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Chapter 287 the sixth day

 Chu Yunsheng put down the food in his hand and laughed:" Lao Cao, there are a lot good things about you, but why you are such... I don't really know how you could survive to this day? Look, Luo Hengshen is responsible for the intelligence information, so he should have received the news earlier than you, and those six stars and 18 generals, they must have heard something as well. However, only you came to tell me this." Chu Yunsheng paused for a second, there was a visible of happiness on his face. He then carried on:" I'm very happy that you have thought of me. At least, that means that you have treated me as your own people, right?"

Cao Zhengyi nodded his head quickly.

Then Chu Yunsheng stood up and stopped smiling, he walked towards the door and said sternly:" Lao Cao. Since you treated me as your own people. I also don't want to lie to you. The rumour is real."

:" Real!!!!!? Then, then..." Cao Zhengyi couldn't control his emotions, he shouted it out.

Chu Yunsheng waved his hand to interrupt him and said:" the saviour is real, and soon it will appear. Other than that is fake. "

:" Grandpa, how do you...." Cao Zhengyi was confused.

Looking at the square outside the palace Chu Yunsheng said:" do you remember the two men and one woman I asked you and Edgar to find? Those three people are the candidates of the saviour of mankind. A few days later we will know who the real saviour is. If you think the fire messenger and the ice messenger are scared of them, why do they still keep them alive?"

:" You mean everything is under the control of the fire messenger?" Cao Zhengyi carefully said.

:" Lao Cao, I can't explain all of them to you. I couldn't even understand them sometimes." Chu Yunsheng took out two cigarettes, he passed one to Cao Zhengyi, and Cao Zhengyi quickly lit them both up.

:" I understand it, I'll not ask more questions." Cao Zhengyi replied sternly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Cao Zhengyi seemed to have misunderstood him. :" Lao Cao, you need to understand that no matter who the final winner is, it is really not our business. We are nobody unless we are powerful and If we are not powerful, do you really think they care about us? What do you think?"

Cao Zhengyi was dazed for a second, he didn't know why the old man would want to tell him this.

:" You are promoted by me, so if I am still here, no one would dare to challenge your authority. But...." Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped, he didn't know if he should tell this man or not.

Cao Zhengyi was his man. Although he was very timid, whenever Chu Yunsheng gave him a task, he would always try his best to complete it. He even took the risk to come to tell him that the Fire messenger might not be able to protect him for a long time, today, So his loyalty was undoubtable.

But he was going to leave this place soon and after he left this place, Cao Zhengyi's power definitely would not be able to command those people, he might even lose his life.

:" Your strength is the weakest amongst the six stars and 18 generals, you might not even be able to defeat Lao Wang...." Chu Yunsheng said calmly as if he was having a chat with his friend. He then took out two bottles of culture fluid, a few pieces of papers and said.

:" You should know what's inside those bottles and what's in the papers. Now they belong to you. In the next few days, pass all your jobs to Luo Hengshen, and stop wasting your time on those women. Just stay in your room and concentrate on improving your own power."

Cao Zhengyi, of course, knew what was in the bottles. But he still couldn't believe that Chu Yunsheng would give him two bottles of them, and there were even high-level of cultivation methods.

:" Thank you! Thank you, grandpa, I definitely won't let you down!" Cao Zhengyi held back his excitement and said confidently.

:" Okay. Go and hurry up levelling up your power!" Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and said. Those methods including the cultivation methods in the fourth island chain and the fifth island chain. Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to improve those methods now, but he thought that it was more than enough for Cao Zhengyi to learn.

He had heard from the shadow saying that so far not a single human being was able to reach the fifth island chain, even the fourth island chain, only just a few people had reached it.

After Cao Zhengyi left. Chu Yunsheng quickly finished his meal, then he used one hour to repeatedly test the power of the new Xuan Bo energy shield.

The results didn't let him down, compared to the cloaked man's Xuan Bo energy shield, his new energy shield was almost three times more powerful.

He still remembered that the cloaked man was using the Xuan Bo energy shield to block the attack of the flying machine and one of the women in the white dress at the same time. Now, the shield was three times more powerful, even if he was weaker than the cloaked man, there wouldn't be a problem for him to block their attack.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was planning for the combat method, he clearly felt that Dark was calling the infested cloaked man urgently.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what happened, but he immediately stopped what he was doing and rushed towards the creep area.

The swarm was his enemy, but at the same time, it was his force, so he could afford to have any accidents in the swarm.

When he arrived at the creep area and after a careful search, he didn't find any signs of the aliens in the white dress coming to the creep area.

As long as they didn't find out that he could control the swarm, then everything would be easy. Chu Yunsheng was relieved.

Chu Yunsheng went back to the tomb number 1 and quickly found Dark. He noticed that Dark was two times bigger than before. The skin of the meatball was stretched to its limit, and it seemed like it could break at any time.

After a while, the infested cloaked man also arrived at the tomb. Just when it appeared, many thin tubes immediately inserted into the cloaked man's body and extracted some kind of liquid out of the cloaked man's body back to Dark's main body.

Chu Yunsheng didn't interrupt Dark, through the spiritual link, he understood that Dark reached the crucial point of the transformation.

So Dark needed to gather all its power to support itself to transform its body.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to monitor the progress of Dark's transformation. however, after he waited for a while, Dark still didn't seem to break out of its meatball any time soon, so he gave up and went back to the castle of raging fire.

It was the third day after he left the Divine realm, and he only had another three days left.

Chu Yunsheng didn't like to waste time, especially when it was at this kind of crucial moment. He spent the rest of days to make talismans and spent sometimes to check the situation of the Dark.

His offensive talismans and absorption talismans were slowly piled and reached an unprecedented amount.

Since that day he understood the theory of Pan, he noticed that the blue liquid energy tube he got from the divine realm was also a type of energy that was in a less stable energy form. But in terms of its usage, Chu Yunsheng still didn't understand.

But in order to avoid the situation where he was in need of energy, Chu Yunsheng decided to keep the blue liquid energy aside first.


Time was ticking away quickly, and the day of the return of the heaven's messenger was getting closer and closer. Chu Yunsheng also started to feel more and more unreasonably anxious.

He didn't know the progress of Cao Zhengyi's cultivation. But when it got to the sixth day, He no longer had time to think about him.

When it just arrived the sixth day, Chu Yunsheng went to the secret chamber of the palace with Edgar immediately.

Speaking of the secret chamber, it wasn't like a prison cell at all. In fact, three candidates had a much better living condition than the castellan Cao Zhengyi. Those candidates didn't need to worry about food and cold, they even had supplies of various type of vitamins.

Because it was very important, so Chu Yunsheng handled it in person and Edgar was guarding at the outside of the secret chamber.

:" I have already told you everything you need to know. You may start now. Please don't worry, those are high-tech tubes, there have nutrition solutions inside, I have tried it myself, so I can guarantee that you will not be feeling hungry." Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

He had been waiting this moment for so many days. But he still needed to hold back his excitement and tried to persuade those candidates.

Two male candidates looked at each other then slowly started to take off their clothes. However, the female candidate didn't move at all.

When she saw Chu Yunsheng looked at her with confusion, the woman suddenly ran towards Chu Yunsheng and knelt down before him, she was clinging onto Chu Yunsheng's let and begged:" lord chamberlain, please, I'm begging you, don't put me inside, I am begging you. I have a kid, I don't want to die, please. Have mercy!"

:" I said, it is just the final selection process, there are 10 people in total, 7 people are in the castle of Snowstorm, they are doing the same thing, there is no danger at all. In fact, if you are selected, it is a great thing. If you are embarrassed to take off your clothes in front of other people...." Chu Yunsheng frowned.

But the woman still cried hysterically:" No! No! Please don't put me in, if I get in there, I'll be dead. Please.... Please... I have kid..."

:" Why?" Chu Yunsheng stood up and asked angrily. He didn't have time to play with this woman.

It is a great thing for everyone, why would she still refuse it? Did she lose her mind while she was locked up in here?

Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking, he wanted to use force.

The woman still clinging to Chu Yunsheng's leg tightly and cried:" it is true lord chamberlain, why would I lie to you if it matters my life? I am a cryptographic expert, I tried to decode it's program when it tested us. We are all going to die! Only one person will survive. Please, I'm am not lying. Please!"

:" What did you say!?" Chu Yunsheng heart instantly dropped and his face also went pale.

The other two male candidate's faces also went as white as bed sheets.

Chu Yunsheng picked up the woman by her collar and snapped at her:" how do you come to that conclusion! I need to know! If I find out you are lying, I don't give a shit that you are a candidate or not. I'll kill you!"

Probably Chu Yunsheng grabbed her collar too tight. The woman's face turned red in a few seconds:" I can't breathe...." She struggled very hard and said.

Chu Yunsheng let loose of her and used a softer tone said:" I don't like someone lying to me. So tell me what was going on....."