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Chapter 271 The Chaos inside the castle

 Chapter 271 The Chaos inside the castle.

Chu Yunsheng asked Edgar to guard outside the room for the entire night that night. He wanted to have a good rest for one evening. In the past two days, he didn't have a proper rest. So he was extremely exhausted. In this castle, only when Edgar was outside his room, was able to fall asleep.

However, the power struggle between the higher-ups of the castle was like earthquakes in the oceans causing a "tsunami"-like aftermath sweeping through the entire castle.

Even in the dark night, many people still didn't dare to sleep. A lot of people were forced to choose sides again, and those who were used to be loyal Lei Ming were almost eliminated in a night. The air inside the castle was filled with blood smell and it seemed to get heavier and heavier as the time passed.

Everyone inside the castle knew that from today, the old man who looked like that he didn't have many days left in this world, was in charge of the castle. Lei Ming was completely dead. Although Luo Hengshen was still alive and got a huge reward from the fire messenger, he didn't get to promote to be the new castellan.

The family members of Lei Ming and Fu Hanbiao were relocated to Luo Hengshen's place and heavily guarded by Luo Hengshen's men in time. Although Chu Yunsheng mentioned that the fire messenger would not go after their families, there were still a lot of people seeking chances for revenge in the dark.

In terms of those people who used to have very good relationships with their brothers, Luo Hengshen didn't have enough men to help them all.

No one knew how many enemies exactly Lei Ming brothers had. Ambushes and assassinations happened all the time, and it didn't seem to reduce as time passed by.

Originally it was the 7 slaveholders trying to split the resources that Lei Ming brothers had. But soon, some other people also started to join in the looting.

As more and more people joined in, the situation became more and more chaotic....

When Cao Zhengyi and 7 slaveholders realised that the situation was out of control, it was already too late....

They tried their best to gather as many Skywalkers as they could to control the chaos. However, no matter how many people they killed, they still could not stop the chaos.

Cao Zhengyi was not experienced in handling the chaos with this kind of scale, he was just a low-level slaveholder who suddenly became the castellan by his luck, not his ability.

Originally, he thought that as soon as he started to kill some people, it would scare those slaves, they would immediately stop running around destroying things. However, what he did seemed to have an opposite effect. He had already run out of the ideas. He had to get a help from those two who were living in the palace.

No one knew what caused the slaves and even some skywalkers to lost their minds, but more and more people started to flock towards the palace as if someone was guiding them towards a specific place.

Chu Yunsheng was woken up by loud noises, he was alerted and quickly got up to open the door.

"What happened outside?" Chu Yunsheng asked hurriedly.

Edgar shook his head. He did not leave the door a single step, so he also did not know.

"Stay here, don't go anywhere. I am going to check what's going on!" Chu Yunsheng's heart sunk. The noises of peoples shouting "kills" and "fight" were getting louder and louder. His first reaction was that the castle of Snowstorm was attacking the castle of raging fire.

Then he saw Tao Chan was running breathless towards him and shouted:" Grandpa, grandpa.... slaves.... They revolted!"

Chu Yunsheng wad dazed for a second, revolt? What did she mean revolt; since when do those slaves dare to fight back aliens?

"Where is Cao Zhengyi? " Chu Yunsheng asked.

"The castellan is commanding the suppression at the front, those slaves wanted to rush into here! " Tao Chan's face was extremely pale, it was caused by the fear.

Chu Yunsheng went out of the main hall and walked through the square. He then saw a row of Skywalkers at the bottom of the stairs when he arrived at the edges of the square.

In front of the Skywalkers was a "wall" made or human bodies piling on each other and those bodies were still on fire. Behind the "wall", people still pushing forward or trying to climb over the wall to hit those Skywalkers.they did not seem to be scared of death at all.

:" What the fuck is going on?" Chu Yunsheng ran towards Cao Zhengyi and shouted.

Cao Zhengyi was scared by Chu Yunsheng's sudden appearance, then he stuttered when he realised it was the old man.

"Useless!" Chu Yunsheng kicked him away and grab a high-level slaveholder he could recognize and asked:" you tell me."

The high-level slaveholder was much calmer than Cao Zhengyi. :" Chamberlain, the slaves in the castle suddenly started revolting... but don't worry, although there are some Skywalkers also joined the revolt, it will soon be suppressed. We still have a good amount of Skywalkers on our side." The high-level slaveholder said calmly.

Meanwhile, a low-level slaveholder was ordering some people to hook two heavy machine guns on the stairs, one on each side aiming at the chaotic crowd.

Before Chu Yunsheng even had time asking them where they got those weapons, a tank was roaring towards the Skywalkers from behind the crowd, and it fired instantly when it reached the attack range.

"Fuck! Armor division also joined them!!" Cao Zhengyi got up and cursed. In the next second, he was blown away by the shockwave of the explosion.

:" I'll take care of it!" The high-level slaveholder who was talking to Chu Yunsheng earlier said sternly. Then he instantly jumped over the crowd and flew towards the tank.

The man didn't destroy the tank's gun like Chu Yunsheng imagined, instead he liquefied his fire energy and pour it around the tank. Soon the tank was heated up and people inside the tank couldn't bear the heat, they all crawled out of the tank.

Chu Yunsheng immediately realised that the man was trying to save the tank. In this kind of chaotic situation, the man could still have such clear mind, it made Chu Yunsheng feel inferior. However, he also felt very strange that why would such man try to flatter Cao Zhengyi earlier in the hall of the palace.

Suddenly a man broke out of the crowd, Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to take a close look. It was Luo Hengshen. His whole body was covered in blood.

Luo Hengshen ignored Cao Zhengyi and looked at Chu Yunsheng and said:" Chamberlain, we need to open the castle and let people out... it is very dangerous now..."

:"Why?" Chu Yunsheng stared at him trying to figure out why he would suggest this. This was a crucial moment, if he made a wrong decision, the castle would become a ghost town. Then all his efforts would be in vain.

:" we need to let people out, otherwise, if we continue killing people like this, all the slaves in the castle will be dead before the hazy shimmer appears." Luo Hengshen said sternly.

:" Let them leave! It's a wasteland outside and they don't have any food with them. They will come back when they calm down!" Luo Hengshen said.

:" Is there any problems with the place where we storing the food!?" Chu Yunsheng looked at Cao Zhengyi and said.

:" Grandpa, it's all underneath the palace, as long as we don't lose this place. The food would be safe." Cao Zhengyi pointed at the ground and said.

Chu Yunsheng quickly gathered a few other people and discussed Luo Hengshen's suggestions.

:" We need to make decisions as soon as possible. The longer we delayed, the more we will lose." Luo Hengshen urged again.

" Luo Hengshen once we opened the gate, we will not be able to catch spies. You are scared that we caught the spies. right?" One of the slaveholders said sarcastically.

:"Huh! Someone is definitely behind this revolt. But who knows if it is spies or maybe someone else in the castle!" Luo Hengshen snorted.

Chu Yunsheng didn't see them come to an agreement, and he also didn't want to lose so many people. So he immediately said:" Luo Hengshen. Open the gate!"

:"Yes!" Luo Hengshen responded, but he didn't leave. He was looking at Chu Yunsheng and said: " they won't believe me, you need to give me something that they know it's yours or the fire messengers."

Chu Yunsheng already used up all the tokens, the only thing he had with him right now was the fire messenger's sword.