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Chapter 278 three levels of cultivation methods.

 Chapter 278 three levels of cultivation methods.

Chapter 278 three levels of cultivation methods.

Unlike cultivation methods, a weapon was something they could physically see and touched.

No one knew exactly how powerful the sword was, apart from the high-level slaveholders, but everyone knew that the sword belongs to the fire messenger, so it was definitely a powerful weapon.

In terms of the gun, almost everyone here knew that the gun was used to kill both Lei Ming and Fu Hanbiao.

:" Grandpa.... I, I..." Cao Zhengyi panic, he felt like he was in an extremely awkward position. After he was promoted to the castellan, he was no longer a low-level slaveholder, so he was not qualified to be the 18 generals. But Chu Yunsheng didn't mention about his arrangement after that. So he was extremely worried.

Luo Hengshen could stay calm, but he couldn't.

:" We will talk about you and the deputy castellan Luo later. Find those people who went missing first. If anyone of them betrayed the castle, kill them straight away." Chu Yunsheng sheathed the sword and said.

:" Yes, Chamberlain." Luo Hengshen said.

:" Also. Arrange 13 skilful Skywalkers to guard the secret chamber of the palace, don't let anyone inside! This place also needed to be guarded. Lao Cao, you are in charge of those two things." Chu Yunsheng said to Cao Zhengyi.

There were three candidates and Xu Qingshu's family in the secret chamber, they were the important cards Chu Yunsheng used to fight against the divine realm and the castle of Snowstorm, so he couldn't afford to lose them.

In the future, if he couldn't "kidnap" any candidates from the castle of Snowstorm, he could also use them to exchange Tan Ning.

After Chu Yunsheng gave out all the tasks, he went back to his room in the palace. He was surprised to see that Xu Xiaozhen had already prepared the hot water for him.

:" Why don't you run away?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:' I got nowhere to go and my family...." she had thought about leaving the castle of raging fire, but she couldn't break into the secret chamber just by herself.

:".... don't worry, once my thing is over, I'll release your family, it is much safer in the secret chamber at the moment." Chu Yunsheng said.


After the bath, Chu Yunsheng took out a pen and papers from the storage talismans starting to arrange three levels of cultivation methods he needed to give out.

He had already decided that the level one cultivation method would be the 9 diagrams he learned at the first island chain.

The 9 diagrams have been heavily modified by him, unlike the original one, the modified version was several times powerful.

The 11 diagrams on the second island chain would be the level two cultivation.

It was five sets of energy cultivation method, and Chu Yunsheng believed that once he modified it using the rules of the ancient book, the power of those cultivation methods would definitely be increased a lot.

And the level three cultivation method would be the 16 diagrams of combat techniques.

He didn't want to disclose the phantom flame skill at the moment, because without the cloak, that skill was not very useful. Besides, he himself also didn't understand the skill fully.

He didn't want to teach something to someone else that he didn't have any countermeasures.

Looking at the grey sky outside the palace through the big glass windows on the side of the hall, Chu Yunsheng let out a long sigh. No matter where he went, all skies were still the same, gloomy and depressing.

He called Cao Zhengyi after he wrote down three cultivation methods:" Lao Cao, take cares of these three cultivation methods, and do according to my announcement, remind them not to leak out anything. Whoever violates this rule, the punishment is death!"

Cao Zhengyi couldn't stop his hands from shaking while holding the papers. It was like he was holding a nuclear bomb that could explode at any time.

:" Also, tell them that this is just a beginning, the more contribution they make, the higher cultivation method they will get. This applies to every Skywalker."

He paused for a second and carried on:" tell Luo Hengshen to use the level one cultivation method to lure more Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm to join us, also tell them that we also have ice cultivation methods. No, wait... put a poster out, tell everyone in the castle. As long as they can pull over one Skywalker I will count that as one contribution. The more they pull over from the castle of Snowstorm, the higher cultivation method I'll give to them!"

:" Yes grandpa, I'll get it done today. My niece is a Skywalker in the castle of Snowstorm, I'll definitely get her back." Cao Zhengyi said confidently.

:" Have you found the slaveholder that went missing?" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked.

:" Just about to tell you. We have found him, he lost his consciousness and got buried in a pile of bodies. Probably still need some time to recover." Cao Zhengyi carefully folded the paper that he got from Chu Yunsheng and said.

:" Any sign of betraying us?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:" No, not possible, do you remember the slaveholder who sent a Korean Star to the fire messenger. He was that slaveholder. He is bad to his bones, so even if he wanted to join the castle of Snowstorm, they will not take him in." Cao Zhengyi replied. Then he suddenly realised he said something wrong. If castle of snowstorm also didn't want this man, why do they need him?

So he immediately closed his mouth and secretly looked at Chu Yunsheng to see if he was angry.

:" Oh, it's him. Find a time to ask him to come to see me. You can leave now." Chu Yunsheng yawned and then waved his hands to signal Cao Zhengyi to leave.

Cao Zhengyi was speechless, he seemed to have done that guy a favour. :" No, I have to get something back from that guy... " Cao Zhengyi thought while slowly moved out of the room.


Location: Castle of Snowstorm, the castellan's House.

"Castellan Ji, please avenge my father's death! That old demon....." Ning Huiyan was on his knees while his body was covered in blood. His face was covered with tears.

:" Huiyan, please be rest assured. I'll deliver Yuan Hongxue's head to you one day." Ji Qing said. She was sitting on the sofa with one of her sexy long legs crossed over the other earlier. When she saw Ning Huiyan sobbing in pain, she slowly put down the leg and walked over to Ning Huiyan helping him to stand up.

At this moment, A white dressed maid walked over and whispered to her " castellan, commander Xu is here."

:" Huiyan, go to the Medical clinic and ask them to have a look at your inquiry, my heart hurts when I see you like this." Ji Qing used her tender finger gently fondle Ning Huiyan's wound and said. Her eyes were filled with sadness and sympathy.

At that moment, Ning Zhitong felt like everything was worth it.

He then turned around and followed the maid without any hesitation. But he didn't realize that right after he turned around, the tenderness in Ji Qing's eyes was instantly replaced with relentless and anger.

Xu Qingshu's heart skipped a beat when she walked past Ning Huiyan. Her pinky finger also slightly twisted. She usually does this when she was extremely nervous. However, it seemed like she didn't realize that she had this little habit.

:" Castellan!" Xu Qingshu quickly adjusted her emotions and said.

:"Ay, yi , yi! Little Qing Qing, how many times do I have to tell you that don't call me castellan, call me sister!" Ji Qing twisted of her slender waist and said flirtingly.

:" Castellan, you are a castellan!" Xu Qingshu said sternly.

:" Sigh... in the entire Castle, you are the most stubborn one. But why you are the one I like the most... okay, let's talk about business, any news about the rest of candidates?" Ji Qing walked over a table and poured a glass of red wine and asked unconcernedly.