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Chapter 282 Theory of Pan

 Chapter 282 Theory of Pan

"So, can you extract those energies here?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"No," Pan An did not even blink his eyes.

"But wasn't this your previous job?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

"I need machines, I was only responsible for operating the machine. Without machines, I can't do anything." Pan An replied.

"Even with the help from skywalkers?" Chu Yunsheng did not want to give up so easily.

"No, maybe there is a way, but I don't know how to do it." Pan An said.

"Okay, let's talk about the particles and entanglement you talked about, I still don't understand what those are... are they different than the dark energies we have?" Chu Yunsheng lit up a cigarette and asked.

"It is like this.... In my analysis model, the dark energy in the outside world or in nature or you and other skywalkers are talking about is actually made up of five itinerant particles. Because of their individually unique mutually attracting and mutually exclusive properties, they were formed randomly into five orderly sequences,

So those sequences are the five major elemental power you all are talking about. We just named those elements based on what they look like, you can actually call them anything, 12345, or ABCDE.

"Okay, what about the floating rocks" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked again. The professors in Jin Ling also tried to explain this to him before. But it seemed like they used different models and different names.

"Normally the combination of those five itinerant particles are ultra-stable. It is very safe to separate and break them. Their characteristics such as movement, reaction to other elements were also shown to be very mild, except when some large-scale of natural phenomenon happened. So far, I have yet to observe any of violent reactions.

However, the centrifugal energy-enriched agglomerate is different. Somehow the sequence of those energies inside some particular floating stones was changed from ultra-stable to a less stable form, it causes all the particles of those energies become much more active, and the result of that is the floating ability you see." Pan An explained.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said:" so what you mean is the energy you extracted is used for those UFOs?' in another word, the UFO depend on this energy?"

"Yes and no." Pan An thought for a second and said." the UFO or their flying machines indeed need those energies to fly. But the machine itself did not need that much energy. We were asked to store the most of the energy after we extracted it. It seemed like they have other usages. "

"Let's say if those five particles were changed to another sequence, would it possible that it would provide other abilities like floating abilities? For instance, a spherical energy shield? " Chu Yunsheng suddenly remember one thing, so he asked.

This time Pan An did not answer him directly, he bowed his head down to think what Chu Yunsheng just said:" Theoretically, it is achievable, but the model will be extremely complex. Especially If it needs to be present in a specific form for a specific usage, it will only be even more esoteric. At least, It is impossible for me to imagine a specific framework like that. Moreover, due to the particle's reaction towards each other, the shield that made up of the combination of five different particles may no be stronger than a shield that made up of one type of particles."

Chu Yunsheng hesitated for a second then took out the device of Xuan Bo energy shield and said:"I will activate this device, watch it closely, see if you can tell what type of energy it belongs to. "

Chuy Yunsheng did not wait for Pan An's answer, he immediately infused his energy into the device, and quickly a thin fragile spherical shield was formed. The shield was then shattered into pieces after two seconds.

"Anything? " Chu Yunsheng looked at Pan An and asked.

"I am sorry, I don't know what this is, and I am not a Skywalker, without the machine, I can't do anything." Pan An said.

"Sorry, it was my mistake, I forget that you are not a Skywalker, you can not sense the energy movement." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head in disappointment.

"Although, I am not a Skywalker, it is actually a good thing for me. With no energy inside my body, it will have fewer influence factors and provide me with a more accurate result when I monitor the particles movement." Pan An did not seem to be upset by the fact that he was not a Skywalker, instead, he seemed to be quite happy about it.

Then he suddenly added:" of course, if I could have an equal amount of five kinds of energy at the same time, then that would also work. However, I still prefer the original ultra-stable state of energy, I wished there was a form of dark energy that did not contain any other element. But I know that is not possible, even the aliens also could not find it. "

His words instantly reminded Chu Yunsheng something, however no matter how hard Chu Yunsheng tried to "grasp" that thoughts, it just slipped away in a second.

"If I give you five skywalkers with different types of energy, will you be able to conduct an experiment and test out the energy status in this box? " Chu Yunsheng asked with a glimmer of hope. He still did not want this Xuan Bo energy shield device to become a brick.

This time, Pan An spend around 10 minutes to think how to answer Chu Yunsheng's question. Just when Chu Yunsheng thought that he was about to say he could not do it. Pan An replied. "I can try it, but I can't guarantee the result. Even if it could work, it could only provide you with statistics result, there is no theoretical significance behind this experiment"

Chu Yunsheng smiled:"I just need that, isn't all the science projects started from nothing to something? I will assign some people to work with you, your first task is to help me to solve this energy shield problem. "

"I will do my best." Pan An said.

Looking at the situation finally started to get a little bit better, Chu Yunsheng's mood also got better. He jokingly said that:" Your theory is very good. You should give it a name. For example, called Pan's Theory or something like that....?"

But he did not expect that Pan An's face was instantly lit up. "Yes!" he replied excitedly.


After Pan An left, Chu Yunsheng quickly asked Cao Zhengyi and Luo Hengshen to find him the people he needed for the experiment.

Compare to the ice and fire skywalkers, the Skywalkers with other three type of element were quite hard to find.

"So we don't have any earth elemental Skywalkers in the castle?" Chu Yunsheng asked after Cao Zhengyi told him the result.

"Yes, but I have heard that the castle of Snowstorm has one." Luo Hengshen thought for a second and said. Luo Hengshen was in charge of Intelligence work in the castle of raging fire before, so he knew a lot more than Cao Zhengyi.

"Great! Lao Luo, try to get this man working for us. Tell him that I can give him anything he wants, as long as he wants to work for us."

"It might be a little bit difficult now, the castle of Snowstorm starts to raise prices and give out cultivation method today and they are also saying that ..." Luo Hengshen suddenly stopped.

"Saying what?" Chu Yunsheng was curious.

"They are saying that the food we provide is human flesh" Luo Hengshen let out a hollow laugh.