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Chapter 285 Xuan Bo Energy Shield

 Chapter 285 Xuan Bo Energy Shield

Looking at the photo of large tubes, Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to be very interested. Instead, he gave out the last demand:" I can do all of them for you, but you still need to give me the diagrams of the fourth island chain and the fifth island chain."

In the next day, in the palace of the castle of raging fire.

"Let's start it." Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the side and said to the five skywalkers who have different elements.

Since he knew exactly when the heaven's messenger would return, he chose to stay in the palace most of the time in order to avoid any accidents.

He gave up the idea of escorting the earth elemental Skywalker in person and also choosing not to "steal" people from the castle of Snowstorm at the moment.

Of course, he also understood that the shadow still hid something from him. Those aliens were not stupid, they had 7 candidates in their hands. If the deal that the divine realm offered were not good, why would they help the shadow?

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the divine realm had offered to those aliens, but as long as they didn't use him to trade for those candidates' protection, he didn't really care that much.

Also with the help of large quantities of culture fluid, he believed that he just needed to spend one more day, he would be fully recovered.

There were only 6 days left until the heavens messenger returned. Chu Yunsheng had started counting down the time and also started speeding up his last preparation.

At least, he needed to activate the Xuan Bo energy shield!

After The earth elemental Skywalker successfully escaped from the castle of raging fire, he was secretly rewarded another bottle of culture fluid by Chu Yunsheng. It instantly lifted his spirit once again, and it also made him become very active in Master Pan's experiment.

Chu Yunsheng didn't understand the design of the experiment, but it didn't prevent him from monitoring the experiment on the side. He was counting on the Xuan Bo energy shield to increase his defensive ability, so he did not want to miss any steps during the experiment.

Including the time that he used for eating and sleeping, It roughly took them around 8 hours for Pan An to finally get some complicated data out of the experiment.

Although Chu Yunsheng could not understand Pan An's theory directly, he had other ability that no one else had which was that he was extremely sensitive towards energy fluctuations.

Based on the data they produced, Chu Yunsheng asked Pan An and other five skywalkers to repeat the same experiment three times. He then compared their energy fluctuations to the data their produced, it did not take him long to understand what each data set means.

In Pan An's model, the five Itinerant Particles in Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi were distributed in an equilateral pentagonal shape three-dimensionally, while the energy in the Xuan Bo energy shield was an irregular pentagonal shape, and its sequence was also very different. The fluctuations of the five Itinerant Particles were superimposed into a special kind of sinusoidal radiation, and the resulting effect was exactly a spherical shield.

However, what made Chu Yunsheng and Pan An very curious was that in his original speculation, the energy system of the Xuan Bo energy shield should be mainly supported by the earth element. However, the fact was not that, it was actually the wood elemental Itinerant Particle.

According to Pan An's final inference, the reason why they discovered a large amount of wood elemental energy was probably that it was used to adjust the balance of other four kinds of energy. After all, the combination of the particles was degraded from the ultra-stable status to a less stable form, and using it to construct a spherical energy shape was much more difficult than generating the floating energy.

Chu Yunsheng was not interested in his later discovery. He just needed to find out the sequences and combinations of those particles. That was all he needed.

Although in Pan An's eyes, even if Chu Yunsheng knew about of this, it would still be useless. Becuase there wasn't any device that would allow him to adjust the particles arrangement to form this type of Xuan Bo energy shape, let alone breaking the ultra-stable energy status. This was not a cooking show where he just asked five skywalkers to unleash their energies to mix them together, then a new energy from would come out.

Although decomposing the ultra-stable energy status of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi might be a problem to other people, it might also be very difficult to those aliens as well. However, to Chu Yusnheng, it was very easy. He could just use talismans to achieve it.

Decomposing was not the problem for him, but he had problems to regroup them, and regroup them to form a specific shape was even more difficult.

After Pan An and other people left the palace, Chu Yunsheng could not rest well. Originally he thought that after he understood the sequence and the combination of the particles, everything would be easy. however, he underestimated the difficulty.

He was thinking about the data and the result of the experiment for the entire night until the second, day, but he still did not have any answers.

Looking at the brick-like Xuan Bo energy shield device could not be activated, Chu Yunsheng was frustrated. He still had many things to do, and he had already wasted one day on the experiment that barely provided him with anything. So he had to force himself stopped thinking about the Xuan Bo energy shield device.

Chu Yunsheng then went back to focus on his recovery till the mid-day. After he fully recovered, he checked his Rong Yuan body status and cultivation progress. He estimated that even if he continuously uses culture fluid to speed up his cultivation speed, he still couldn't complete his fourth forth transformation stage in 6 days.

So rather than spending the rest of 6 days on something that he couldn't achieve, he wanted to maximize his combat effectiveness.

And to do that he would need to utilize 6 days to make different types of offensive talismans, weapons and combat amours.

No one knew what would happen after the heaven's messenger returned, So Chu Yunsheng was also worried.

It was his dream to escape this place safely, however, he was a type of person who would always think of the worst.

He didn't have time or energy to learn new talismans. Those talismans which he was familiar with the process was his first and the best choice.

Chu Yunsheng also did not waste any energy that contained in the insects that killed by the cloaked man, they were all converted into talismans.


Both castle suddenly became peaceful to each other, and with this calm situation, it also gave Chu Yunsheng a perfectly quiet environment to make talismans.

While he was continuously making the attack talismans like a machine, his thoughts slowly drifted away.


When his mind was in a status of trance, the talisman he was making suddenly exploded.

Chu Yunsheng woke up by the sharp pain in his right hand and he instinctively took back his hand. Looking at the talisman broken into pieces, Chu Yunsheng was suddenly struck by an idea.

The dark energy that did not contain other element and the ultra-stable energy that Pan An mentioned was the energy he was cultivating. Converting this type of energy into his Ben Ti Yuan QI was the process of breaking the combination and rearranging the sequences of the particles, and it was also the process he was looking for.

And not only that, every diagram in the talisman was used to break and regroup the particles' arrangement.

Comparing to the Xuan Bo energy shield which relied on a less stable of energy status, talismans maintained the energy's ultra-stable status when it was successfully completed and the higher level the talisman is the more stable the energy is.

No wonder why the Fire Race or the Ice Race would not want to leave him alone when they saw the power of talisman.