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Chapter 274 Shock

 Chapter 274 Shock

Chu Yunsheng has never seen Ning Zhitong's real power before, so he did not know if Luo Hengshen and Cao Zhengyi could stop Ning Zhitong from escaping or not. He was just hoping that they could stall the man until he sorted out of bomb problem.

Originally Luo Hengshen did not want to fight Ning Zhitong, among them, Cao Zhengyi was the castellan, so he should be the one in charge of this. However, before Chu Yunsheng ran into the food storage, he ordered him specifically. So he could not avoid this fight.

From the information Luo Hengshen had about Ning Zhitong, he believed that Ning Zhitong should not be powerful than him. Besides, he had fire messenger's sword, so although he might not be able to kill them, there wouldn't be a problem for him to stall them there.

"General Er, since we have been working together, we didn't have any conflict, did we?" Surprisingly, Ning Zhitong didn't attempt to run away after he ignited the fuse. Instead, he was talking calmly to Luo Hengshen.

"You want to instigate me to join you?" Luo Hengshen's face twitched and then let out a hollow laugh.

:" General Er, you are a smart man, and I respect that. With your intelligence, it shouldn't be hard for you to understand the situation now!" Ning Zhitong complimented.

:" No, I don't understand." Luo Hengshen stopped laughing and said sternly.

" No, you do understand! And it is even more clear to you than me! " Ning Zhitong shook his head and said.

:"Oh, what makes you say that?.' Luo Hengshen took a quick glance at the entrance of storage and said.

:"okay, if you don't want to say it. I'll do it for you! Although I don't know why you are still worried, it doesn't really matter now. I'll tell you, and I'll make your worries go away." Ning Zhitong waved his hand then carried on:" why do you think Yuan Hongxue wants to kill Lei Ming and Fu Hanbiao? Why?"

Luo Hengshen stared at him coldly, but he didn't answer his question. Cao Zhengyi held his breath didn't dare to make a sound.

:"Join the enemy? Betrayal? Working in collusion with the castle of Snowstorm? Hahaha....!" Ning Zhitong suddenly laughed out loud:" Lei Ming was already a castellan, why would he want to betray his own castle? You may ask any person in the castle. Who would ever believe in this kind of bullshit excuse!"

"We both are not stupid, especially General Er you, I dare you saying that you don't know why he wants to do it. He wants power, he wants the control of the whole castle, so your brother Lei Ming must die! And you know why he kept you alive not your brother Fu Hanbiao!"

Luo Hengshen smiled:" that, I don't really know."

:"Luo Hengshen, I'm trying to help you. And you are still playing a game with me. Do you really think Yuan Hongxue will keep you alive after he used you? He killed your brothers..." Ning Zhitong was slightly angry.

:" Ning Zhitong I know what you are saying, and why you want me to join you. So stop pretending that you are a good man." Luo Hengshen said, there was even a trace of disgust appearing on his face.

:"Okay, I know that you have secretly store the food somewhere else. since you don't want to join me, I hope you can stay aside and don't involve in this!" Ning Zhitong sneered.

:" Why would I do that !" Luo Hengshen took another quick glance at the storage and said.

:"Why would you?! Because You helped to build this cage. Because your brothers Lei Ming and Fu Hanbiao used this place to torture people. So watch this place burn to the ground is the only way to redeem what you brother three did! " Ning Zhitong's face was distorted and grotesque with violent expressions of anger and hatred. His eyes were filled with red blood vessels and gritted his teeth while saying it.

:" Don't forget, you are also a high-level slaveholder! You are in no position to judge us..." Luo Hengshen knew this man was right. However, he still didn't like a person who does the same job as them to criticize them.

:" Fuck this high-level slaveholder, do you think I fucking care!? My life was saved by the ordinary people when I almost die of hunger. If it weren't that they were trapped here, do you think I would stay here? !" Ning Zhitong cursed.

Then Ning Zhitong took out a strange weapon from his backpack and said:" Luo Hengshen, I don't know why you are scared. But There is a reason why I dare to come here to destroy the food storage. Think about it, the castle is already in such a mess, why there is only Yuan Hongxue here? Where is the fire messenger?.... I can tell you, the fire messenger is heavily injured, and he might even be dead soon. He doesn't have time to take care of the castle. So, if you want, come with me to the castle of Snowstorm, there are still a lot of people need to be saved!"

Luo Hengshen instinctively stepped back. He was shocked, he didn't know if he should trust this man or not.

:" You don't believe me? Look at this weapon. This weapon was given to me by the senior ice messenger. And the information I just told you was also given by her in person. Do you want to see the power of this gun?" Ning Zhitong adjusted the gun and said. Then he pointed at Cao Zhengyi and suddenly fire the shot without any hesitation.


A white beam suddenly appeared and flew past him.

Cao Zhengyi was scared, he didn't even know how to react. When he came back from the shock, he realised that he was held in the air by someone from his back, and the wall behind him had already become ice powders.

It was Chu Yunsheng who just came back after he froze the entire food storage.

When he arrived at the entrance of the food storage, he instantly recognized the weapon that Ning Zhitong was holding, it was the freeze gun!

And with Cao Zhengyi's strength, he definitely wouldn't be able to stop the attack. So he instantly rushed to save Cao Zhengyi.

:" I'll not kill you. Because you all just hate Lei Ming and his men. Drop your weapon then you can leave freely. You have only one chance!" Chu Yunsheng threw Cao Zhengyi back into the storage and said.

Ning Zhitong didn't know why the storage hadn't exploded, and he didn't see how Chu Yunsheng saved Cao Zhengyi. But he wasn't scared, because he was confident that the weapon he had would kill this old man.


Ning Zhitong didn't answer Chu Yunsheng, instead, he fired another shot.

:" Brothers, don't be scared. We have the Ice messenger's gun, Let's kill him!" Ning Zhitong shouted, then quickly moved back behind the crowd and started to aim the gun at Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng respected those people, they know those people were good men. That was why he offered them a choice. However, he was also not a saint, those people clearly did not want to leave this place without achieving something.