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Chapter 296 the enemy of mankind

 Chapter 296 the enemy of mankind

Chapter 296 the enemy of mankind

"Chu Yunsheng, you are being surrounded! I suggest you drop your weapon, don't become the enemy of mankind. surrender is your only way out! "

"Chu Yunsheng, resist is futile! In front of the great heaven's messenger, all the resistance is useless! "

"Your men, your subordinates are not stupid, they are no longer fooled by you, they have already joined us!"

"Chu Yunsheng, the great heaven's messenger and the ally Ice Race are willing to give you a chance to correct yourself. We hope that you will consider this opportunity more carefully, don't carry on with your mistake again... become the enemy of humanity! "


"Edgar, how did the people in the castle get down?" Chu Yunsheng asked. He clearly saw that the castle was being pushed up 100 meters above the ground, even they were skywalkers, there was no way they could get down so easily and so quickly.

"It was those floating rocks, same as those in the divine realm." it was Luo Hengshen who answered the question.

"What about those three candidates?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked.

Luo Hengshen shook his head and said:" two people killed themselves, but the bodies were taken away, the last one ran away while the castle was in chaos."

"Lao Cao, the prison.... Forget about it, maybe they have already taken them away as well. " Chu Yunsheng said.

Cao Zhengyi hesitated for a second then gritted his teeth and said:" Grandpa... maybe... maybe... we can give them the girl...."

Chu Yunsheng laughed, then looked at Luo Hengshen and Jiang Qianqin. Lao Cao was not as smart as them, so he could not blame him. :" Lao Cao, what the divine realm want is not her, they want me. Do you understand?"

"You?" Cao Zhengyi was confused.

"You don't understand." Chu Yunsheng said to him and to a dozen of skywalkers who stayed here because of all kind of unknown purposes:"probably none of you will ever understand it, this is the war between the divine realm, the aliens and me. "

He paused for a second and said:" Lao Cao, Lao Luo, and Miss Jiang, thank you all for staying here. To be honest with you, you all are brave than me. If it was me, I would probably run away already. But this is not your fight anymore, there is no need for you all to stay here. Lao Cao let me finish first...."

Chu Yunsheng stopped Cao Zhengyi who wanted to say something and carried on:" you probably think that I will be able to create some miracle. But I have to be honest with you all, I can't defeat them. Look what's underneath us. I can only hope that I will be able to run away. So I don't want you to die for me. "

What he said upset some of them. Who would want to die?

"Mr.Lennon...." Edgar did not know what to say.

"Edgar, you need to leave as well, but before all of you leave here, I need to give you something. Follow me..." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Mr.Chu, wait. this boy...." Jiang Qianqin held the boy from her partner and said.

"Yuan Qiyang?" Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Xu Qingshu really managed to send him here. But it looked like he was injured. Probably caused by the chaos earlier.

"Bring him in as well," Chu Yunsheng said.

Inside the palace, in order to prevent Tan Ning who was controlled by the divine realm from listening to his conversation, Chu Yunsheng cast an energy shield talisman on Tan Ning.

Within a few second, Tan Ning's red eyes slowly returned to normal colour, her emotion also called down:" Brother Chu, why am I being tied up?" she was confused.

"You were controlled by the divine realm. Like Hypnosis, but it is fine now. " Chu Yunsheng untied her and explained.

"I am sorry, I caused trouble to you again," Tan Ning did not doubt it. She was just ashamed of how useless she was.

"That's not a trouble, the real trouble is the divine realm. Later on, I will call them in one by one, you can listen on the side, but don't say anything. After I arranged everything, I have things need to tell you. "

Tan Ning nodded her head and waited on his side...

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath then took out a piece of paper started to write :

Xiao Qiyang, if you saw this letter, that means grandpa is dead, but don't be sad. It is the fate that we as humans cannot avoid it.

Grandpa wish that grandpa has the time to teach the skills you want to learn, however, grandpa did not have enough time. But please remember everything in this letter!

When you saw this letter, It should be one year after I died.

At that time, probably those aliens will have already done enough experiments on my body. Remember! Try your best to find my body, and then follow the instructions below..... Touch any part of my body.......

Please keep it a secret, don't tell anyone!

After you got the stuff, find a place to hide, study it and try to understand it. If you learned the skills, don't avenge grandpa's death. If you could find Jin Ling city, please help grandpa to look after...

Chu Yunsheng's last will.

Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh after he wrote the letter. Although he trusted Edgar more. However, Edgar was an ordinary man, even if he gave him the book, it would be useless to him. The kid, on the other hand, was a perfect candidate to inherit the book. He was awakened, and with good stats, the kid was also still young, he still had a lot of time to study the book.

He then made a brand new talisman and stored the letter inside, the energy of the talisman was enough to support it for one year. Hopefully, the kid would be able to find his body.


Jiang Qianqin was the first person he called in.

He asked her to put Yuan Qiyang and on the bed then took out a few pieces of paper and said:" Miss Jiang, those are the cultivation methods from 5 floating island chains in the divine realm, they are useless to me, so you can take them. "

He respected Jiang Qianqin, what he said earlier outside the palace was true, he would never be as brave as her. So he could only ask this woman to take care of Yuan Qiyang, not Edgar or Cao Zhengyi.

Although Cao Zhengyi was loyal to him, it was only limited to when he was alive, what if he was dead, no one knew what would Cao Zhengyi do to the kid. So compared to them, he trusted his woman more.

"I have modified those methods already, they are much better than the original one. If I am dead, help me to take care of the boy." Chu Yunsheng pointed Yuan Qiyang and said.

"Mr.Chu, don't worry, I will protect him." Jiang Qianxin said gratefully.

"Thank you, this kid met with me by fate.... Anyway... you may leave now, please call Edgar for me... " Chu Yunsheng said, at the same time, he took out some medicine to clean Yuan QIyang's injury.

When Jiang Qianqin turned around, he quickly cast the talisman under Yuan QIyang's armpit, it was so quick that even Tan Ning also did not notice it.