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Chapter 272 the emergence of spies

 Chapter 272 the emergence of spies

Before Chu Yunsheng handed over the sword he had several thoughts. The worst one was that Luo Hengshen might take the sword then escape to the castle of Snowstorm, or used it to make the situation in the castle even more chaotic.

But then again, Luo Hengshen still had family members inside the castle, Chu Yunsheng didn't think Luo Hengshen was the type of person who would abandon his family.

" This sword belongs to the fire messenger, if anyone still dares to challenge you when they see the sword, you can kill them!" Chu Yunsheng stopped thinking and gave the sword straightaway.

Chu Yunsheng had thought about going to the gate with Luo Hengshen. However, he also didn't think Cao Zhengyi would be able to handle the situation here without him. Compare to him, he trusted Luo Hengshen's ability more. So he decided to stay here.

" Chamberlain don't worry, I'll definitely return the sword!" Luo Hengshen said sternly, he knew how powerful the sword was, but he didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would trust him and give him the sword.

" Grandpa?" Cao Zhengyi was confused. Why would the old man trust this man?

Chu Yunsheng stopped Cao Zhengyi from taking and said to Luo Hengshen " go, now"

Luo Hengshen took over the sword and flew past the high-level slaveholder who was dealing with the tank earlier and disappeared into the darkness.

"You! Yes. It's you! From now on, you are in charge of defence here. Don't let them in!" Chu Yunsheng said to the high-level slaveholder. Then he said Cao Zhengyi " you come with me."

Chu Yunsheng didn't think he would help them in any way and instead of staying here to cause more trouble for the high-level slaveholder, it was better for him to just give the man full control of the defence. He believed that the high-level slaveholder was capable of dealing with the situation here by himself.

:" Chamberlain don't worry, those people won't make a step on the stairs." The man said sternly.


In the hall of the palace, Cao Zhengyi was looking at Chu Yunsheng nervously. He was extremely envy of the black man who was very relaxed around Chu Yunsheng. The black man Edgar was making himself at home! He was pouring himself a drink, walking in and out to check the situation outside casually as if the chamberlain was not there.

"Edgar, ask Dori to come here, I need to see the progress." Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that there was one thing he needed to pay attention to.

:" but, it is just one day...." Edgar was dazed for a second.

:" It doesn't matter. I just need to check the progress, if she already made some. We can give it to the high-level slaveholder..... oh.. do you know that guy's name? The guy who was dealing with the tank earlier on." Chu Yunsheng just realized that he didn't ask the man his name. Although Cao Zhengyi had given him a list of names before. He didn't really pay attention to the list.

:" Grandpa. His name is Ning Zhitong, he is a highly competent man..." Cao Zhengyi wanted to carry on introduce the man. But he was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

:" Wait. His surname is Ning?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:" Yes. That's right." Cao Zhengyi was confused.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked:" Is there anyone called Ning Huiyan in the castle?"

:" It is his son, he was injured in the last attack. At the moment he is recovering himself at home. Do you know him?" Cao Zhengyi looked at Chu Yunsheng and asked.

:" Oh okay. No. Not really... I have seen his fight before. Quite a powerful man." Chu Yunsheng slightly complimented.

Just when they two were having a chat, there were some noises suddenly appeared from the side of the hall. Chu Yunsheng was alerted and instantly ran towards the place where the sound came from. His speed was so fast that Cao Zhengyi didn't even see how Chu Yunsheng moved.


:" Let go of me!" A girl screamed.

" Sister Xiao Zhen there was no one to protect you now, Lei Ming is gone! You have been bullying us for a very long time... now is our turn...."

" Brother stop wasting time talking to her. let's do it... there was no one look as clean as Xiao Zhen in the castle, her skin, her body... I can't wait for any longer...."

:" This is the palace, the fire messenger and the Chamberlain are still here. How dare you two trying to cause troubles here! Do you want to die? " Xiao Zhen said while trying to break free.

:" It was chaotic outside, they are probably busy dealing with the mess in the castle. No one has time for this. Sister Xiao Zhen, tonight, no matter how loud you scream, no one would come to save you."

:" That's right. Even the Chamberlain is here, do you think he is going to save you....."

:" Let me go... you.... Chamberlain!... Grandpa.... " Xiao Zhen constantly struggled when she saw Chu Yunsheng appeared at the door.

:" do you think you can fool us....."

"Cough... cough..." two coughs sudden appeared at two brothers' back and it instantly scared the souls out of two brothers.

:" Grandpa, save me. I will tell you one secret that even General Er also didn't know!" Xiao Zhen shouted desperately.

Xiao Zhen was indeed working for Lei Ming before. However, Chu Yunsheng didn't have a direct conflict with her before and she didn't cause any trouble for Chu Yunsheng. So although Chu Yunsheng didn't like her, he also didn't hate her.

:" Take them all away!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly to Cao Zhengyi who just arrived. He didn't have time for this kind of thing.

Two young men wanted to run towards Chu Yunsheng and beg for forgiveness. However, they were immediately kicked away by Cao Zhengyi. But when Cao Zhengyi saw the girl's skin underneath the ripped cloth, a glimmer of savage longing flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Zhen knew that look, she quickly covered her exposed areas and knelt in front of Chu Yunsheng:" Grandpa, please, Keep me, don't let them take me away. I know a big secret." Xiao Zhen said hurriedly.

Chu Yunsheng looked at her and said:" I'll give you a chance, don't lie to me, otherwise, you know the consequence."

Xiao Zhen nodded her head and then looked around at other people.

:" Cao Zhengyi, take those two people outside!" Chu Yunsheng knew what girl was thinking. But he didn't think a girl like her would have a huge secret.

:" Sorry, Chamberlain, This secret is related to the life and death of a person who is close to me. " Xiao Zhen tried to calm herself down and said.

:' I am listening." Chu Yunsheng said casually.

Xiao Zhen hesitant for a second then finally said:" you already knew that both castles have spies right."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

:" But there is one spy that only I and Lei Ming know, and that person has already infiltrated into the higher level of the castle of Snowstorm." Xiao Zhen said nervously.

:" Who?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly stared at the girl and said sternly. If it is real, then it is a great news to him. He would be able to find out if the divine realm was really working with those aliens in the white dress or not.

" Chamberlain, I can tell you, but could you promise me that you will not ask her to do something dangerous... please... I'm begging you...." Xiao Zhen suddenly became agitated.

:" If you really concerned about her safety, why are you telling me this? You said only Lei Ming and you know, Lei Ming is dead now, if you don't tell anyone, she will be safe. Don't you think that you are contradicting yourself?" Chu Yunsheng asked her.

:" But I have no choice, if there was just me left, I'd rather die. But our family are also in this castle... she... me... our family.... " Xiao Zhen nodded her head and said painfully. In the end, she didn't even know how to express herself properly.

:" Tell me who she is first. I'll try my best not to ask her to do dangerous things." Chu Yunsheng nodded her head and said.

Xiao Zhen bit her lips and took a deep breath then said. :" It's my older sister, my surname is Xu, my full name is Xu Xiaozhen, and her name is Xu...'

:" Qingshu? Your sister is Xu Qingshu!!!!" Chu Yunsheng was staring at Xiao Zhen trying to get the confirmation from her.

Xiao Zhen nodded her head unwillingly.

:" I'll find out if you are telling the truth or not. This is your last chance to admit it...." Chu Yunsheng warned her again.

Xiao Zhen raised her head and stared into Chu Yunsheng's eye, but she still nodded her head.

Xu Qingshu..... Xu Qingshu!.... Chu Yunsheng helped Xiao Zhen to get up. But inside his mind, he was extremely excited. Through her, he would definitely get the information he wanted!

:" Shit! I shouldn't have trust Ning Zhitong!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of one thing and it made him curse out loud and left Xiao Zhen puzzled.