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Chapter 286 invent a new talisman

 Chapter 286 invent a new talisman

It was precisely the difference in the use of energy enabled Chu Yunsheng to make a powerful talisman on just a pure white paper or even in the thin air.

Comparing to talismans, Xuan Bo energy shield was activated by a very complicated device and the device itself was also made of the material that even Pan An also did not know what it was.

so the advantages of the talisman were extremely clear. Without special materials, and without complicated devices, as long as anyone understood the ancient book's cultivation rule. They could use the power of the talisman.


This type of inspiration made Chu Yunsheng extremely excited. He could not wait to make a special kind of talisman just for Xuan Bo energy shield.

If what Chu Yunsheng did before was considered as just following the instruction of the ancient book, then what he was going to do was the innovation!

Using the knowledge in the ancient book as guidelines and Pan An's data as references, combining with his experiences in making talismans to invent a new talisman.

This type of new talisman not only needs to create a channel to allow the smooth flow of his energy between him and the device, the talisman also need to convert his energy into the energy that needed by the device.

Chu Yunsheng was familiar with the process of drawing the function of creating the channel, a lot of talismans had this kind of function, so he just needed to copy them.

The difficulty was to innovate a new energy sequence or a new particle combination.

Chu Yunsheng laid a piece of white paper on top of a table. He didn't want test it using his energy to do the experiment. Instead, he used a pencil to draw all kind of talismans and used his own knowledge to infer the possibility of each character combinations. Then he selected a few talismans that he thought might have the highest probability and only then did he started to use his own energy to test them.

He failed once, twice, three times.........

Chu Yunsheng was drawing the possibility on the table tirelessly, the ideas constantly popped into his mind, slowly he went into a state that he didn't even realise what he was doing, he just allowed the inspiration to do the work itself.

But that status didn't last long, in fact, it only lasted for a few minutes. He had not slept for two days, even though he didn't want to take a break, but his body started to stop working properly. So the exhaustion instantly pulled him back to the reality.

Chu Yunsheng let out a bitter laugh, he was almost there. Although the new talisman was completed, it seemed like it still missing something, something like a "soul".

Although he didn't know why he had that feeling, he knew that something was off about the new talisman, it didn't seem to reach its perfect status.


Chu Yunsheng didn't give the new talisman a name immediately although he really wanted to do it. After all, that was a complete new talisman, and he was the inventor.

After examining the talisman more closely and carefully, Chu Yunsheng thought that the talisman still had two areas needed to be improved.

The first area was that although the new talisman was used to help him using the Xuan Bo energy shield device, if he understood the mechanism of the device, he could implement the mechanism into the talisman to make the talisman become a standalone energy shield.

And the second area of the improvement was that if the first one could work. Then he could try to overlap Xuan Bo energy shield's effect with Liu Jia energy shield or even combine them as one talisman. He believed that the defensive power would definitely be doubled.

Despite the exhaustion, Chu Yunsheng carefully cast the new talisman on the Xuan Bo energy shield device. He left out a sigh of relief when he saw the device was covered with symbols.

two third of his experiment was completed successfully, now it was down to the last one. The success of this whole experiment was all depended on if the talisman could work or not.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, then started to infuse his energy into the device.

:" Great! The energy didn't bounce back! It went all into the device!" Chu Yunsheng was happy to see the result.

Then he infused the energy into the device again without stopping.....

When Chu Yunsheng almost used up his energy, a glare suddenly flashed over the dark surface of Xuan Bo energy shield device, and then it flashed the second time, third time.... It was flashing faster and faster until suddenly a boom! Then the space around him was distorted for a few seconds.

Chu Yunsheng smiled, finally, the shield is completed. In the next second, he collapsed on to the bed and fell asleep....


When he woke up, it was already the third day, and Cao Zhengyi was already waiting for him urgently outside the room.

:" What is the matter?" Chu Yunsheng asked while eating the food that Xiao Zhen passed to him in the hall of the palace.

:" Grandpa, outside.... Outside...." Cao Zhengyi stuttered.

:" What's wrong outside? You were rushing me earlier, but you stuttered now." Chu Yunsheng just woke up, so he wasn't in a good mood.

Cao Zhengyi secretly peaked over Chu Yunsheng's shoulder and looked at the place where the fire messenger was staying. He lowered his voice and said:" Grandpa, there are rumours saying that the saviour of mankind will come to this world soon!"

Chu Yunsheng was startled and immediately stopped eating:" what!'

Cao Zhengyi nervously looked at the room inside the palace again and said with concerned:" Grandpa, lower your voice.... I know you have gained the trust of the fire messenger, but rumours also said that the saviour of mankind is even more powerful than the fire messenger and the ice messenger, and the saviour will eventually deal with the Fire messenger and the ice messenger."

Chu Yunsheng was unusually silent, he was staring at Cao Zhengyi not talking. It made Cao Zhengyi's hair to stand on end.

:" Grandpa, .... It wasn't me. ... it wasn't me...." Cao Zhengyi was scared.

Chu Yunsheng stopped him and said:" Lao Cao, you know me for awhile now right?"

The timid Cao Zhengyi didn't know what Chu Yunsheng was talking about, he almost wanted to kneel down to prove that he was innocent:" Grandpa, I did not betray you and the Fire messenger."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said:" Lao Cao, don't be scared, I trust your loyalty. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come to tell me this right? "

Cao Zhengyi didn't dare to answer Chu Yunsheng. In fact, he had mixed feelings, on the one hand, he hoped the rumour was true, on the other hand, he hoped the rumour was fake. He didn't know which one he should choose to believe.