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chapter 288 the highest alert

 chapter 288 the highest alert

chapter 288 the highest alert

The woman took a quick deep breath then said panickedly:" indeed they want the heaven's messenger to return, but it is not just selecting one person out of 10 people that simple. It will select one key candidate, and then use other 9 candidates' life as an energy supplement to support the return of the heaven's messenger! Lord Chamberlain, please! I don't want to die, I know it is important to humankind but I really don't want to die...."

Chu Yunsheng glared at other two candidates and said:" do you two know about this?"

Both people shook their head.

Chu Yunsheng looked at her and said harshly:" they don't even know what you are talking about. How do you know you are going to die? Tell me!"

The woman said sadly:" lord chamberlain, I used to be a cryptographic expert in the computer field. The divine realm was in fact just a complicated and advanced program. since I was locked up here, I have nothing to do, so every time when it tried to analyse us, I would also try to decode its program. Although I only understood some basic information, it is more than enough for me to determine that rest of 9 people will die."

Chu Yunsheng looked at her with a sceptical gaze and asked, "Impossible! If the divine realm wants to complete the return process of the heaven's messenger in this way, it should have started it already. Why it wants to wait until now?! There are many people in the yellow mountain area that have the similar gene it wants, there is no reason for it to wait!"

The woman raised her head and said sarcastically " lord chamberlain. since you are in charge of this process, you must have met the divine realm, and it must have told you that the reason why it needs time to decide the choose one is that it hasn't found the optimum gene. Am I right!?"

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. The shadow indeed told him this.

The woman sneered: "It is a liar! Lord Chamberlain, why would an advanced program like it need to take a long time to analyze it? It could perform quantitative analysis; calibrate the results and compare them within a day!"

It was not that Chu Yunsheng had not thought about this before, he keptwas always not happy about the progress of the program. But since he didn't understand that high-tech stuff, he didn't dig that deeper.

The woman saw Chu Yunsheng was thinking, so she carried on:" it is looking for a specific fragment of 10 candidate's genes that are not overlapping with each other, but when those fragments are added together, the new gene needed to reach a high degree of completeness, and it is the higher the better. It is because of this that they needed more time, Otherwise, like you said, they could just kill anyone here to make a new set of genes, why do they need to wait."

Chu Yunsheng's heart skipped a beat. What she said make sense. There are flaws in the reasons that the shadow gave to him.

But there was one thing he still didn't understand:" I have already got the list long time ago. If what you said is real, why does it still need to wait?"

The female said angrily:" it needs live candidates, the activities of the genes must also be synchronized. In order to adjust the activity of our genes, it used a floating slab to forcibly inject a lot of strange liquid into our spine. It takes about 20 days for this type of liquid to take effect. If I am not wrong. You must have just received the list 20 days ago, am I right? If you still do not believe me, you can check our spine!"

Chu Yunsheng knew the floating slab she was talking about, the blue energy liquid tube was sent to him by that thing. Moreover, the days she mentioned matched exactly the date he got the list. So, at this point, Chu Yunsheng already believed what she said.

When the two frightened male candidates took off their tops and exposed the pinholes behind them, an uncontrollable rage just rushed out of Chu Yunsheng.

He knew the divine realm was hiding something from him, so he didn't believe everything it said.

However, the divine realm knew the relationship between him and Tan Ning, it still wanted to kill her, and it even dared to ask him to help.

If it weren't the woman in front of him, he might end up killing his best friend's cousin!

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and tried his best to hold back his anger:" I'm going to ask you one last question, how do you know that you are going to die, not others?"

The woman shook her head in desperation. :" I was hoping that I might be the chosen one. But I have noticed that it had already picked a candidate when last time it scanned us. Although I don't know who exactly, I knew that the result is a male!"

:" Motherfucker! " Chu Yunsheng punched at the large tube and shouted angrily:" Edgar, get in here!"

Edgar was startled by Chu Yunsheng's shout. When he just got inside, he saw Chu Yunsheng's punch landed at the large be and it instantly broke the glass of the tube into pieces.

The strange light green liquid was splashed all over the places, and Chu Yunsheng was glaring at him angrily...

He had been with Chu Yunsheng for a quite some time, but he had never seen Chu Yunsheng this angry before....

:" Tell Cao Zhengyi to get ready!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. :" tell all our forces to stay on the highest alert and wait for my orders!"


The Divine realm couldn't detect what happened in the palace. so it provided Chu Yunsheng enough time to react.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't calm down after he came out of the prison. Tan Ning was probably being forced to take off her clothes and being forced into those tubes now.

Although the female candidates who he spoke to earlier said that it was best to have 10 candidates in the glasses tubes, it didn't mean that it had to be 10 of them. What if they want to push the progress just using 7 of them?

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take the risk, he needed to act now.

But what could he do?

Steal? Use force? Or exchange?

Chu Yunsheng's mind was in a mess. All he knew that he needed to save Tan Ning. He couldn't save Yu Xiaohai, and he also could not save his family and friends in Jin Ling City. If he could not save Tan Ning, then what was the use of getting stronger? If he could not protect someone he wanted to protect, then what was the point to live any longer?

Although those two times he was caught off guard, he could not foresee and had no chance to save, but now it was different and there was still a chance!

Moreover, he believed that even if he did not save Tan Ning, the despicable divine realm would certainly betray him anyway.

So he must fight back! and he needed to do it faster!

As ear-piercing sirens rang out from the centre of the castle of raging fire, a large-scale of force began to gather quickly in the center of the castle.

The castle was locked down, and everyone was asked to stay at home apart from people in the defence force.

Chu Yunsheng could not wait any longer. The Divine realm would soon discover what he was doing.

So he ran out of the palace and found Cao Zhengyi:" Lao Cao, hold the forces and wait for my signals!"

:" Grandpa don't worry, I am not going anywhere without your order!" Cao Zhengyi didn't know what was going on, but he didn't dare to treat Chu Yunsheng's request lightly.

:" Ask the men you trusted to wait for my signal outside the castle. If there is one flare, then attack the castle of Snowstorm immediately. If there are two flares, then only matching towards the castle of Snowstorm and wait for me on the way! Do you understand?" Chu Yunsheng quickly added.

:" Yes!" Cao Zhengyi replied. So it was about attacking the castle of Snowstorm. He thought. Recently, the culture fluid that Chu Yunsheng gave him increase his power a lot, so he wasn't as scared as before. Instead, he sounded quite confident.

:" Remember, if it is two flares, tell Edgar as well. He will tell you what to do!" Chu Yunsheng frowned. he still worried that Cao Zhengyi would mess up his instruction, so he reminded him again.


Although Chu Yunsheng was angry, he would not act recklessly.

What he thought first was to work with the Ice Race. At least, there is no reason for them to take Tan Ning's life away. They just want the talismans. But the shameless divine realm might want talismans and as well as Tan Ning's life!

However with his current strength, he might end up being captured by the Ice Race, so unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn't want to choose that option.

So he chose the second option. That was why he went to the creep area.

Dark had reached the crucial moment of transformation. It was almost there. Just one more step, then it would complete its transformation!

But Chu Yunsheng couldn't wait. It would be too late if he waits until the next day.

He had a way to speed up Dark's transformation., but that way needed him to risk his life.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath then slowly reached his hand out to touch Dark's body. From his shaking hands, it was very obvious that he was hesitant. He gritted his teeth and pressed his palm to it...

Hn the next second, his life quickly was drained away from him. He had the similar experience one month ago. At that time, he went from a young man to an old man.

His skin was withering, his hairs were falling, and even his teeth started to become loose!

He didn't dare to look at himself. It must be horrible. He thought....

Despite what happened to him, he still did not let go of his hand. Because there was one thing that always kept him going, It was that this time, he would not "abandon" someone that he wanted to protect!