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Chapter 284 Return countdown

 Chapter 284 Return countdown

Chapter 284 Return countdown

When Chu Yunsheng got outside the castle, a huge halo just happened to fly over the palace. It followed by massive transparent waves rippling through the air causing the space around him to vibrate rapidly.

Before Chu Yunsheng even had time to gather his men, he suddenly felt a acute dizziness, a powerful but continuous force seemed to want to pull his soul out of his body.

At the same time, a familiar and relatively weaker force came from deep inside his mind surprisingly. It was helping Chu Yunsheng to fight the dizziness.

Chu Yunsheng who was in the middle of two forces felt like he was not in control of his mind anymore.

It lasted several seconds before Chu Yunsheng finally resumed control of his mind.

At the moment he woke up, he immediately found the source of the other force. It didn't come from the ancient book, it came from Dark which was Chu Yunsheng's baby Min.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know exactly when Dark was able to do this, but he suspected that it might be sometime after it consumed the cloaked man.

However, comparing to the halo, its force was still very weak, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that Dark was struggling.

What exactly does the divine realm want to do? I couldn't get in earlier, but it wants to summon me now?! Chu Yunsheng thought.

"Looking" at the warning that Dark was constantly trying to send to him, Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to return to the palace. He didn't want to leave his body outside the palace without anyone guarding when he was in the divine realm.

But when he just stepped into the palace. He was dazed for a second.

The Divine realm's force was gone! It disappeared completely.

"Huh!?" Chu Yunsheng also stopped walking. What exactly does the divine realm want?! Outside, inside. Outside inside. Is it playing me! Chu Yunsheng was pissed.

The fake cloaked man suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yunsheng without any sound, and it startled Chu Yunsheng.

In the next second, an idea suddenly struck him. He quickly turned around and looked at another halo just being released by the peak of the yellow mountain.

In order to test out if what he thought was right, he went out and came back several times....

So, It is the problem with the palace! Chu Yunsheng said to himself after walking in and out several times.

However, he still didn't understand that if the palace could block the divine realm's force, who would no one in the castle of raging fire tell him this?

Even Cao Zhengyi who seemed to be loyal to him also didn't tell him this.

Is it possible that not many people know about this secret? Chu Yunsheng thought again, he then suddenly remembered one person.

She was Xu Xiaozhen. Xu Xiaozhen used to take care of the fire messenger's daily life, so she must know something.

Xu Xiaozhen was currently inside the castle, and if she is awake then his theory could be explained.

But when he arrived at Xu Xiaozhen's room and discovered that she also lost her consciousness, Chu Yunsheng was lost again.

When Chu Yunsheng left Xu Xiaozhen's room and went back to the hall of the palace, he encountered Cao Zhengyi who just ran into the hall from outside.

He had told Cao Zhengyi yesterday that, if he got into the divine realm today don't accept any new challenges Just jumped off the floating rocks straightaway, he had other things needed him to do. That was why that Cao Zhengyi was here.

Looking at Cao Zhengyi was panting when he was bowing to him, Chu Yunsheng laughed. Maybe it only limited to Skywalkers, but it doesn't really matter now. Chu Yunsheng thought.

:" Grandpa, the negotiation is done!" Cao Zhengyi said hurriedly. The old man's laugh gave him goosebumps. He was extremely worried that what the old man was planning.

:"Good! When does he want to leave?" Chu Yunsheng was very happy about the news.

:" He said that in order to reduce the risk, it's better to leave the castle at midnight, he also requests more people to escort his family members. Deputy castellan Luo is currently with him." Cao Zhengyi said.

:" just follow the original plan, make sure that they will be safe. I have other things to deal with. If everything goes well, I might be able to escort him in person." Chu Yunsheng said.


Chu Yunsheng had also told Edgar to do the same thing. So right after Cao Zhengyi left, Edgar also came to the palace.

Chu Yunsheng then took him outside the palace and found a dark corner. He asked Edgar to guard him while he was in the divine realm.


:"Chu, you finally here, we have been calling you for several times." The shadow said with its robotic voice.

No wonder why there were so many halos, so it was looking for me. Chu Yunsheng thought.

:" Is there anything urgent?" Chu Yunsheng pretended that he didn't know anything and answered calmly.

:" You have the control of three candidates!" The shadow said with certainty.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he could not hide it from the shadow, so he nodded his head and said:" I am using the castle of raging fire to protect those candidates."

:"you are working with The Fire Race now?" the shadow in the mirror suddenly questioned Chu Yunsheng sternly.

:"huh? You mean those aliens? I am not working with them, I am just using them, just like how you use those aliens in the white dress, or should I say The Ice Race!" Chu Yunsheng stared at it and said coldly.

It has already come to this point, even the dumbest person would also know that the divine realm was working with the other side. It was just a matter of how close their relationship was.

He didn't believe that by hacking into the outer layer of the program would help those aliens to locate the rest of seven candidates. Especially that it was a program that was designed to help the human to survive in this apocalypse.

There were not two possibilities, it was either the shadow was lying, or it started to work with the aliens in the white dress.

But from what the shadow just said, Chu Yunsheng also got another information. It was that the divine realm didn't know the cloaked man was dead.

" Since you already knew, so we don't need to inform you now. The situation had changed, because of the security breaches, we have to adjust our strategy slightly." The shadow didn't deny the relationship. But in the next second, it said:" but we still trust you more, because you are human, they are aliens. We didn't tell them anything about you."

:" Thank you, but I am more concerned about when the heaven's messenger will return?" Although Chu Yunsheng didn't believe what it said, indeed it didn't disclose his real identity.

So unless it was necessary, he didn't want to have any conflict, before he was sure that he was able to leave this yellow mountain area.

:" Very soon, the analysis of ten candidate's Genetic Origin is almost coming to the end. If everything goes well, the next time we see each other will be the time when the heaven's messenger returns." the shadow in the mirror seemed to be relieved as well.

"Then, what do I need to do now?" Chu Yunsheng was also happy to see the things finally was coming to the end.

"We know that you have gained the trust of The Fire Race, so in the next few days, we hope you could keep the peace between two castles until the heaven's messenger safely returned.

But recently, we have noticed that the castle of raging fire was preparing for the conflict. Chu, since you want to leave this area as soon as possible, we hope that you could try your best to stop this conflict, in case of any of those candidates will be injured or killed during the conflict. It will only waste both of our time. This is the reason why we urgently want to talk to you." the shadow in the mirror said.

"I will find a way to stop them, but the castle of Snowstorm?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

" we will handle The Ice Race, you are responsible for The fire race." the shadow in the mirror kept his words very short this time, it seemed like it had also noticed that it had disclosed too much information.

"Okay, but I can only guarantee that the castle of raging fire will not be the one that starts the war. If something happened to the castle of Snowstorm, then I can't do anything." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.

"As long as you make sure that the castle of raging fire will not do it, then we will handle the rest. Also after you leave the divine realm, we will send you three large Nutrition Statistic Tubes like this. " the shadow pointed at a transparent slab and carried on:" 6 days later, you will need to take off three candidate's clothes and put them into those tubes. The program will do the final screening. There are special nutrient solutions in those tubes, they are more than sufficient to keep them alive. Remember, starting from today, you must ensure that their lives are safe until the program decided who is the chosen one!"