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Chapter 283 Warning

 Chapter 283 Warning

"Human flesh?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised.

"Yes, not only that, they are also spreading other rumours. For example, we are conducting human subject research using those skywalkers who just joined us... the people who wanted to us reduced drastically today." Luo Hengshen said.

"Rumours are just rumours, they are not the fact, I think soon everyone will realise that they are lying." Chu Yunsheng did not seem to be very concerned.

Cao Zhengyi who was standing on the side suddenly interrupted him:" Grandpa, although it is just rumour, this is not the age of light. Since there is no way to prove who is telling the truth, so people will tend to stay where they are."

"True." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. "Do you have any plans?" Chu Yunsheng asked. If Ding Yan was here, he probably already had plans. Chu Yunsheng thought.

"I have discussed with Lao Cao already. We need to adjust the plan slightly. Nowadays everyone is scared of making wrong decisions, so it is very difficult to recruit people from the other castle. Instead of doing that, how about we used our food to make more spies and informants in the castle of Snowstorm. "

"That's a good idea, but I still need that earth elemental skywalker, find a way to recruit him. As soon as possible. " Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

Luo Hengshen and Cao Zhengyi looked at each other, but both of them did not say anything. They just bowed at Chu Yunsheng then left the room.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to lock himself in the room and start his cultivation, Edgar come back.

"Did you find out who the person in the photo is?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Yes." Edgar replied with a very strange expression on his face:"Mr.Lennon, it is... it is... the castellan of the castle of Snowstorm."

"Are you sure?!" Chu Yunsheng instantly jumped up from the bed.

"Yes." Edgar nodded his head and said with certainty:"Miss Jiang saw her before, this woman may have changed her name, she is called Ji Qing now, and it is said that she likes women. "

"Oh, no wonder why I felt like I have seen her somewhere before. " Chu Yunsheng murmured.

"Edgar, don't mention this to anyone. Only you and I know about this." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

"Don't worry, I understand it." Edgar nodded his head.

"Also, I have fixed your gun, it is on the side, you can take it. In the next few days, I have a lot of things need to do. If something happened while I am not in the palace, try your best to protect those three candidates, that's our hope of getting out of this place." Chu Yunsheng said.

After Edgar left, Chu Yunsheng finally had some spare time. He spent two days cultivating the energy then went out of the castle to the creep area to take the culture fluid that the had been stored in the past few days.

The situation outside the castle seemed very calm. The divine realm did not seem to tell the alien in the white dress about his real identity, and it did not seem to know the death of the cloaked man. Apart from spreading the news to stop people going to the castle of raging fire, the castle of snowstorm did not plan to do anything to the castle of raging fire at the moment.

The only changes that the castle of raging fire had was that the floating rocks started to pile up inside the castle and Edgar's friend Dori's research had a big breakthrough.

After getting the new research result, some of the people inside the castle were asked to find those plants that they needed for the massive production of the toxin and the cure for the toxin.

At the same time, the plan of taking the only earth elemental skywalker from the castle of Snowstorm had also reached a crucial moment. Luo hengshen even risked himself and went to the castle of Snowstorm with the earth cultivation method in attempting to gain the trust of the earth elemental skywalker.

There was also a contingency plan as well. In case of the negotiation failed, there were spies secretly hiding in the castle of Snowstorm and preparing to kidnap the earth elemental skywalker's family members.

And the commencing date of the plan was the date when the divine realm opened.

In that day, both castle's defensive ability and attack ability would be greatly reduced. The defensive force of the castle of Snowstorm would most likely be formed by the Ordinary People.

So it was the best day to kidnap those people.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng preferred the solve this problem peacefully, that was why he deliberately spend some time to sort out earth elemental cultivation method from the ancient book. In order to make the earth elemental skywalker trust him completely, he even gave a small bottle of culture fluid to Luo Hengshen, and asked him to give to the earth elemental skywalker.

However, if the earth elemental skywalker still refused, then it would leave him with no other choices.


When the opening day of the divine realm finally came. Chu Yunsheng was sitting in a room inside the palace and trying to use the method that provided by the shadow in the mirror to get into the divine realm.

He did not want wait until the main peak of yellow mountain sending out halos to "summon" people into the divine realm.

However, no matter how many times he tried, he still could not get into the divine realm.

Time slowly ticking away in the room, Chu Yunsheng was more and more concerned...

He didn't think that he would remember the method wrong, there was only one possibility left, it was that something wrong with the permission that the shadow gave to him.

After he failed the fifth time, Chu Yunsheng decided that he did not want to wait any longer. He instantly activated the armour, covered himself with the cloak and took out the gun, flame sword and Qian Bi sword!

He wanted to check if the castle of Snowstorm had any movement. He needed to know what the hell was going on.