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Chapter 279 the beginning of the war

 Chapter 279 the beginning of the war

" In the past few days, I have been searching everywhere in the castle, and everywhere that is outside the castle of raging fire's control. However, nothing has been found." Xu Qingshu reported.

:" I don't blame you, we have already found 7 of them. It is already a great achievement, so we are not that worried about the rest of three..." Ji Qing was facing the other side while talking to Xu Qingshu. She was still shaking her glass of red wine and suddenly change the topic. : Oh right, do you know a person called Yuan Hongxue?"

:" Are you talking about the current castellan of the castle of raging fire?" Xu Qingshu asked. She was also confused that why would Lei Ming suddenly died over a night.

:" I mean the old man who was working in the barrack a few days ago. Please sit my little Qing Qing, don't just stand there." Ji Qing was holding two glasses of wines when she turned around.

:" Yes. There was an old man called Yuan Hongxue working in the barrack a few days ago." Xu Qingshu knew that this woman knew everything happened inside the castle, so she didn't lie. Besides, she was not familiar with the old man, so she just told her what she knew.

" The old man was recommended by the people who work at the entrance. the old man also brought a kid with him, originally we thought that the old man just wanted a job. But ....." Xu Qingshu explained everything happened during the night of the attack.

Ji Qing was tasting the wine while smiling at Xu Qingshu:" I have asked the sketch artist to draw the sketch of the old man, and asked our spies who came back from the castle of raging fire to see the sketch. They said that they are the same person." She said after Xu Qingshu finished reporting.

:" Castellan, I don't....." Xu Qingshu quickly stood up and said. She finally knew that this was the real reason why Ji Qing wanted to talk to her.

:" Sit.... sit, I knew you will have this kind of reaction, why would I suspect my little Qing Qing?" Ji Qing giggled, she then grabbed Xu Qingshu's hand and said in a quiet voice:" it was the ice messenger asked this question, I have no choice, but we have already investigated it.

The little boy met the old man on the way here, so we don't really know where did the old man come from, and why he wanted to stay in the barrack. Anyway, all we can think of is that it might have something to do with the attack."

" Thank you for your trust, castellan!" Xu Qingshu couldn't tell if the woman in front of her was lying or not. So she just simply thanked her.

:" We are family, don't be like this... oh also, I'll introduce you to a guy later, did you see the handsome man who just left earlier, his name is Ning Huiyan. Do you like him...." Ji Qing suddenly burst out laughing.


One day later, outside the castle of Snowstorm.

:" Did you hear the news?" a crippled woman approached a one-armed man and whispered.

:' what news? I mean, can you not quiet down and save your energy. don't get yourself starve to death!" San Fazi wasn't happy about the woman who approached him, because the woman stinks.

The crippled woman looked around and got even closer:" San Fazi, did you not know that the castle of raging fire has a new castellan!"

"Sigh, I mean, Mei Gui, New or old, it has nothing to do with us. go away and stop annoying me." San Fazi was annoyed.

In fact, he wasn't in a good mood recently. It was all because of uncle Cai. Since uncle Cai was sent into the castle, his deal with grandpa Yuan was also broken, and all the food was gone.

The crippled woman clicked her tongue and shook her head:" San Fazi, sister I is really disappointed in you."

San Fazi didn't even open his eyes. He just laid there like a dead person. To him, the more he moved, the sooner he would feel hungry.

But the crippled woman didn't seem to give up. She whispered into San Fazi's ear:" listen carefully San Fazi. The name of the new castellan is Yuan Hongxue, grandpa Yuan....."

" Go go go, go away... what castellan, what name, what Yuan......the fuck?!...." San Fazi was morning until he suddenly opened his eyes in shock. He quickly grabbed the crippled woman and asked:" grandpa Yuan? The old man that came to us with a kid?"

The Crippled woman saw San Fazi was finally interested in the news, she suddenly stopped talking and rolled her eyes pretended that she didn't want to carry on.

:" I mean Mei Gui, grandma Mei Gui, my ancestor... please tell me..." San Fazi urged.

:" I'm hungry, can't talk now." The woman said.

" Okay, okay, okay... here is all my food, just this much, now, please carry on!" San Fazi gritted his teeth and took out a small piece of food from inside his clothes then passed it to the woman.

:" that's better!" The woman took over the food then nibbled the food slowly and said:" okay, let me tell you, you hit the jackpot, San Fazi, I have heard that the New castellan is grandpa Yuan, I have even seen the sketch, so it can't be wrong. I think you'd better go to the castle of raging fire now, the old man needs People, and since you know him, he definitely will put you in an important role."

Just when San Fazi was about to ask something else, Boss Kui arrived with a group of men hurriedly. :" San Fazi, let's go, the castle of raging fire offerers double the price for the same rocks, let's go, quick! We don't want to be late...."


Two days later, in a small shack in the castle of Snowstorm.

:" the reason why I called this secret meeting today is that I want to hear everyone's opinion. Should we leave or should we stay." said by a woman who sat in the middle.

" Sister Jiang. You decide. We will listen to you." A young man who was chewing a thin branch said unconcernedly.

:" Some of us are Skywalkers who have stable supplies, others are engineering students who more or less have enough food to survive. But most of us are literature students who don't have any stable food supply. One of us has already died of starvation two days ago. I have been thinking about promises that the castle of raging fire gave out.....

So..." Jiang Qianqin noticed that Qin Qiying was a bit distracted, so she suddenly asked her:" Major Qin, any problems?"


Qin Qiying's reaction was still very quick, she looked at everyone and said sternly:" I have the doctor's news!"

:" the Doctor's news?" Jiang Qianqin was confused for a second. Then suddenly she realised who Qin Qiying was talking about. She was thrilled.

Since the doctor went missing in the last attack, many students thought he was already dead.

:" One of the informants from the castle of raging fire found me and gave me a letter that wrote by the doctor himself. He said that the castle of raging fire is safe now, the slavery practice had been abolished. He wants us to find a way to go there as soon as possible." Qin Qiying nodded her head and said.

" Can I have a look at the letter?" Jiang Qianqin though for a second and asked.

:" I burned it, you know what would happen if someone found out I had that." Qin Qiying shook her head and said.

:" Do you believe it?" Jiang Qianqin knitted her brows and then carried on:" I mean, is it possible that someone forced the doctor to write it?"

:" I have thought it over, the possibility is very low. We are not someone important in this castle, there is no need to them to risk their informant's lives just for us. " Qin Qiying said.

:" Okay, then, let's go to the castle not raging fire. This thing cannot be delayed. The longer we wait, the more dangerous it will be. So we are leaving tonight, everyone split out to inform the rest of students, if there are any accidents, run! Don't let them catch us." Jiang Qianqin lowered her voice and said.

:" Okay, the doctor said that he had already arranged skilful Skywalkers to help us from outside, I'll try to talk to the informant later." Qin Qiying added.

Suddenly a man stood up and said:" no, you can leave, but I can't, Tan Ning is still locked inside the inner castle. I can't just leave her here!"

:" Ga Zi, sit! There is no place for you to make a decision here. What can you achieve just by yourself? Can you save her?" The gentleman Zhuo pressed him to sit on the ground and hissed.

:" I don't care, I will not abandon her! Brother Zhuo, sister Jiang, I know you are doing this for everyone, but I can't go! I ...." Ga Zi shook off gentleman Zhuo's hand and said resolutely.

:" You!" the gentleman was angry.

:" Enough, Xiao Zhuo, let him stay, even if we took him away, he will still come back." Jiang Qianqin sighed and tried to calm the Gentleman Zhuo.

:"Let's move."


Three days later, a small hill region near the northeast edge of the yellow mountain area.

A group of 30 people who dressed in rags ran out of the mist. Probably because of the hunger and exhaustion or maybe they thought that they got rid of the monsters that were chasing them, just when they just ran out of the mist. Everyone staggered to the ground panting rapidly.

However, just when they thought that they had escaped from the danger, a group of imposing white dressed women surrounded them. All the refugees screamed in panic and crawled together, they had no more energy to run, all they could do was to shout "we don't have any food, we don't have any food, please don't eat us, please don't eat us...."

But before the women did something to them, another group of fully armed red-cloaked man roared towards them. The leader of the red-cloaked group was holding a fire torch high and shouted:"Hey! the women from the castle of Snowstorm, our grandpa Yuan has said that as long as you surrender yourself to us, you will not only receive the double amount of the food supply, but you will also receive a cultivation method. This is a great deal, think about it!"

"Sisters, don't be fooled, there is no one good at the castle of raging fire, they are all liars. Get ready for the fight! " the leader of white dressed group knitted her brows and shouted.

The red-cloaked man was furious. :" stupid women! Brothers, listen up! Grandpa said that capture them alive will receive level one award, even if they are dead, it will be counted as half level! Our rewards are just in front of us, CHARGE!"

The fierce fight broke out all of sudden, the powerful ice and fire energy almost destroyed the tip of the hill.... the bodies were everywhere.

After 30 minutes later, the red-cloaked team who had learned level one cultivation method finally gained the upper hand of the battle....


Castle of Snowstorm, inner castle.

A woman with a perfect beauty stood coldly inside the room. Opposite her, the Castellan Ji Qing had replaced her seductive expression with a stern look. :".... Senior ice messenger, if we don't do anything, the castle will be empty in 7 days....."