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Chapter 275 Collapsed

 Chapter 275 Collapsed

Chapter 275 Collapsed

:" You awakened twice?" Chu Yunsheng didn't realize that Ning Zhitong was infusing the ice elemental energy into the gun earlier. So he was surprised when he saw it.

This man was using the fire energy to heat up a tank outside the palace earlier. So he must have been awakened twice.

However, Ning Zhitong didn't answer him, he was concentrating on aiming the gun at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng also gave up asking questions after realising the man clearly ignored him. He started thinking how to deal with the dozen of Skywalkers without exposing himself.

There were too many people here. It would be too risky for him to use talismans or the sword fighting technique. All he left was a set of combat fighting technique which he learned from the divine realm.

As he was thinking, a dozen of fire skywalkers cast out their energy like a flame net restricting his movement, and the milky beams was constantly shot towards him while he was being restrained in a small circle.

He was not a god, without wearing his armour, his speed could not even compete with the cloaked man. So in order to avoid being hit by the white beam, he had to withstand the other fire skywalkers' attack, and soon, his old wounds started to bleed again, due to the extreme movement.

All the time he spent in to recover his body was in vain. The new wounds combine with old wounds causing sharp pains all over his body. Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth to endure the pain, however his anger quickly started to build up.

"Luo Hengshen, sword!" Chu Yunsheng dodged one attack and shouted. The wall behind him was instantly hit by the white beam and frozen into an ice wall.

:" Luo Hengshen! If you still have a little bit of humanity in you, don't give him the sword!" Ning Zhitong recognised the sword. He knew exactly how powerful the sword was.

Looking at Chu Yunsheng who was constantly dodging the attack and Ning Zhitong who was shouting at him, Luo Hengshen had never had such mixed feelings before.

In the past, he trusted his elder brother Lei Ming. He thought that everything Lei Ming did was right. It was for their survival and for a better life. So he chose to turn a blind eye to many things. He used survival as an excuse to escape from the thoughts came from the inner world.

However, when his elder brother Lei Ming abandoned or even sacrificed him for his own "survival", he was lost. The belief that supported him in the past collapsed all of sudden. Apart from protecting those families, he could no longer find any purpose to survive.

It was at this time, Cao Zhengyi reached his head out and shouted: "Luo Hengshen, don't be stupid. Your family is still in the castle!"

Cao Zhengyi's words were like an awl that pierced Luo Hengshen's heart, it immediately made him come back from the state of confusion.

After his belief collapsed, all he had was his family, more importantly, he was the only one who knew Chu Yunsheng's real power here. Even if he kept the sword, there was one voice inside his mind kept telling him that the winner will still be the old man.

In the next second, Luo Hengshen threw the sword to Chu Yunsheng resolutely.

Ning Zhitong's face instantly dropped, he gritted his teeth and aimed the gun at Luo Hengshen. But he hesitated, he didn't want to kill Luo Hengshen, because Luo Hengshen had supplies he needed.

However, he didn't want this man to ruin the chance that he had been waiting in the dark for a very long time.

He growled, then turned the gun to aim at the flying sword and quickly pulled the trigger several times.

This was the chance that Chu Yunsheng was waiting for, the sword was just a distraction. What he really wanted was to take out his roaring flame gun.

Because his aiming skill was very bad, so he needed to stop moving so fast, only then would he be able to aim accurately. But the freeze gun Ning Zhitong was holding didn't give him any chance.

That was why he wanted to use the sword as a distraction.



Two different colour of beams instantly appeared.

The sword was frozen.

At the same time, one of the fire Skywalkers who was covering Ning Zhitong was hit by the roaring flame gun's attack.

He was lit up and knocked backwards, several people immediately gathered around trying to stop him flew backwards to Ning Zhitong.

However it was too late, and the roaring flame gun was too powerful. The fire quickly spread towards those who went to help. None of them was able to stop the fire from spreading.

The basement was instantly filled with blood-curdling screams.

Seeing his men caught on fire one by one Ning Zhitong roared "YUAN HONGXUE, YOU WILL DIE MISERABLY!....."

Suddenly, a Skywalker next to him exploded, and it caused huge fire cloud and it instantly swallowed Ning Zhitong in.

The entire battle formation was collapsed less than a few seconds, and what collapsed at the same time, was Chu Yunsheng's principle.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to kill them, because he knew they were good people. That was why he tried to avoid using the roaring flame gun, he wanted to see if he could restrain them.

However, while he was dodging the attack he could clearly feel that they wanted to kill him. The anger that had been built up since the beginning of the fight instantly erupted.

But when he smelt the burnt human flesh, his body started to tremble. "Am I doing the right thing?" He asked himself silently. While slowly moving backwards and sat on a big rock.

Chu Yunsheng had killed a lot of people, it was so many that he couldn't even remember how many he had killed in the past.

But he always had a bottom line, he always told himself that the people he killed deserved to die.

But the group he just killed wasn't like anyone he killed before. He lit up a cigarette using his shaking hand and murmured:" it's their fault... I gave them the choice... they wanted to kill me.... It was just my self-defence...."


Luo Hengshen knew Chu Yunsheng would win, but he still didn't expect this result. The last explosion was not caused by Chu Yunsheng's attack, but more like some kind explosives that tied to one of the Skywalker's body. There wasn't even a complete body on the ground. Everything was scattered around.

Luo Hengshen found the frozen sword and then picked up, then pass it to Chu Yunsheng. :" Chamberlain... sword."

Chu Yunsheng took the sword and infuse the energy inside to break the ice apart. Then he threw it to Cao Zhengyi who just came out of the storage and said:" use this to dig a hole. Bury them!"

Cao Zhengyi didn't understand why the old man wanted to bury those people. But he also didn't dare to refuse, so he just took the sword and turned around.

Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly turned around and said:" grandpa, Ning Zhitong probably had already sent his family out of the castle, but his son was heavily injured, and it is most likely still in the castle!"

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