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Chapter 280 Billionaire Zhangs mistress

 Chapter 280 Billionaire Zhang's mistress

Looking at the bodies of insects piled up like a mountain at the square of the palace, Luo Hengshen could not stop his heart beating rapidly.

He doubted that Yuan Hongxue could supply him more food three days ago, but three days later, the food appeared in front of him like a magic. However, he was even more confused now.

There were too many bodies, he still couldn't figure out how the fire messenger and the old man killed so many insects.

The old man also gave the job of distributing the food to Cao Zhengyi and the black man, so he could not investigate further.


Below the mountain of bodies, scattered many strong and muscular men, they used to be slaves, now they were the castle's citizens.

They were currently working under the command of the black man who could speak mandarin to slice the meat from the meat mountain. Everyone was working very hard as if they trying to show something to the black man.

Because everyone knew that the job of splitting the meat was probably the best job in the entire mountain area.

In there, there was no risk of being attacked by the monster or being frozen to death. There was enough food supply every day, and all they needed to do was just to slice the meat.

Having this kind of job, it even made some of the weak Skywalkers envy them.

If anyone wanted to get this kind of job, knowing someone from the top was essential.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to manage those people, so he just mentioned few requirements of employing the people. The first, candidates must be clean and no illness, the second, candidates must be hard working and the third no one was allowed to steal anything.

Cao Zhengyi was from local, he knew the propel around here, so he was in charge of recruiting people.

Edgar didn't know anyone here, his social circle was very simple, and with Chu Yunsheng behind his back, he was not scared of anyone, so he was responsible for monitoring the work. If he found anyone wanted to steal the meat, he had the power to remove them from the work.

Once the number of the people who were working in the square reached one hundred, the problem also started to appear. Originally, Chu Yunsheng thought that it was a very good job, no one would want to take the risk to steal the meat.

However, it surprised him that within just three days, Edgar had already removed a dozen of people out. All of those people took the advantages of someone behind their back, so they dared to steal some of the meat.

Some of them also had a relationship with the castellan Cao Zhengyi. But Cao Zhengyi was smart, He knew exactly how important this black man was. The black man often guards the door for the old man. This was kind of trust that he didn't have.

So he didn't dare to challenge the Black man's authority.

But, Chu Yunsheng was just surprised, he didn't plan to do anything about it, because he didn't know how to improve the situation. In fact, When it comes to the management He was not any better than Cao Zhengyi.

Fortunately, he knew his limit, so he didn't usually involve in those kinds of things.

In the last three days, all he did was to use talismans of cure poison to remove the poison out of those meats and used the rest of the time to recover himself.

There was also one thing that Chu Yunsheng had thought about during the recovery, it was that Ning Zhitong probably didn't realize that he was being used by the castle of Snowstorm.

The cloaked man was injured, however, the aliens in the white dress didn't know how bad his injury was. Using spies like Ning Zhitong to test out the situation of the cloaked man was a perfect idea.

However, Ning Zhitong didn't know that, even though the cloaked man was injured, it still cost Chu Yunsheng countless of insects to kill it, so Ning Zhitong was dead for sure if he encountered the real cloaked man.

Chu Yunsheng thought that if his guess was right, and based on how the other alien injured the cloaked man, then there was no way he could take out Tan Ning under those two aliens' noses.

That was why he didn't attempt to sneak into the castle of snowstorm again. Once he missed, he would end up being captured by them.

Although the shadow in the divine realm said that they could detect the location of those aliens, Chu Yunsheng didn't think it would be long until the shadow found out what he did.

And once the shadow found out the cloaked man was dead, then the aliens in the white dress would also know.

There was also one thing that puzzled Chu Yunsheng a lot, he was sure that the shadow was working with the aliens in the white dress, however, he didn't understand that why the shadow didn't disclose this real identity.

But no matter whatever the reason the shadow had, he needed to recover himself as soon as possible and prepare for the incoming war.

But what frustrated him was not his recovery speed, it was the Dark's growing speed. It even made him stop the entire operation of the tomb in order to speed up its growth.

In the past three days, Chu Yunsheng also tried to study the long metal-like box that dropped by the cloaked man.

It was a type of device that could activate an energy shield called Xuan Bo energy shield. Chu Yunsheng clearly remembered that only after he used the sword from [broken stab] of the sword fighting technique six times did he finally break the energy shield.

And it was still in the situation that the cloaked man was injured, so Chu Yunsheng was sure that if the cloaked man wasn't injured, the Xuan Bo energy shield would definitely be much more powerful.

He had test it with its own combat armour to compare the result, under the sword attack, the tier 2 armour was instantly broken into pieces.

So the Xuan Bo energy shield was definitely stronger than tier two, or may even be stronger than tier three combat armour.

The long metal-like box was as big as a cellphone, he could grasp it just by using one hand.

When Chu Yunsheng tried to infuse energy into the metal box, the device could barely open a thin layer of spherical space barriers, and it only lasted around 3 seconds before it shattered completely.

In the beginning, Chu Yunsheng through that it was because he didn't infuse enough Yuan Qi energy, but when he tried to infuse as much as he could, the device stopped working.

Looking at the device in his hand, Chu Yunsheng felt a sense big helplessness. It was just like a mountain of treasure in front of him, but he could get it. He reached his hand into his pocket to take out a pack a cigarette and lit one of them up.

As his tense brain nerve slowly relaxed, Chu Yunsheng felt like he relived again.

The cigarette is truly a wonderful invention. He thought.

In fact, Chu Yunsheng had already run out of his cigarette. The cigarette he had was taken from billionaire Zhang's underground bunker by the castle of raging fire, and since he took over the castle, it eventually fell into his hand.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. When be thought of billionaire Zhang, a figure flashed through his mind.

He quickly took out the photo that billionaire Zhang gave to him from this storage talisman to confirm that he was not imagining things.

Then he was dazed for a second when he saw the photos.

It really is her, but who is she really?.... Chu Yunsheng was lost.

At this time, someone knocked the door from outside, it instantly woke up Chu Yunsheng from the deep thoughts.

:" Lord Chamberlain, Major Qin and other People from the castle of snowstorm have settled down, do you want to see them?" It was Edgar's voice.