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Chapter 295 the divine realm’s attack

 Chapter 295 the divine realm's attack

"Chu Yunsheng, we meet again!" the head belonged to the shadow in the mirror. It was now displayed in the sky like a god looking down at Chu Yunsheng.

"Oh, I have to congrats you the successful return of the heaven's messenger." Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.

"No, no, no Chu Yunsheng, no yet. You still have four of my candidates, I am here to pick them up." the shadow said arrogantly.

"Oh, I am afraid that you will be disappointed, if you dare to make a single move, your three candidates will be dead" Chu Yunsheng sneered.

"Chu Yunsheng, you have really underestimated us. Even if you have already killed them, within 72 earth hours, we can still use their ashes to complete the return of the heaven's messenger, look, they have already started to betray you.... "

As the shadow stopped talking, Chu Yunsheng heard loud noises coming from inside the castle. He bowed his head down to check the castle below him. He noticed that the people in the castle seemed to be influenced by something, they all knelt down and prayed to the face in the sky.

Is this the divine realm's mind control?

Chu Yunsheng knew that this was the shadow's speciality, but he did not expect that it could even control people's mind outside the divine realm.

Even those skywalkers who were relatively weak were also staggering on the ground....

The shadow had already stopped talking to Chu Yunsheng, instead, it was broadcasting its voice in the entire yellow mountain areas:

"You all are the descendant of the heaven's messenger. Tens and thousands of years ago, five heaven's messenger were fighting demons alongside you all, expelling them from our galaxy. We passed through countless Nebulas together, sought the light together.... That night, the sky was collapsing, stars were falling, the world was on fire, and our planet was.... Eventually, the five heaven's messengers were turned into countless genes and hidden in your blood for tens and thousands of years.... and today, the dark has come to our land again, the messengers will wake up, they will hold the sword of Justice And Light eliminating the demons from our world, saving our people and rebuilt our civilization! "

As the shadow's voice getting louder and louder, the light on the main peak of the yellow mountain also became even brighter and holy!

All the humans were "extremely excited"; they all raised their hands and shouted.

"Rebuilt our civilization, Rebuilt our civilization""

" Eliminating the demons"

" Eliminating the demons "

"Light! Light !"


Every shout was louder than the one before, and every time they shouted, the air around the castle had visible vibrations...

With exhilarating speech plush shadow's mind influence, slowly more and more skywalkers also joined the crowd.

Within just a few minutes, all the humans in the entire yellow mountain area were shouting the same words at the same time.


In the inner castle of the castle of Snowstorm, two women in the white dress did not seem to be affected by it.

"Shameless! Thick skin! liar!" the ice messenger Snow said annoyingly.

"What it said were not all lies, in those days, the world was indeed on fire, the sky and stars were indeed falling. Our entire race died out.... sigh! " the senior ice messenger let out a long sigh.


"Chu Yunsheng, did you see it? You need to give up, soon everyone will betray you, you will be alone! Even the girl you just saved will also become your enemy!" The shadow said.

" If this is what you got, then get back to your divine realm!" Chu Yunsheng jumped off the roof.

He needed to think of a solution, not to stay on the roof arguing nonsense with the shadow.

He remembered that day the divine realm vaguely said that they needed some kind of Prototype Energy. Those energies might be the energy they needed for the mind control.

:" You will bow you to me!" The Shadow said before its face faded out in the sky.


:" Let me go! Let me go! I want to give myself to the heaven's messenger! Let me out!"

Just when Chu Yunsheng went into the palace, he heard Tan Ning shouting in his room.

:" Grandpa, she lost her mind!" Cao Zhengyi said hurriedly, he was trying to stop her.

Cao Zhengyi was not influenced by the divine realm, he was a Skywalker, and he was in the place, so he was fine at the moment.

But Tan Ning was just an ordinary human. looking at her fake "enthusiasm", Chu Yunsheng knew it was the Shadow who did this to her.

" She didn't lose her mind, she was controlled by the divine realm, tie her up!" Chu Yunsheng picked Tan Ning up and pressed her on the bed.

Just when Cao Zhengyi ran away to look for something that he could use to tie Tan Ning, Chu Yunsheng said:" don't leave the palace, summon all the Skywalkers to the palace."

Tan Ning was glaring at Chu Yunsheng angrily, her eyes were filled with hate, she was constantly struggling, despite she was pressed down onto the bed.

:"Let me go, you, let me go!" She screamed as loud as she could, then suddenly, she bit Chu Yunsheng's hand and worried Chu Yunsheng's hand like a mad dog.

However, there was no meat in Chu Yunsheng's hand, it was just a skeleton. No matter how hard Tan Ning tried, she couldn't tear off anything.

After She saw that she couldn't do anything to Chu Yunsheng, she started to bang her head on the bed. But she was stopped by Chu Yunsheng immediately. Then she started to bite her own tongue....

Chu Yunsheng knew that it was all because of the divine realm. He ripped off a piece of bed sheet, stuffed into Tan Ning's mouth and said angrily:" Fuck the heaven's messenger, fuck the divine realm, you think that because we are humans so you can do whatever you like to us! one day, I'll kill you all!"

Tan Ning's mouth was gagged, but she still breathed heavily and glared at Chu Yunsheng angrily...

:" Grandpa... rope..." Cao Zhengyi ran into the room in the panic.

At the same time, A huge floating rock was smashed into a place near the palace, it caused a violent shake when Cao Zhengyi just passed the door. Cao Zhengyi wasn't carefully enough, so he fell to the ground suddenly.

:" Throw it to me, you go to summon those Skywalkers!" Chu Yunsheng quickly said.

:" Grandpa.... There is no one left... many people have lost their mind... those who had families are staying with their family, those who without family are running blindly in the castle dodging the falling rocks.... " Cao Zhengyi said with a sad face.

Chu Yunsheng's face was livid, he stopped saying anything but carried on tying up Tan Ning.

:" Lao Cao, why do you want to come here?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked. Does he not have any family? Chu Yunsheng thought.

:" Grandpa, they all lost their mind, I can't stop them... they even wanted to kill me..." Cao Zhengyi said sadly:" But I know that grandpa, you will be able to destroy the divine realm..."

Chu Yunsheng walked over to Cao Zhengyi and patted shoulders and said:" Lao Cao, I didn't know that you would think this much of me...."

Before he even finished, several people rushed in through the front door of the place, Cao Zhengyi instinctively wanted to cast out energy and start a fight, but he was stopped by Chu Yunsheng.

:" Are you here to avenge Lei Ming's death?" Chu Yunsheng said calmly to Luo Hengshen.

Luo Hengshen looked at Chu Yunsheng and suddenly let out a wild laugh:" what fucking avenge? We are all other's puppet! Chu Yunsheng I respect you, you are the only one in this place dare to fight them, I am just here to watch the fight...."

He also did not get to finish his words, another group of people also came in, it was leader Jiang Qianxin and her students. Before she even said anything Edgar shouted from outside:" Mr.Lennon, look!"

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Did Edgar not lose his mind? But he was an ordinary man. Is it because of the energy shield?

A group of people quickly ran toward the corner of the square of the palace where Edgar was standing. The palace square was higher than other places in the castle, and since the castle was being pushed up higher above the ground, it was very easy for them to see what was going on below the castle of raging fire.

Chu Yunsheng just took a quick glance, he instantly had a chill down to his spine.

Below the castle, they were first surrounded by a circle of densely packed sharp spikes, each one of them there more than 10 meters high.

The second circle was formed by giant cannon-like pipes. With noises created by many heavy types of machinery, all of those cannons started to extend their tubes and pointed at the castle of raging fire above the ground.

The third circle was formed by ordinary people and skywalkers who were holding different kinds of weapons. There was also something that did not look like humans, and the number of those things made Chu Yunsheng's hairs to stand on end....