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Chapter 290 he is Yuan Hongxue

 Chapter 290 he is Yuan Hongxue

:" They want this woman?" The senior ice messenger pointed Tan Ning and said coldly.

:"Yes, senior Ice messenger, they only want this woman." Ji Qing replied. She still couldn't figure out why the castle of raging fire wanted this woman. What benefits would they possibly get from this?

'" Ask the special envoy come to see me!" The senior ice messenger thought for a second and said.

:" Yes." Ji Qing waved her hand, then a man was brought in.

Yang Ziyi was loyal to Cao Zhengyi, but loyal doesn't mean that he wasn't scared of dying. Although the Chamberlain and Cao Zhengyi repeatedly assured him that he was in no danger, the castle of Snowstorm was enemy's base. Though it was occupied by mostly women.

The senior ice messenger gave him a brief glance then asked a very strange question:" was it the fire messenger ask you to come here, or was it your chamberlain Yuan Hongxue?"

"It was the fire messenger." Yang Ziyi answered nervously.

"Tell me the truth!" the senior ice messenger suddenly raised her voice and said harshly.

"It was the fire messenger!" Yang Ziyi gritted his teeth and said. It was not that he suddenly had courage, it was just that if he said it was the chamberlain who sent him here, he would be killed here immediately.

"Then why he is not coming here in person?" the senior ice messenger said domineeringly,

"The fire messenger said that it is waiting for you at a place five kilometres away from the castle, three candidates are also there, as long as you bring Miss Tan over, we will exchange the candidates immediately." Yang Ziyi quickly said.

"Okay, you may leave now." the senior ice messenger said, then turned around.

Yang Ziyi did not know what the ice messenger mean, but he also did not dare to ask. He just wanted to quickly go back and to get his level three cultivation method.

After he left, the senior ice was glaring at Tan Ning and said:" you know the fire messenger Lie?"

Tan Ning was standing on the side, so she heard everything. But she was also confused. Why would the castle of raging fire want to use three candidates to exchange for her?

Is it because of sister Jiang? No. that is not possible, they don't have that influence. Xia Ga(Ga Zi) bribed a guard and came to see me a few days ago. He told me the situation of the sister Jiang. So within just a few days, there was no way, sister Jiang is able to influence the Fire messenger's decision.

Is it because of that man? Can he really influence the fire messenger's decision? But even if it is really him, why would he want to swap the candidate now? It is said that there is no danger of being a candidate. But why?

Tan Ning's mind was in a mess. But she still replied:"no, I don't know."

The senior ice messenger thought for a second and asked again:" You know Chu Yunsheng?"

This time everyone around them all raised their head and looked at Tan Ning in shock.

Tan Ning also raised her head, she was shocked as well:" no, also don't know him."

The senior fire messenger squinted her eyes and said coldly " you are lying!"

"No, I am not!" Tan Ning quickly shook her head and said.

The senior ice messenger snorted and waved her hand:" Ji Qing and you all may leave now, this Tan Ning, lock her up in an isolated cell, and double the men to guard her. I have things to discuss with the ice messenger Snow."


"Has divine realm given us the location of Chu Yunsheng?" the senior ice messenger said to her partner.

The ice messenger Snow also looked like a beautiful woman, however, compared to the senior ice messenger. She looked much more innocent. :" No, do you want me to contact them again?" she nodded her head and said.

The senior ice messenger stopped and snorted:" No rush. Now, it is time for them to worry! Duo Neng Race! Huh! A group of insidious and wily things, even worse than those bloodthirsty Fire Race "

"Captain, shall we disclose the real identity of Duo Neng Race to those humans?" the ice messenger Snow also said angrily.

The senior ice messenger smiled when she heard what the ice messenger Snow said:" why you are still that silly? Those humans will not trust us, in their eyes were are aliens."

The ice messenger Snow felt dejected:" then what should we do? I just can't stand their hypocritical actions "

The senior ice messenger shook her head and said:" as long as we got Chu Yunsheng, Duo Neng Race can do whatever they like."

The ice messenger Snow was confused:" Captain, is that Chu Yunsheng human really that important? Why do we need our entire race to look for him....."

The senior ice messenger sighed and said:" you were just revived not long ago, your memory is not fully recovered yet, you will know it eventually."

Just when the ice messenger Snow was about to ask something else, in front of them a strange machine as big as a TV was suddenly making noises, above the machine three antenna-like sticks were constantly flashing.

The senior ice messenger sneered and said:" let's connect it."

The ice messenger Snow pressed the device, then three antenna-like sticks instantly projected a 3D hologram image.

If Chu Yunsheng was here, he would definitely know who the man in the 3D hologram was.

"You two seemed to have broken our agreement!?" the shadow in the 3D hologram said.

"It was you who did it first! Where is Chu Yunsheng?" the senior ice messenger said coldly.

"Based on the terms we agreed on, we have already taught you some important technologies. In terms of the location of Chu Yunsheng, we can only tell you when the heaven's messenger successfully returned. " the shadow in the hologram shook its head and said.

"I did not think that was the agreement, do you really think just some technology will make us work for you? You really underestimated our Ice Race!" the senior ice messenger snorted.

"You want to stop the cooperation now?" the shadow in the hologram asked.

"No, but you have to fulfil the agreement, we The Ice Race will always keep our words, as long as you tell us where Chu Yunsheng is, we will help you to complete the return process! Unless you want him as well!" the senior ice messenger questioned.

The shadow in the hologram suddenly laughed:" You Ice Race is always distrustful of others, it has been tens of thousands of years now, it still does not change! Back in these days, when five Races were fighting.... "

The senior ice messenger stopped him right away:" there is no use to mention those things, let's get straight to the point"

The shadow said sincerely:" the reason why we don't want to tell you now is that we are worried that after we told you the location of Chu Yunsheng, you will only be focusing on capturing him. it will delay the return process. You also know that we are just a part of the program, and the first priority of the program is the return of the heaven's messenger. So i can not change the priorities. "

The senior ice messenger sneered:" So, would you sacrifice Chu Yunsheng's woman to complete the return process?"

"What do you mean?" the shadow in the hologram was alerted.

"10 minutes ago, the Fire Race had sent someone over to tell us that they want to use three candidates to exchange for one girl. I don't understand it. why would the rude and ignorant Fire Race want a human girl? I think you might know it." the senior ice messenger said casually.

The shadow in the hologram suddenly changed its expression. There were two places in the yellow mountain area that it had no control over with. The first one was the palace of the castle of raging fire, and the second one was here.

The senior ice messenger sneered and said:" tell me, Did Chu Yunsheng join the Fire Race? This is the only possibility I can think of. "

"You are very clever. since you have already guessed it, why are you still asking me?" the shadow in the hologram let out a bitter laugh.

The senior ice messenger instantly stood up and said sternly" he really joined the Fire Race?!"

The shadow in the hologram shook its head and said:" I don't know much, but he is indeed with the Fire Race."

"No way, we have people all over the castle of raging fire, but they have never seen Chu Yunsheng!" the ice messenger Snow interrupted.

The senior ice messenger suddenly fell on her chair and said:"I know it now, he is Yuan Hongxue, isn't he?"

The shadow in the hologram praised:" apart from distrustful, the Ice Race is also indeed very smart!"

The ice messenger Snow looked at her captain in confusion and then asked a question that no one else was able to answer her:" why would he want to join those ruthless killers? What can the fire race give him that we can't? The senior captain also said that he is not a bad guy and he hates the Fire Race, why are they working together now?! Besides, the girl he wants is in our hand, why doesn't he just join us? "

The room instantly fell silent. After a while, the senior ice messenger said:" there must be some reasons that we don't know yet. Who he really is is not important to us. He just a lowly human. What we need is talismans, not Chu Yunsheng this human. "

"Oh..." The ice messenger Snow said, then she asked again;" do we need to give him the girl?"

"What do you think." The senior ice messenger asked the shadow.

"Why not? Use one candidate to exchange for three candidates. We have the advantages." the shadow in the hologram quickly said.

"You pathetic Duo Neng Race! You think you are smarter than those people, but at the end....." the senior ice messenger mocked.

:"You don't need to mock us, since the first day the program choose the girl, we have already thought of today, that's why we did not ask for the talisman knowledge in our agreement! Since he has already joined the fire race, and none of us can fight them alone. So we need to work together!"The shadow in the hologram did not seem to mind that the senior ice messenger was laughing at them...

The senior ice messenger thought for a second and said:" I don't think so, you might not be able to ask him to join you, but I can. I still want to try it."

"You will come back and look for us!" The shadow in the mirror said confidently.