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Chapter 273 Where is the fire messenger?

 Chapter 273 Where is the fire messenger?

Chu Yunsheng might not be smart, however, his strange feelings saved him a lot of time.

Xiao Zhen's words reminded him the fight between Ning Huiyan and Xu Qingshu.

If Xu Qingshu really was the spy, why would she want to kill Ning Huiyan at that time?

It didn't make sense, she clearly knew who Ning Huiyan was.

Chu Yunsheng thought of several possibilities very quickly. The first one was, Xu Qingshu might have betrayed the castle of raging fire. However, this possibility was very low, since her whole family was kept in the castle of raging fire.

Then there was the second possibility, if Xu Qingshu didn't betray the castle, then Ning Huiyan might be a spy as well, and if Ning Huiyan really was the spy from the castle of Snowstorm, then his father Ning Zhitong might also have a problem.

Chu Yunsheng felt like his head was going to explode, there were too many things he was not sure, so he didn't know which one of them he should trust.

After having failed to determine who really betrayed the castle of raging fire, Chu Yunsheng decided to stop thinking about it.

However, he also didn't want to ask a suspicious man commanding the defence forces at the front. So he wanted to get Ning Zhitong back and find some reasons to trap him in the hall of palace first, he wanted to solve the spy problem after the chaos was suppressed.

But when he went outside of the palace, he noticed that he couldn't find Ning Zhitong anymore!

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly skipped a beat. He felt extremely anxious, he felt something bad was going to happen and Ning Zhitong might be the man who behind all of this. However, he didn't know where he was.


:"if Ning Zhitong betrayed us, what do you think he would be doing right now?!" Chu Yunsheng pulled Cao Zhengyi aside and asked.

"Be.. betray? Ning Zhitong? It can't be..." Cao Zhengyi's eyes were wide open, he was constantly shaking his head and said:" he is a high-level slaveholder, and his force is at least ranked at top three in the castle, why would he want to betray the castle?"

" I'm not asking you why he would do it! I'm asking what if he betrayed us, where he might be at right now? And what he might be doing?" Chu Yunsheng glared at him and hissed.

:" Okay.... Let me think.... Let me think..." Cao Zhengyi started to sweat a lot. However, he couldn't think of anything.

:" Chamberlain, if Ning Zhitong really betrayed us, I think he will try to destroy our food storage!" It was Luo Hengshen who hurriedly rushed back from the gate.

:" Burn the food?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said.

:"Yes, burn our food!" Luo Hengshen said decidedly:" the gate is open now. The chaotic crowd started to move out. If they burned our food storage. The castle of raging fire is over!"

:" let's go to our food storage, now!" Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered them to lead the way.


When Chu Yunsheng arrived at the entrance of the food storage, he noticed that the lock was already broken.

Cao Zhengyi's face went pale and Luo Hengshen's frowned. But Chu Yunsheng was relieved. The reason why he was so worried earlier was that he didn't know where Ning Zhitong might be. Since the lock to the storage was broken, it meant that Ning Zhitong was most likely there.

He wasn't worried about the food problem like other people were. there were many insects in the creep area. He could get as many foods as he wanted.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to enter the storage, he saw several shadows came out from the storage. The man at the front was Ning Zhitong.

Ning Zhitong was surprised to see that Chu Yunsheng would show up here, but soon he returned to his clam expression:" Yuan Hongxue, didn't expect you would come here this quick. But you are still late! This place will be blown up and turn into a ruin!"

:" I don't think so! Luo Hengshen. Stop them!' Chu Yunsheng didn't stop while talking to them. He quickly ran past those 10 people using nine diagrams of body movements!

Fortunately, the way Ning Zhitong needed to detonated the bomb was the most primitive way.

And because his original plan was to ignite the fuse when he came out of the food storage. So Chu Yunsheng had enough time to stop them.

But Ning Zhitong didn't know that. When he felt that Chu Yunsheng flew pass him, he immediately turned around and cast out his energy trying to ignite the fuse.

There was quite a good amount of explosives next to the entrance, so he was confident that he would be able to bury Chu Yunsheng inside.

Cao Zhengyi was scared to death when he saw Ning Zhitong cast out the energy.

At the same time, Luo Hengshen next to him was confused. Things have already progressed to this extent. But where is the fire messenger?