not understand Xun nor did he understand any poem, but he knew the deep and sad feeling that was tearing his soul...

He went back to the room and closed the door. Yuan Qiyang was still unconscious on the bed.

Suddenly he remembered the old man in a loose silk robe who he saw in the black stele, he remembered his look and his sigh. Was it the helplessness or is it the disappointment?

Chu Yunsheng held Yuan Qiyang and passed him to Edgar:" Take him away, and try to stay alive and live well! "


Cao Zhengyi was the third person who was called into the room.

"Lao Cao, I don't have much time left, so I will make it short, try to learn the method I gave you, and be a good man. After this war, don't mess with Luo Hengshen, he was smarter than you. That Miss Jiang was a good person, I have already told Edgar, you can try to join them..."

"Grandpa... " Cao Zhengyi sobbed...

"Stop! I am younger than you.... Don't call me that...." Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted.


The last one who came in was Luo Hengshen, Chu Yunsheng never understood what this man was thinking, but he was the most competent man in the castle of raging fire, so he had to use him.

"Lao Luo, I don't know what to say to you, take those two bottles of fluid with you, remember, only use them for recovery, don't use it to speed up your cultivation speed. Chu Yunsheng gave him two bottles of culture fluid and said."

"Why don't you surrender?" Luo Hengshen did not touch the fluid, instead, he asked a key question.

Chu Yunsheng stared at him for a few seconds and said:"I can't tell you a lot, otherwise you will end up like me. If there is just Divine Realm or Ice Race or only one of any other alien races in this world, then I might be able to live like their pet after I surrendered. But you know that is not possible, there are Ice Race, Fire Race, the Divine Realm, and there may be even more other alien races in this world, so if I surrender myself to the divine realm, then i will not have any chance to even live like a pet. "

"I know you have something they want!" Luo Hengshen suddenly said.

"If you know, then why you are still asking me?" Chu Yunsheng laughed.

"I know, but I still need to confirm it, if what you said is true, then i think you are right. There is no place for you to stay, whoever gets the stuff they want, they will make sure that you are no longer exist in this world, in case of the information about the stuff they want is leaked out by you. So no one will want to keep you alive." Luo Hengshen did not take long to think why Chu Yunsheng would make this decision.

Chu Yunsheng laughed, but he did not carry on with the same subject:" the war is coming, you are smart and also familiar with this place, take those people with you, leave as far as you can. Once I started to use force, I don't have time to distinguish between the ally and the enemy. "

Luo Hengshen took the culture fluid and said" you think I want to die? I still want to see how they are going to break their agreement!"


Chu Yunsheng was standing in the middle of the palace square. Looking at Cao Zhengyi and other people "surrendered" themselves and got on the floating rocks, he finally became a loner.

Originally he thought that the divine realm and the Ice Race would still try to persuade him, but he did not expect that after the last batch of people left the castle, they started to bombard the castle.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the divine realm had lost his patience, they wanted to use force now....

The divine realm's giant cannons were much more powerful than the ordinary human weapons Chu Yunsheng saw back in Jin Ling city. The energy that they used, he had also never seen it before. Every time before the cannons were fired, the long dark cannons would be covered with visible electric arcs, Chu Yunsheng did not know if they were firing physical metal shells or pure energy ball, all he could see were the bright blue light those cannons shot out. Then a second later, the explosions started to appear non-stop in the castle.

Chuy Yunsheng knew that the divine realm wanted to kill him and Tan Ning both, so they could complete the return process.

The explosion had already destroyed the most of the buildings in the castle, but it seemed like the palace was still able to withstand the bombardment.


"Are you scared?" Chu Yunsheng was sitting in the hall of the palace that was constantly shaking under the bombardment and asked Tan Ning.

"No!" as if she had already prepared the answer. But when she looked at Chu Yunsheng serious eyes. She hesitated:" Yes.... but I know that scare will not change anything, brother Chu, you are a good man, I don't want to be your burden. Please just leave me here, you can break out here yourself...... "

Chu Yunsheng interrupted her and said:" even you are dead, they can still use your body to complete the return process! And even if you died, they will be still chasing after me. So, I can't leave and I don't want to leave. "

"Ok! If we can't live together, then we die together." Tan Ning nodded her head and said.

"I will not let them take my life away easily. At least, I will make them understand that I am not their puppet. "

---------------------------translator's note--------------------

1. Xun.

The xun is a globular, vessel flute from China. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in China and has been in use for approximately seven thousand years

2. Lament for Ying (Chinese: , pinyin: āi Yǐng) is a poem which has sometimes been attributed to Chinese poet Qu Yuan, and dated to around 278 BCE. It is from the "Nine Declarations" section of the Chuci poetry anthology, compiled in ancient China.