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Chapter 281 love and the floating rocks

 Chapter 281 love and the floating rocks

"Oh...." Chu Yunsheng came back from the deep thoughts and instinctively asked:"has everyone come out?"

Edgar closed the door and said:"only one young man left, rest of them all escaped. Thank you Mr. Lennon, thank you for your...."

When there was no one around, Edgar still prefered to call Chu Yunsheng Mr.Lennon, it has already become his habit in the past few months.

"Okay, okay, you can stop it there. What happened to that young man?" Chu Yunsheng was still looking at the photo and asked unconcernedly.

"You also know him, everyone called him Ga Zi, I have heard from Miss Jiang said that it was because Miss Tan was still trapped in the castle, so he did not want to leave her." Edgar admired Ga Zi's courage, even if there was a risk of being treated as a spy and locked up by the castle of Snowstorm, he still insisted to stay.

"Miss Tan?" Chu Yunsheng raised his head in confusion, then he suddenly realised:"Oh, its the boy who likes Tan Ning?"

"Love would make any man become a real warrior!" Edgar complimented.,

"It can also any a man blind! Love is stupid in this dark age." Chu Yunsheng snorted.

"Mr.Lennon, this is what is great about love, no matter what happened..." Edgar sighed and about to explain what love was.

"Ok, ok, ok .... You don't worry about the food now, of course, you can say whatever you want..." Chu Yunsheng quickly interrupted him again, then passed him a photo:" take a look at this photo, have you seen her before?"

Edgar took the photo, looked at it for a long time, then shook his head: "I haven't seen her before!"

" take a closer look, she is in the castle of Snowstorm, I have seen her, she is also a Skywalker." Chu Yunsheng said with certainty.

Edgar looked at the photo again, but after a few minutes, he still shook his head.

"That's not possible, was I mistaken?" Chu Yunsheng did not think he was mistaken.

"Mr.Lennon, maybe Miss Jiang knows something, she was an upper-class citizen in the castle of Snowstorm, so she knows more people. She even saw the castellan, if this person is definitely in the castle of Snowstorm, she will definitely recognize her." Edgar suggested.

"Okay, but I can't meet them now, you can take the photo, but keep it in secret, if you have any news let me know as soon as possible." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.

"Mr.Lennon, it is ok if you don't want to see Miss Jiang, but there is a student you must see him." Edgar thought for a second and said.

"Oh!? Who is it?" Chu Yunsheng was curious. Apart from Tan Ning, he did really know anyone from the student's group that he was with before he was trapped in the yellow mountain area.

"Is a graduate student in the age of light, a physics major. He was not a particularly smart student when he was in the university, but I don't know why, after the earth plunge into darkness, he became more and more clever, In the castle of Snowstorm, he was asked to work in some kind of energy extraction station. In order to get him out, the deputy castellan Luo used a total of three senior informants." Edgar felt that this person could be useful to Chu Yunsheng, so he explained carefully.

"Energy extraction station? What is that?...." Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said to himself.

There were many strange machines in the castle of Snowstorm. However in the castle of raging fire, even Chu Yunsheng turned the castle upside down, he still could not find anything.

What kind of energy are they extracting? Is it the energy from those floating rocks? Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng had seen the floating rocks before, originally he thought that the floating rocks contained a large amount of heaven and earth Yuan Qi. but in reality, the strange rocks were indeed contained energy inside, however, it was not heaven and earth Yuan Qi that he was looking for. He had tried to use one absorption talisman to absorb the energy from inside, but the result was worse than when he tried to absorb energy from a red shell.

So to Chu Yunsheng, he did not really understand why the castle of Snowstorm wanted those rocks.

"Let him in, don't mention that I am major Du, I will handle the rest." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked.

Soon after, Edgar brought in a man with a wired look, when Chu Yunsheng just looked at his appearance, it almost scared the crap out of him.

The man was short, with bandy legs; a pair of crossed eyes and with a small mouth; his skin was almost as dark as Edgar. Chu Yunsheng did not know how he should describe the man he just saw. To him, saying this man look like a monkey could be considered a compliment.

"Lord Chamberlain, this is student Pan An(1) " Edgar pulled the student over and introduced.

"Puff.... Cough ...cough..."

Chu Yunsheng was suddenly choked by the water. WTF man, seriously? Out of so many names, why do you have to call Pan An? Chu Yunsheng was speechless.

"Edgar, you may wait outside, let me talk to this.... This Pan student." Chu Yunsheng finally stopped coughing and said.

"Pan student, please have a sit, you are a graduate student right?" Chu Yunsheng quickly adjusted his emotions and said.

"I was trying to complete my master degree, but I did not get to finish my course." Pan An's voice was sharp, and he did not seem to like to talk.

"I have heard that you are already an upper-class citizen in the castle of Snowstorm, why do you want to come to this castle?" Chu Yunsheng poured Pan An a glass of water and asked.

"Because of the doctor." Pan An said quickly as if he already knew what Chu Yunsheng wanted to ask.

"You mean Edgar?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Yes." Pan An said.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng did not expect that Edgar would have this kind of power?

"You don't understand?" Pan An said.

"I don't understand? Oh... you don't seem to be scared of me?" Chu Yunsheng walked back to his seat and said.

"Not scared." he looked at Chu Yunsheng and said.

"Why?" Chu Yunsheng was curious.

"There is no reason for you to kill me." he said calmly.

Chu Yunsheng finally felt the advantages of taking to smart people, simple, easy, straight to the point. :"since you are here for the doctor, and Doctor is currently working for me. So I can assume that you are also working for me, right?"

"Yes, Doctor told me already."Pan An still kept his answer very short.

"Okay, I want to know the details of your work. " Chu Yunsheng asked.

" in short or in detail? " Pan An did not answer Chu Yunsheng straight away, instead he asked.

"Keep it simple." Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then said.

"Okay, in short. It is to extract two kinds of energy from chaotic energy groups. " Pan An used one sentence to describe his job.

Chu Yunsheng did not know whether he should laugh or cry, that was too short... "can you be a little bit more specific, like what is the energy groups? Which two kinds of energy... " he asked again.

"Okay, long version. My job is to use a machine called the Dark Energy Separation and Refining Device to process a type of rocks commonly called floating rocks, but I call it the Centrifugal Energy-enriched Agglomerate, to extract and refine two types of energy that needed by the castle of Snowstorm. One type of energy known as ice energy, and the energy come from the particles which I called Ultra-stable Icy Itinerant Particles. Another one is called the floating energy, which I call it the Floating Energy of General Stable Composite of Itinerant Particles Entanglement...... "

Chu Yunsheng was completely dumbfounded, he did not know what the guy was talking about, what ultra-stable single... particle, what entanglement...............


---------------------------note -------------

1. Pan Yue, also known as Pan An, a famous litterateur in Jin Dynasty, might be the most famous handsome man in China. His reputation spread so widely that people used "look like Pan An ()" as a compliment.