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Chapter 291 earthly shocking

 Chapter 291 earthly shocking

Location: 5km away outside the castle of Snowstorm, on the west.

There was already a thick layer of snow covered yellow ground. Many hills were covered with dead tree roots, almost all the trees were cut down and used to make fire. Because there was no tree to slow down the wind, the wind seemed to be stronger than other places, and whenever there was wind swept through the hill, it would bring up a huge cloud of snow.

Below the hill, stood a group of 700 people, it might sound not a lot, but when they stood together, it was actually quite a breathtaking view.

No one knew where did Cao Zhengyi get 10 flags from, on top of each black flags, it was written a big red letter "fire" ! if anyone had good eyesight, they would find that at the corner of each flag, it was also written China Mobile several letters.

Chu Yunsheng sat on a foldable chair with his eyes closed, his sword was stabbed into the snow next to him. Behind him was the biggest flag amongst 10 flags, and probably because of his cloak, no one dared to stand around him.

Behind the crowd, a group of vehicles drove from the direction of the castle of raging fire approaching them quickly. The group was formed by an old tank at the front, a dozen of trucks with heavy machine guns mounted on the top, and a few motorbikes.

Edgar was standing on the roof of the first truck, he was holding a gun on his chest and there was a piece of clothes wrapped around his head.

"Lord Chamberlain, I have brought them here!" Edgar jumped off the truck and said.

"Cover all their mouths and bring them here." Chu Yunsheng was still sitting on the foldable chair did not move. He did not want to hear those people crying and begging. More importantly, he did not want those people to disrupt his plan.

"Grandpa, there is movement at the front!" Cao Zhengyi was holding the binoculars and said nervously. He just ran back from the front.

This might be a real war! Although the castle of raging fire and the castle of Snowstorm had conflicts since the beginning, a real war between castle had never happened. Maybe both sides deliberately tried to avoid it before, but it was different this time.

Not only Cao Zhengyi, all other skywalkers also felt very anxious as well. No one knew that how many people would be alive after this war.

"Where?" Chu Yunsheng took over the binoculars and asked.

Cao Zhengyi wiped off the sweat on his face and said: "Behind that hill, almost here....."

Before Cao Zhengyi even finished, flames instantly covered Chu Yunsheng cloak, Chu Yunsheng grabbed his sword, stood up and rushed towards the hill. In the land that was covered by the white snow, a bright red spot was moving quickly towards a hill.

Chu Yunsheng was running fast, the cloak was flying ups and downs behind him making the rapid flapping sound. The snow underneath him was kicked up high when he passed through.

Within a minute, he was already on the top of the hill that was about a hundred of meters away from the crowd. He then stabbed the sword on the ground and used the binoculars to check the front. In the dim light, he could barely see a massive crowd was coming from the direction of the castle of Snowstorm.

Just when he was planning to sneak attack and take the people away. A pentagonal aircraft roaring through the sky and flew over his head then hovered above the crowd of the castle of raging fire.

The appearance of the flying machine caused a big commotion in the crowd, if it were not that 6 stars and 18 generals were calm and able to suppress the commotion in the crowd, the people might have already started to run away.

Looking at the situation of the crowd, Chu Yunsheng knew that he could not rely on those people, so he immediately started to communicate with Dark.....

The castle of Snowstorm's crowd stopped roughly 50 meters away from the hill. People from both crowds held fire torches high to light up the areas. Both groups were now standing 50 meters away from the top of the I. No one dared to approach a single meter closer.

The flying machine flew back and then hovered above the hill. Soon a woman in a white dress was sent down from the flying machine.

"You are the ice messenger?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the beautiful women in front of him and said. She had exactly the same dress as the alien he saw back in Jin Ling city.

"You are not Lie, his voice cannot be revived so perfectly, who are you?" the woman knitted her brows and said.

"Who I am is not important. Did you bring the girl?" Chu Yunsheng asked sternly,

"I want to see Chu Yunsheng! Let him talk to me!" the woman in the white dress did not seem to hear what Chu Yunsheng said. Instead, she made the request first.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the divine realm would betray him, but he still surprised when the woman in the white dress asked.

"I don't know what you are talking about. since you are here, let's exchange the candidate now!" Chu Yunsheng also pretended that he did not hear what she said.

"I don't care that to what extent you have been revived, but if Chu Yunsheng is not here, I will not exchange anyone with you. And also, you can tell him that, if he is not coming out, I will handle Tan Ning over to the divine realm. " the woman in the white dress threatened.

"Let me see the girl first, I will let you see Chu Yunsheng! Otherwise, you will never see him again!" Chu Yunsheng did not like to be threatened, so he gritted his teeth and said.

The woman looked at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds then gave the flying machine a signal:"okay, I will let you see her first."

The flying machine flew back to the castle of Snowstorm's crowd and then send down a person. The person was then quickly restrained by the skywalkers next to her.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the girl using the binoculars confirmed that the person was indeed Tan Ning.

"You want to see Chu Yunsheng?" Chu Yunsheng put down the binoculars and said.

"Yes, I only talk to him!" the woman said coldly.

Chu Yunsheng took off his hood and said calmly:" I am also Yuan Hongxue. "

The reveal of his skull-like head shocked everyone in the scene, everyone was gasped with their mouth wide open.

Even an ordinary refugee also heard of Chu Yunsheng's name, let alone those skywalkers here.

That name represented, food, power, safety etc. the name could even help humans to become a part of aliens race.

Everyone was dreaming of having the information about that person, so they don't have to worry about the darkness anymore.

However, no one expected that a young man would suddenly become a scary skeleton?

No one wanted to believe, but the ice messenger who was the most influential person believed him!

From Chu Yunsheng to Yuan Hongxue, from a young man to an old man. Chu Yunsheng did not even realize that from this day he would receive an earthly shocking nickname: the old skeleton.

Xu Qingshu's mind also went blank at that moment, the image of the person she admired the most, shattered in his mind...

She had a hard time to relate this skeleton-like old man to a young and domineering guy in her dream...

She had always taken Chu Yunsheng who was hunted by aliens as her role model. She admired his skill and power of travelling alone in the dark. To her, he was the definition of Xia(1) in this mysterious and adventurous world.

This was her girlish fantasy, her romance, her dream. She dreamed that one day she would also be able to travel this abandoned world alone like the armoured man in the hologram.

She could not believe what she heard when the old man acknowledged he was Chu Yunsheng. Why would the world be so cruel to her. why the young armoured man was replaced with an old ugly pervert who sneaked into her room to watch her having a bath!

However, in the next second, what woman said made everyone stare at Chu Yunsheng and stop breathing at the same time.

"So, you killed the fire messenger Lie!" the woman in front of Chu Yunsheng said.

Everyone was waiting for Chu Yusnehng's answer, no one wanted to believe that the woman in the white dress was serious. Even including the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire.

This was a very strange mentality.

Just like human needed to eat, sleep. since the beginning, everyone knew that the aliens could not be defeated, let alone killing them!

It was the knowledge that slowly became an unshakeable rule in their mind. But what if the rule was broken? Just like the first-day slaves discovered that they are a free man. No one knew what to do.

Everyone was holding their breath staring at Chu Yunsheng. Ji Qing, Xu Qingshu, Cao Zhengyi......

But there was one man, and only that man had a confident smile on his face since the beginning. It was Edgar, the black man. To him, there was nothing that Mr.Lennon could not do!.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he could not hide any longer, the clone was not powerful enough to fight this alien. So instead of lying. He decided to tell them the truth.

"Yes, it died under my sword! " Chu Yunsheng did not deny it.

----------------------------------note -------------------

1, Xia or Youxia was a type of ancient Chinese warrior folk hero celebrated in classical Chinese poetry and fictional literature. It literally means "wandering vigilante", but is commonly translated as "knight-errant" or less commonly as "cavalier", "adventurer", "soldier of fortune" or "underworld stalwart".

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