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Chapter 289 from an old man to a skeleton.

 Chapter 289 from an old man to a skeleton.

Chapter 289 from an old man to a skeleton.

Location: a giant tomb, the yellow mountain creep area.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting next to Dark's big and disgusting body slowly recovering his strength. Unlike last time where Chu Yunsheng desperately tried to cut off the energy link, this time Dark automatically stopped sucking Chu Yunsheng's life when it felt Chu Yunsheng was about to die. Probably it considered Chu Yunsheng as his master now, so it treated Chu Yunsheng's life as it's first priority.

Chu Yunsheng guessed that his appearance must be very scary, he didn't dare to take out the mirror to check. He was scared that he couldn't handle it.

Last time he lost his life, but it didn't affect his power, that was why he dare to do it again.

But this time, something else happened to his body that he didn't think he had read it anywhere in the ancient book before, or at least, the part which he understood didn't mention it.

The strange thing was that after all of his active life energy was sucked away from him, his body seemed to have crossed over a strange peak point, all it left were those powerful Rong Yuan cells, and also they were magically condensed together!

This surprised Chu Yunsheng a lot, it was like all the impurities were removed from his whole body, and his body became 100% made of Rong Yuan cells. The result was that it made energy flow inside his body even smoother, quicker and even stronger!

Not only he didn't feel his body was weak, instead, it felt like his body was filled with energy. Even when he just sat down trying to recover himself, the speed of recovery was like flying.

Something must have happened in his body. But He still didn't know what it was.

Comparing to the changes that happened in his body, Dark had successfully completed its transformation. Its control range was spread out like an explosion covering the entire creep area and even towards further places. All the swarm screeched excitedly when they received the signal from Dark.

All all the insects were gathered together around the tomb that the Dark was in as if they were there to worship their new leader.

Chu Yunsheng also noticed Dark's new skill. The information about the new skill that Dark passed to him made him gasped in shock.

Its new ability was able to merge all the insects together into a giant creature by sacrificing its body.

But this was a one-off ability, a suicide-like ability. Chu Yunsheng could not test it, he could only rely on his own imagination.

Through the seal token, Chu Yunsheng ordered Dark to make a new cloaked man's clone to help him to control the swarm.

Since Dark's control range had already covered the entire creep area, the rest of tombs also gave their control to Dark. Chu Yunsheng quickly asked Dark to pass the order to all the tomb starting to breed as many insects as possible. He wanted to use the swarm as his main defence force.

When he walked out of the tomb, those aggressive insects all moved away to make a "clean" passage for him to pass through, not a single insect dare to block his way.

If someone saw this exact scene, they would probably think that they were hallucinating...

Chu Yunsheng split up with the cloaked man's clone, he wanted the clone to bring all the swarm to the edge of creep area and then wait there for his order. He himself went to the castle of Snowstorm.

Chu Yunsheng still wanted to try to "steal" Tan Ning, only when he could not "steal" her, then he would consider using forces.

The spy's shocking face had reminded Chu Yunsheng once again that his appearance was scary when he met with the spy in the castle of Snowstorm. With the spy's help, he quickly sneaked into the castle of Snowstorm without any problem.

The hazy shimmer in the sky was dim than usual. It was relatively darker everywhere in the castle, Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity of it, and quickly approached the white horsewomen barrack.

He wanted to meet Xu Qingshu. If he wanted to secretly bring anyone out of the castle of Snowstorm, he needed her help.

The barrack was heavily guarded, so Chu Yunsheng had to wear his armour and use his fastest speed to dash into the barrack when the guards changed their shifts.

He had stayed in the barrack for a while before, so he knew exactly where Xu Qingshu's room was. In the dim light, Chu Yunsheng was quickly approached Xu Qingshu's room like a ghost.


Xu Qingshu was having a bad day today. The ice messenger had asked them to guard the inner castle, but the girl Si Xing who was standing next to her puked all over her. No one knows that who that Si Xing girl was messing with and got her pregnant. but anyway that was not her problem, so all she did was to ask the castellan for a break.

When she came back, she immediately asked aunty Wang to prepare her a barrel of hot water. but just when she was enjoying her hot bath, a red shadow appeared in front of her all of sudden.

She was dazed for a second. When she realised what the shadow really was, the fear made her forget to scream again. She knew that dress, it was the fire messenger.

Apart from the ice messenger, no one was able to deal with this monster, but it was standing in front of her.

Fear had already replaced with the shame and all other feelings she had. She was sitting naked inside the barrel, staring anxiously at the fire messenger and did not dare to make a single move.

What is it doing here? If it wants to cause some trouble, it should go to the inner castle not here! All the candidates are there!

Xu Qingshu wanted to say it, but she did not dare to. Every part of her body was shaking nervously in the barrel, it even caused visible ripples on the surface of the water.

Chu Yunsheng did not know that Xu Qingshu would want to have a bath at this time. Although it was very awkward, he didn't have time to wait outside and come back in again. Besides, he had already seen everything, he could not unsee it.

"I need you to do something!" Chu Yunsheng pretended it was nothing and got straight to the point.

Xu Qingshu knitted her brows when she heard Chu Yunsheng's voice. It was a voice she was familiar with, it was clearly not the fire messenger's voice.

"Remember, your family is in my hand, so don't make any sound! " Chu Yunsheng revealed his face under the cloak attempting to show his identity. "You know me, my name is Yuan Hongxue. After Lei Ming died, all your secrets were handed to me. As long as you help me this time, I will give you freedom, I will give them all back to you." Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

Xu Qingshu's mind went blank at the moment when she saw the face.

Is he human or zombie!

All the area on his face were sunken, his dry and lifeless facial skin was attached to his bones; two eyeballs looked like they were just hanging in his skull might fall out anytime. A skull plus only a few grey hairs on top of his head, she could only use "horrifying" this word to describe his appearance.

If it were not his voice, she almost thought that he was the real fire messenger!

"You may wear your clothes, but do it quickly, I don't have much time!" Chu Yunsheng said then turned around.

Xu Qingshu wanted to kill him, but her mind was very clear. From the report that she received from the castle of raging fire, she knew that this skeleton-like old man was very powerful, even Lei Ming's three brothers fought him together could not defeat him.

Moreover, this man had her family, so she must endure it. She must forget the shameful moment.

"What do you need?" Xu Qingshu quickly got dressed and said coldly. She did not really want to look at that ugly face a second longer.

She felt strange that why Yuan Hongxue would become like this. But when she thought of the fire messenger and the cultivation method it was giving out, she immediately realised why.

This is what you get when you join the Fire Race. she thought.

"To save a person!" Chu Yunsheng turned around and said.

"Who?" Xu Qingshu kept it very short.

"Tan Ning, one of the candidates!"

"I can't do it!" Xu Qingshu did not even spend time thinking about it, she refused it straightaway.

"You have to do it!" Chu Yunsheng ordered.

"Even if you want to kill all my family, I still can not do it. She is in the inner castle, guarded by two ice messengers. If it were you, do you have the capability to do it?" Xu Qingshu said sarcastically.

"Any other way?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked.

"No, unless you kill two ice messengers" Xu Qingshu sneered.

"Okay, then, help me to save another person, Yuan Qiyang, if you can't even do this, we also don't need to talk anymore." Chu Yunsheng snorted.

"Okay, I can help you to save that kid. The ice messengers don't care about the kid, but the castellan was watching the kid in person, so I am not sure that I will be able to save him." Xu Qingshu said reluctantly.

Chu Yunsheng took out a photo and gave to her:"if she found out what you did, give this photo to her, and tell her that the man on the photo is in my hand. Then she knows what to do."

Xu Qingshu was shocked to see the photo. Why would this skeleton-like old man had Ji Qing's photo? What exactly is his relationship with the castellan?

"How is Tan Ning? " Chu Yunsheng asked. This was the question he was concerned the most, he was worried that Tan Ning had already lost her life.

"It seemed like the ice messengers are waiting for something, so before I left, none of those candidates went into big glass tubes."

Chu Yunsheng sighed with relief. Those aliens must be waiting for the divine realm's promise. No one is stupid. If the divine realm did not want to fulfil its promise, why would they want to help it?

But this was exactly what he wanted which was to delay the return.

"I will ask someone to meet with your castellan and tell her that I want to exchange three candidates for just one candidate. You need to watch their meeting closely for me. if they want to play some stupid trick, tell me straight away. I promise that once I got Tan Ning, i will release your family." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Who is she to you? Why do you want to take such a big risk for her?" Xu Qingshu was curious.

"It is not your business, just get the job done!" Chu Yunsheng did not want to talk too much to her, so he turned around and left the room.

Xu Qingshu gritted her teeth and looked at the door coldly.....


Ji Qing was in the good mood today, it was not only because the senior ice messenger told her that they were going to find out where Chu Yunsheng this mysterious man was soon, but also because that she intentionally asked Si Xing to puke on Xu Qingshu, so she could watch her having a bath.

She had found a perfect excuse to leave the inner castle for a while, so she had enough time to flirt with Xu Qingshu. She was worried that once the divine realm lifted the lockdown on the entire yellow mountain area, she would not have any more chance like this to make Xu Qingshu become her woman.

Ji Qing knew that Xu Qingshu did not like her, and the castle of Snowstorm, so when the lockdown is lifted, she would definitely leave.

However, when she "excitedly" sneaked into Xu Qingshu's room, she found out that her beautiful girl had already finished her bath, she even had her dress on already.

She missed the most wonderful moment! Ji Qing was very annoyed.

But when she just adjusted her mood and tried to fondle her beautiful girl, she was immediately interrupted by Si Xing.


"Castellan. The special envoy from the castle of raging fire wants to see you!" Si Xing was panting while talking.

"I am busy! Anything important?" what Ji Qing said contradicted herself, but it was in line with her split personalities.

"They want to use three candidates to exchange for one candidate! " Si Xing was also confused.

"Exchange candidates? Who do they want?" Ji Qing was curious.

"Tan Ning!" Si Xing replied.