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Chapter 294 floating mountains are falling

 Chapter 294 floating mountains are falling

Time: Midnight

While Tan Ning was in deep sleep, Chu Yunsheng was carefully studying the ancient book on the side. He could not go to sleep if he could not figure out what exactly was wrong with his body.

The enemy was near him, and tomorrow is the date for the return of the heaven's messenger. Although the divine realm only had 6 candidates, he was worried that it might want to force the return process.

It would be extremely dangerous for him if he still could not figure out the situation of his body at that time.

However, after he went through the description of Yuan Tian Stage one and Yuan Tian Stage two, he still could not find anything.

"Is it possible that I have already reached Yuan Tian stage three?" An absurd idea suddenly came up Chu Yunsheng's head, and the more he thought about it the more excited he was.

If he reached the Yuan Tian stage three, he might be able to defeat those aliens, he might even defeat the divine realm.

He quickly started to go through the description about Yuan Tian Stage three, symbol by symbol slowly.

Whenever he encountered the symbols which he could not understand, he would skip it, if he doubted what the symbols meant, he would stop and checked his dictionary....

The night was almost over, Chu Yunsheng raised his head to stretch his neck, but his eyes were still filled with confusion.

What is really going on with my body?

He was not at Yuan Tian Stage three, neither was he at Yuan tian Stage two.

Based on the information he analysis form the book, his physical body almost reached Yuan Tian Stage three. However, his real strength was only at the third stage of transformation of Yuan Tian stage two.

He had been thinking about what might cause his body to become like this. It was most likely had something to do with his life force which was being sucked away by Dark yesterday. But it might also relate to the culture fluid he absorbed as well.

Original he thought that the culture fluid was very important and very helpful to him, so he was always paying extra attention to those aliens who might want to steal it from him. But he just realised that those alien did not seem to touch culture fluids except when they were injured.

It was obvious that they knew what the culture fluid could do. but why did they not use it more often? Was it because the culture fluid was not as good as he thought was.

Comparing to those aliens, all he thought was to increase his power, and use the culture fluid whenever he could. The senior practitioner has warned him in the ancient book several times that all the practitioner should cultivate energy step by step, no one should take any shortcut. However, he disregarded the senior practitioner's warning many times.

What have I done to my body....

Body transformation.... Inject insect's culture fluid... then life was sucked away... then body transformation again.... then inject insect's culture fluid again...

Will I end up transforming into an insect? Chu Yunsheng was terrified by his thought.

Looking at Tan Ning who was sleeping on the bed, Chu Yunsheng did not know whether he should thank her or not. If he did not take the risk to save her, he probably would never be able to figure out the flaw of his cultivation method.

He did not know if it was still too late to change it or not. But at least, he knew the problem now, and he was not dead yet, so he should be able to figure it out in the future.

There must be some method in the book that could be used to save him....

Boomb! Boomb! boom!

Chu Yunsheng's thought was suddenly interpreted by some loud noises. The noises came from the northeast of the castle!

"Stay on the bed, don't leave this room, let me go to check what happened!" Chu Yunsheng frowned and said to Tan Ning.

"Grandpa, grandpa..... " Cao Zhengyi hurriedly rushed inside the palace and shouted. Although he already knew the old man's real identity, Cao Zhengyi was already used to call this man grandpa.

"Don't panic! What...." Chu Yunsheng opened the door and just about to ask Cao Zhengyi to calm down, he suddenly noticed that the sky outside the palace was unusually bright.

"Mountains... the mountains are falling apart!" Cao Zhengyi panicked.

"What mountains falling apart!" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows.

"It is.... Please... have a look yourself...." Cao Zhengyi pointed at outside and said hurriedly.

Chu Yunsheng followed Cao Zhengyi outside the palace to the square, he then noticed that the peak of the yellow mountain was emitting extremely bright light, it lit up the entire yellow mountain areas.

All the floating mountains were falling apart under those bright light....

All of them. It was like the sky was raining those mountains...

The loud noises that Chu Yunsheng heard earlier were caused by the huge mountains smashed into the ground......

"Is it coming here..... It is coming here!..." some of the skywalkers shouted.

Two floating mountains collided with each other, the big one was pushing the small one coming towards the castle of raging fire...

The crowd in the castle instantly panicked, that was not a raindrop, no one was able to stop it, and whoever got hit by it, it would definitely be smashed into a mince meat....

Many Ban Lan birds lost their homes, they were flying around in the air looking for places they could land. Looking at those birds, Chu Yunsheng also gave up the idea of letting green shells to push those mountains away...

Then the second floating mountain was coming towards the castle of raging fire.... The third.... The fourth....

This is not normal..... This is the divine realm's attack!

Chu Yunsheng immediately realised.

Only the divine realm had this kind of power.

"Go! Let's go to the creep area!" Chu Yunsheng immediately gave the order.

Cao Zhengyi was dazed for a second, and before he had time to run away, the entire castle was shaken violently like it had a high magnitude earthquake.

Chu Yunsheng immediately jumped up and landed on the roof of the palace. He glanced around, noticed that the entire castle was being pushed up to 100 meters high above the ground. There was nothing around them as if the castle was sitting on a gigantic pillar.

All the houses in the castle were collapsed, and the people in the castle were pushing each other trying to find a way out. It was as chaotic as hell!

Then there were strange ripples like aurora appeared in the sky until it slowly formed a gigantic human face.....