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Chapter 292 No negotiation?

 Chapter 292 No negotiation?

"It died under my sword!"

It just a few words, but it made everyone had a chill down to their spin....

He, he killed the fire messenger? Is he really a human? How can human kill an advanced life like those aliens??

The whole place went silents, but everyone was almost thinking the same thing.


Suddenly someone behind Chu Yunsheng dropped their weapons into the thick snow....

The noise woke up a lot of people from the shock, and then it became complete pandemonium.

Luo Hengshen shook his head and sighed, how foolish of them to even think about killing this man?

Jiang Qianqin looked at Edgar and then thought about Tan Ning and RV.....

Qin Qiying's eyes were filled with a strange and visible lustre of happiness.

Is this his real power? Xu Qingshu thought.

"Grand,..... Grand... Grandpa... ?" Cao Zhengyi was completely lost.

The smile suddenly appeared on the alien's cold face:" the senior captain was right, Chu Yunsheng you are indeed different."

"I have said enough, it is time to exchange now!" Chu Yunsheng said.

"We, Ice Race is not the divine realm's slaves! We don't have a problem to give the girl to you, but you need to join us." the woman said confidently.

Even Chu Yunsheng killed the fire messenger, she was not worried. She believed that with her and Snow, plus the flying machine, there was no way Chu Yunsheng would be able to escape from her today. Besides, the girl was still in their hand, Chu Yunsheng did not dare to do anything.

"I will consider it, but I need time. To show your sincerity, you need to release Tan Ning first." Chu Yunsheng said.

His objective was to save Tan Ning, not to kill anyone. Using force was just the last resort.

"You can consider it now, and when you are done, we can leave here together with the girl." the woman in a white dress did not believe what Chu Yunsheng said. She wanted Chu Yunsheng to make the decision immediately.

"No negotiation? " Chu Yunsheng's face dropped. Before he even joined them, they started to command him?

"You don't have other choices!" the woman sneered.

"You think I will exchange the candidates with you today? Heaven's messenger? Huh! Go to hell! I will not give you any one of them, I will make the divine realm understand what is the consequence of breaking their promises! And her. " Chu Yunsheng pointed at Tan Ning and said:"I will also take her away today!"

"You think that is possible?" the woman snorted with contempt.

She had studied everything about Chu Yunsheng, she believed that no matter how strong Chu Yunsheng was, there was no way he was able to beat her, Snow and the flying machine.

In terms of those skywalkers behind him, Ji Qi could deal with them.

She even believed that the girl already made Chu Yunsheng lost his mind.

Chu Yunsheng ignored her mockery, he sneered and jumped backwards, at the same time he shouted, as loud as he could!

The cloak was stored back to the storage talisman, the dazzling combat armour instantly appeared in everyone's sight.

He changed again!

This time, they finally observed the armoured man in person.

The woman in a white dress sneered, she reached her hand out and grabbed something in the air, instantly all the snow and ice within a hundred meters radius around them was lifted above the ground.

She just needed one more thought, all those snow and ice would immediately turn into countless icicles.

While Chu Yunsheng in the air, his shout caused the ground to move rapidly, the snows and ices pieces in the air also have visible vibrations.

Everyone was looking around to see what was going on in panic, no one believed that a human's shout would have such effect.

Then they heard other noises as well.....

The insects' noise!

A huge Ban Lan bird suddenly appeared in everything's sight and flew over everyone's head while screeching in horror, it was running for its life! Behind it, the sky was covered with dark cloud, and the dark cloud was made of countless green shell insects.


A golden shell broke out of the ground, and Chu Yunsheng landed right on the top of its head. When everyone realised that they needed to run, they were already surrounded by the swarm.

Red shells, golden shells, green shells, all of them were squeezed into this tiny hill.

The woman's face was livid, her flying machine was already covered with green shell, and there were even more ugly insects crawling around her...

She has not seen a large scale of swarm movement like this in the yellow mountain before, never once!

Someone was controlling them, and this someone was the human standing in front of her!

High pitched insect's screeches appeared non-stop. Behind the castle of raging fire's crowd, many long thin snake-like cannon insects raised their body and ready to fire!

And behind the castle of snowstorm's crowd, two purple flame monsters appeared out of nowhere, their purple flame whips were waving in the air. As long as any Skywalker from the castle of Snowstorm dared to move, those whips would immediately throw at them.

Not many people had seen this kind of scene. The timid Cao Zhengyi had already sat on the ground, he almost shat himself.

A golden shell's mouth was next to his head, and the mouth was constantly making a growling sound, how come he was not scared?

Many red shells which had a relatively small body size all squeezed into any empty space they could find until there was no place to stand.

The woman had to admitted that she underestimated Chu Yunsheng.

She was glaring at Chu Yunsheng, letting loose of her hand reluctantly and said:"I did not know that you can even control the swarm!"

"Ice messenger, right? Using your own word, I don't know to what extent you have been revived, but.... " Chu Yunsheng pointed at the swarm and said:" I just need one thought, the swarm and 700 skywalkers from the castle of raging fire would demolish your castle, you and even your flying machines!"

In fact, Chu Yunsheng was lying, he might be able to kill the Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm easily, but to destroy the flying machine would not be that easy.

However, in this kind of situation, who would have thought that he would lie?

No one dared to doubt it!

Even including the ice messenger who was distrustful in its nature also confused. She was worried that Chu Yunsheng still had other methods that were hiding from them.

Because this man was filled with mystery and impossible.

The ice messenger finally understood why the divine realm would say "you will come back and look for us". It knew about Chu Yunsheng's hidden force already.

So, she had to go back to meet with the divine realm again to get more information about Chu Yunsheng.

But before that, she had to tolerate all Chu Yunsheng's requests.

After the woman made her decision painfully, a deep sense of shameful stigma erupted deep inside her. She was humiliated by a lowly human.

Since the day she has been revived, she has never thought about she would have a day like this.

Especially when she saw the wild golden shell lowered its head to allow Chu Yunsheng to slowly walk down and aggressive red shells made a way to lead him to Tan Ning, she finally realised that she lost.....

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