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Chapter 276 inventory check.

 Chapter 276 inventory check.

Chapter 276 inventory check.

:" Let him leave. it's a wasteland outside the castle, don't waste our resources on searching for Ning Zhitong's remaining force " Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said.

Ning Huiyan saw Chu Yunsheng at the castle of Snowstorm before, however, he has never seen him in the castle of raging fire. But Chu Yunsheng believed that castle of snowstorm might have already found out who he was.

The name Yuan Hongxue was still in the castle of snowstorm's register. So it would not be too hard for them to find it. He had too many fake names, he didn't want to go through the troubles to just make a new fake name.

But there was one thing that he forgot to take into consideration. It was Yuan Qiyang that small kid. If the castle of snowstorm wanted to question the kid. The kid would not be able to get away. However, Chu Yunsheng was not a genius or a perfect man. There was also no such thing as the perfect plan. Although he felt sorry for the kid, he couldn't do anything to help him.

But if the higher-ups of the castle of snowstorm were not stupid, they would probably treat Yuan Qiyang as VIP. After all, they probably thought that the kid was his grandson, so they might use the kid to threaten him. So for the time being the kid would not be in any danger.

When he thought of the kid, there was another problem came up, he was working under Xu Qingshu before, so he was not sure that if Xu Qingshu would be affected by this or not.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a while, he needed to find a way to bring Tan Ning to the castle of raging fire, it would be great if he could also bring the kid back, and also he needed to find a way to contact Xu Qingshu, he needed to know the information she had about the castle of snowstorm.

"Deputy castellan Luo, you go deal with the chaos and recovery of the castle. Let Lao Cao dig the hole." Chu Yunsheng waved his hand and gave Cao Zhengyi an eye signal.

Cao Zhengyi knew that the old man did not trust Luo Hengshen because he hesitated earlier. So the old man did not want Luo Hengshen to stay in the storage while he was trying to recover himself.


After a night of chaotic revolt, the castle of raging fire finally fell silent before the hazy shimmer appeared in the second day. The huge castle was almost empty now. most of the places in the castle were destroyed or covered with bodies

Chu Yunsheng didn't know when Cao Zhengyi brought a group of slaveholders outside the food storage waiting for him. Probably they through that Chu Yunsheng was resting, so they didn't inform Chu Yunsheng that they were outside.

However, there were still a lot of things needed to be decided by Chu Yunsheng. So almost everyone agreed that Cao Zhengyi should talk to Chu Yunsheng as soon as possible.

:"Grandpa? Grandpa? " Cao Zhengyi gritted his teeth and said after he led slaveholders into the storage.

Chu Yunsheng slowly opened his eyes and looked at him. :" has everything been suppressed?" He asked.

:" Yes, all the rebellions have been put down." Cao Zhengyi constantly nodded his head and replied with his strong local accent.

:"Ok, tell me about the damage." Chu Yunsheng asked calmly.

:" This.... This...." Cao Zhengyi suddenly stuttered.

:" Don't lie!" Looking at everyone bowed their heads down. Chu Yunsheng knew the situation was very bad.

:" yes... yes... Grandpa, according to the latest result, it is very bad.... One of the high-level slaveholders is dead, we lost three low-level slaveholders in total, one is dead, one went missing and one joined the castle of Snowstorm. The number of Skywalkers that went missing or was killed during the revolt is around 200. Most..... most of the slaves have escaped from the castle, we only have roughly 1000 ordinary people left..." Cao Zhengyi was secretly watching Chu Yunsheng's expression while reporting the stats.

:" So, we still have 500 Skywalkers left, and the 1000 ordinary are not slaves, are they? " Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh.

All the slaveholders were looking at each other did not know what Chu Yunsheng actually meant.

Then Chu Yunsheng looked at Luo Hengshen and said:" Deputy castellan Luo, what about the food."

" Chamberlain, we didn't lose a single grain of food. The secret food storage wasn't under attack last night. I will arrange people to transport the food back here. The amount of the food is enough to support 10,000 people for 6 months" Luo Hengshen stepped forward and replied.

He knew why Chu Yunsheng would want to ask this in front of everyone. All the slaveholders had almost lost everything in one night. Although they still stayed, in the next few days, if they didn't see any improvement in the situation, most of them would probably also run away. So telling them that situation of the food was to give them a hope, a confidence and an excuse to stay.

"Get it done as soon as possible, I will also request the fire messenger to supply us some more food." Chu Yunsheng said. He had asked Cao Zhengyi before, some of the food that the castle of raging fire had come from some undestroyed grain depots, and some of the food came from an underground bunker that no one knew who built it.

Of course, this no one did not include Chu Yunsheng. Because the location of that underground bunker just happened to be the place that the billionaire Zhang wanted him to go.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then stood up. He glanced at the ground and said:" I think everyone knows why the revolt would happen today, so I don't want to accuse anyone of you. As the old saying goes, without destruction there can be no construction, so let's talk about future.

Since there are no slaves to enslave to now. There is no need to practise slavery anymore. Otherwise, we will have to deal with the same problem in the future again.....

Let's just follow the same system that the castle of Snowstorm is using. Deputy castellan Luo you are in charge of this in person. There will be a lot of things required many ordinary people to do it. We will provide food in exchange for their hard work."

Everyone was dazed for a second, then everyone's face was filled with dissatisfied expression. There were many reasons why they stayed in the castle of raging fire, and the slavery was one of them.

However, no one dared to object the decision. If anyone dared to say it, they would be next Lei Ming.

Chu Yunsheng also knew that they were not happy with the decision, however, he still needed to do it. This was the best way to attract people from the castle of Snowstorm and to improve the situation in the castle of raging fire.

Especially those skywalkers who joined the castle of Snowstorm, slavery was the main reason why they betrayed the castle of raging fire.

However, abolishing slavery was not tempting enough for those people, in order to gain their maximum attention, Chu Yunsheng planned to offer weapons, and even the cultivation methods!.