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Chapter 269 brotherhood

 Chapter 269 brotherhood

However, Cao Zhengyi could not back away from it. As long as he had a slightest hesitant, he believed that Chu Yunsheng would kill him right there.

This was the biggest gamble he has ever made, and the wager was his life.

If the Chamberlain won, then he would be promoted to a position that no one in the castle would dare to challenge. If the Chamberlain lost, then not only just him, his family would also die!

:" Ask your men to watch the movements of all the slaveholders, bring the as well. then wait for my orders." Chu Yunsheng passed the tokens to Cao Zhengyi and said.

:" Y.... Yes, I'll do it now.' Cao Zhengyi stammered...


:' Elder brother, that the old man should be dead by now, haha! "Fu Hanbiao laughed presumptuously.

:" that may not be the case, I am just worried that the fire messenger is going to save him." Luo Hengshen said the worst case scenario.

:" The fire messenger's injury is probably quite serious. Since he came back, we have not seen him come out of the palace once, So I am not worried about that. But the old man might really have some skills... That's my main concern." Lei Ming shook his head and said.

:"Elder brother. Don't worry about that much, a 70 years old man, even if he is a Skywalker, what could he possibly do? We have been living in this place for a long time, and have seen thousands of Skywalkers, but we have never seen an old Skywalker. So there is nothing to worried about!" Fu Hanbiao said. It seemed like he was not happy about his two brothers' concerned.

Suddenly the door of the secret chamber that they were in was broke open. Then a cloaked man with a long thin sword appeared at the entrance. :" Anything can happen in this kind of world." The cloaked man said coldly.

:" Lord Fire .... no, it's impossible... it's you!" Lei Ming was shocked to see the old man's face. He instantly jumped up from the chair.

It wasn't just the appearance of Chu Yunsheng shocked him, he was also shocked to see the fire messenger's sword and how the old man found this secret chamber.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time here, so he immediately activated the Stealth mode. As the space around the entrance distorted, Chu Yunsheng disappeared from Lei Ming's sight.

:" Be Careful he knows how to use the cloaking ability!" Lei Ming was shocked again. This was the ability even he himself also didn't know how to use it. How powerful is this old man? Lei Ming started to regret his decisions.

But there was no time for him to think about what he had done. He needed to find out where the old man was. :" Didn't expect that you know how to use this kind of powerful skill, who are you really?!" Lei Ming quickly said.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't fall into his trap. Instead, he cast out flame blades straight away at Lei Ming.

Puff... Boom...

Lei Ming's reaction was extremely fast. Just when the flame blades appeared, he immediately converged all his energy to a single point to block the blade. At the same time, he shouted:" Lao San over there!"


Chu Yunsheng was surprised that someone could block his attack at such close distance, especially in the situation where the person didn't know where he was.

However, in the next second. Chu Yunsheng's thought was interrupted by a familiar long flame that was shot towards him.

The long flame was caused by a bullet, and it was shot towards Chu Yunsheng at an extremely high speed.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to react, but luckily the bullet hit the blade of the sword. The sword was knocked back and hit Chu Yunsheng's chest and Chu Yunsheng was instantly smashed into the wall.

Puff.... Puff... puff...

Fu Hanbiao didn't stop shooting after he saw that Chu Yunsheng was hit. In fact, his shooting speed doubled. He knew that he underestimated the old man, but now it still wasn't too late to correct his mistake. He didn't want the old man to have a chance to recover his strength!


:"Lock him in there!" Lei Ming spat out the blood in his mouth, shouted angrily and then started to cast out energy attack with Lao Er Luo Hengshen.

Chu Yunsheng also realized that he made a mistake when he was hit by the fat man's attack. The fat man's attack was almost two times more powerful than Lei Ming's attack.

Although the attack wasn't able to injure him, whenever he wanted to jump out of the wall, he would be smashed back into the wall again.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time here, he didn't know how long Cao Zhengyi was able to distract other slaveholders, but he knew for sure that the longer it delayed the more dangerous the situation would be.

So when Lei Ming three brothers were trying to use all their abilities at him, Chu Yunsheng activated the second ability of the cloak - phantom flames...

Chu Yunsheng had studied the Stealth mode and phantom flame ability before. Originally he thought that those two abilities were very similar. However, when he studied more, he realised that those two abilities actually had different usages.

When the Stealth mode was activated, he was not able to attack and his defensive ability was greatly reduced.

But when the phantom flame ability was activated, he could transform into flame and all the attacks would be passing through the flame without hitting his physical body.

He endured discomfort while the body was transformed into a phantom flame, then "flew" towards the roaring flame gun.

Fu Hanbiao didn't realize that the "flame" wasn't from his gun. When the flame touched his gun, it was already too late for him to take it back.

Suddenly, the gun stopped shooting out flames, and all it shot out were regular bullets.

:" huh!? What happened?" Fu Hanbiao didn't know that why the gun would suddenly lose its power. But when he saw the flames that cover around the handguard of the gun, his eyes suddenly were wide open.

:"Shi..t...." As he just cursed, a white beam flashed by his eyes, and at that moment, he saw an old man in the cloak appeared next to him.

In the next second. He felt a sharp pain appeared around his neck, then he saw the whole world started to spinning until "his world" went into complete darkness.

:" Brother!' Lei Ming roared hysterically. He quickly jumped up and shouted to Luo Hengshen:" let's kill him together!"

But what happened next surprised Chu Yunsheng again, when Luo Hengshen charged towards Chu Yunsheng without any hesitation. Lei Ming was running towards the entrance....

So, the bond of their brotherhood was not as strong as it seemed to be.

Chu Yunsheng ignored Luo Hengshen, he turned around and cast out an ice trap talisman to trap Lei Ming who was desperately trying to run away.

After cracking sound!

Lei Ming was frozen before he could reach the entrance, and Luo Hengshen also stopped charging towards Chu Yunsheng. He could not believe that his Elder brother would lie to him and use him as a cannon fodder.

His eyes were filled with despair and disappointment....


Another noise appeared in the secret chamber...

Chu Yunsheng had already changed his weapon, he used Qian Bi sword to cast out sword fighting technique, it instantly penetrated Lei Ming's body in the ice.

Chu Yunsheng then put Qian Bi sword back into the storage talisman and took out the long thin flame sword.

When he turned around, he saw Luo Hengshen dropped the weapon which he got from the divine realm and staggered to on side of the wall. He was constantly shaking his head and numbering:" no... this is not real.... It is not real... We have vowed that we will experience life and death together. We will establish our kingdom together....... Why? why? why? " "

Suddenly he let out a bitter laughed at Chu Yunsheng and said:" Do it! Do it! Nothing is real in this world, everything is a lie.... There is nothing real..... nothing!!...."

Chu Yunsheng put out the fire on the sword and said:"I can let you live, but you will need to tell me where you stored your food!"

Chu Yunsheng had already got some information from Cao Zhengyi that the castellan was secretly moving the food out the castle. Although he did not know if it was true or not, it was better to ask this second brother of theirs.

Luo Hengshen still murmured:" Food? No matter how much food we stored, what is the use of them now? I would rather die as early as possible.... "

Chu Yunsheng knew that the betrayal of his brothers had huge emotional impacts on him, so he did not want to threaten him. Instead, he said:" even if you don't want to live, have you thought about your family, Do they not deserve your love? Or you prefer to die with this guy who just betrayed you? "

Luo Hengshen sneered:" Yuan Hongxue, I know the fire messenger, whoever betrayed him will not have a good end! So stop lying to me. "

"Yes, the fire messenger does not like traitors, but how does he know that you betrayed him? There is always a place for spies, right? " Chu Yunsheng said.

Luo Hengshen sneered:" you want me to be a traitor?"

Chu Yunsheng asked:" Do you think that those two people deserve your loyalty?"

"Yuan Hongxue! I will tell you where I store the food. But I only want you to guarantee the safety of our family!" Luo Hengshen stared at him and said.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second and said:" He just betrayed you. Why are you still doing this for him?"

Luo Hengshen shook his head, but he did not say anything.

At this moment, many skywalkers had already heard the noises caused by the fight, they all flocked to the secret chamber and looked at the bodies of castellan and the General San in shock.

"Lei Ming and Fu Hanbiao were working in collusion with the castle of Snowstorm, they were attempting to overthrow the fire messenger. The chamberlain I had already received the order from the fire messenger to execute those two people. No action will be taken against those who had the close relationship with them. I hereby informing all the 7 high-ranking slaveholders to gather at the palace to wait for the fire messenger's orders!" Chu Yunsheng was wearing the cloaked man's cloak, plus Cao Zhengyi's men were maintaining the order in the crowd, so no one dared to say anything.

"Also, from now on. The castle will be managed by the chamberlain until the fire messenger finds a new castellan!"