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Chapter 277 6 stars and 18 Generals

 Chapter 277 6 stars and 18 Generals

Chapter 277 6 stars and 18 generals

:" Chamberlain, how would you like to give out the food?" Luo Hengshen wasn't prepared for this plan. In fact. He was puzzled by what Chu Yunsheng wanted to do even more.

Luo Hengshen had thought about the reasons why Chu Yunsheng wanted to kill Lei Ming. However, he still couldn't figure it out. The old man had never asked them for any food nor women, he even wanted to give out more food.

In terms of power, Luo Hengshen didn't even believe that the old man had the slightest interest in that. Because since the old man killed his brothers, he just handed over the control of the castle to him.

All the old man did was staying in a small room in the palace. Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to believe that the old man was the fire messenger's loyal follower.

But What exactly does he want? Everything about him is just like a mystery and how come the old man is so powerful? Luo Hengshen though......


Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said:" I don't have a specific plan at the moment, but let's do it this way first. Based on what the castle of Snowstorm offered to those ordinary people and Skywalkers, we offer them double.

Also, put out an announcement that the slavery is abolished, and all the slaveholders need to release their slaves, they can choose to leave the castle or work for the castle in exchange for the food. "

" But Chamberlain, our food...." Luo Hengshen was dazed for a second then gritted his teeth to interrupt Chu Yunsheng. That was a huge amount of food. With the original amount of food, if they offered double amount, they wouldn't be able to survive in two months.

Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and interrupted him:" don't worry about the food, I won't touch a single grain here. The fire messenger will provide us with the food."

:" Okay!" Though Luo Hengshen answered, he was still confused that how the old man was sure that the fire messenger would provide such big amount of food.

:" Oh also, use all our spies in the castle of Snowstorm, ask them to spread the rumours as fast as they can. we will offer triple the amount of food to them. If they found that they are at a risk, they can come back immediately. We will no punish them. " Chu Yunsheng said.

:" What if the castle of snowstorm also increase their offer? " Luo Hengshen thought for a second and said.

:" They will increase, but not to everyone, so we don't need to worry. your job is just to double their offer. I will handle the food supply." Chu Yunsheng didn't worry about the food at all. He had entire creep to support him, so he was very confident.

:" Do I need to prepare a special operation team to support them from outside the castle of Snowstorm?" Luo Hengshen asked. The old man was crazy, and his plan which had so many flaws would bring a war to the castle of raging fire. However, apart from making some suggestions to compensate the flaws, he couldn't do anything to stop the plan.

"In terms of specific operation details, you can make decisions. I will not ask you." Chu Yunsheng simply replied. He was not good at managing this kind of things, when he was in Jin Ling he usually just let Ding Yan handled it.

"Okay, I will definitely get it done." Luo Hengshen's mind was in such a whirl that he could hardly think of anything at the moment, he was not sure that if he should carry on trusting his old man or not. So he just simply answered Chu Yunsheng and decided to wait to see if Chu Yunsheng could really get them some more food.

Chu Yunsheng raised the sword and stood in front of all the slaveholders and said loudly:"I know you all are not happy that I abolished Lei Ming's slavery practices. " the reason why Chu Yunsheng wanted to specifically mention that it was Lei Ming's slavery practices, not the castle of the raging fire and not the fire messenger was that he wanted to remind those people that Lei Ming was dead, and what he did was not what the fire messenger wanted.

"No, not at all, Chamberlain, you are a great man, and you definitely have reasons to abolishing slavery, so we don't have objections... " all the slaveholders immediately expressed their "thoughts".

Chu Yunsheng sneered:" it is okay to express your dissatisfaction, I am not an unreasonable person... An officer once asked me: What is the most important thing in this world? Is it food or power? I did not know how to answer the question at that time. The officer said it is the belief and faith. What he said may be right. In this sinister world, if there is no strong belief, a country will be dissolved, humans will be extinct. But to me, what he said is a total bullshit!

I don't have a high moral standard, and I think neither anyone of you has it. Otherwise, who would accept the slavery practices? The officer is a public servant, but I am just a regular civilian, I just want to survive, I don't want to be starved to death, or be eaten by the monsters, killed by enemies. Only those who lived are qualified to talk about beliefs, faiths and shit... if you can't even survive, what do I need those for?

So to me..." Chu Yunsheng suddenly infused the energy into his sword, flames instant burst out from the blade.

He then hacked the icy wall behind him and said: " this is what I need, and it is what you all need!!!"

The wall was split in half, and the flame spread across the wall melting all the ice that caused by the freeze gun earlier.

Chu Yunsheng glanced over the group and carried on:" the slavery practice ends here today, from now on, you are no longer slaveholders, you are 6 stars and 18 generals!

I hereby announce the new system on behalf of the fire messenger, from now on, regular skywalkers will receive level 1 fire cultivation method; 18 generals will receive level 2 fire cultivation method; 6 stars will receive level 3 cultivation method!"

Everyone was stunned, at the same time they were also confused. They did not think the method would be fake, because this kind of things can be tested. What they were confused about was that why would the fire messenger trust an old man so much?

In their knowledge, the fire messenger did not like any humans, it would not even talk to them if it saw them, let alone teach them the cultivation method. The only one person they knew who actually learned one skill called phantom flame from the fire messenger was Ning Zhitong's son - Ning Huiyan. And it only happened once because Ning Huiyan accidentally helped it to gain a powerful weapon in the divine realm. Even that the method Ning Huiyan learned was also greatly abridged.

Same goes for those ice messengers, otherwise, they would have already joined the castle of Snowstorm.

So Chu Yunsheng's announcement was like a bomb dropped in the crowd, those high-level slaveholders were still able to remain calm, but those low-level slaveholders could not hold their excitement, all of them wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng more questions.

But then what Chu Yunsheng said next, instantly made everyone lose their mind.

" four days later, the divine realm will open again. So apart from the necessary missions, I want all of you to focus on practising your cultivation method and preparing for the challenges in the divine realm. The more rewards we get from the divine realm, the fewer rewards those people from the castle of Snowstorm will get. Lastly whoever received the highest reward. I will ask the fire messenger to give you a powerful weapon like this gun, and this sword." Chu Yunsheng said while raising his sword and gun.