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Chapter 268 assassination

 Chapter 268 assassination

The castle of raging fire had never been in such a mess before. All the "slaves" were called together in a hurry and many orders were passed down from the top non-stop.

"How's the situation?" Chu Yunsheng stopped cultivation and asked Cao Zhengyi who rushed back in a hurry.

"Grandpa I and nig... I mean... the black man Edgar have found one, the castellan said that there was one already locked up behind the Palace. So we only got one left, but looking at this situation, we Should be able to find the last one soon. "Cao Zhengyi said.

"There is one behind the palace?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised.

"Yeah, the three people you are looking for, one of them was locked up a few days ago, it is said that the fire messenger issued the order personally, that's why you probably do not know it." Cao Zhengyi also didn't know why Chu Yunsheng didn't know it. The only one reasonable explanation he had was that Chu Yunsheng just arrived the castle yesterday, so he probably didn't know.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, no wonder why Lei Ming's brother Luo Hengshen had a strange reaction when he handed the photo to them.

:" The fire messenger is extremely busy, there are a lot other important things he needs to remember, so probably he forgot about this one. When you found them all, locked all of them at the same place. I'll check it later. " Chu Yunsheng paused for a second and said:" Lao Cao, how long have you been staying in the castle?"

:" I was already here when they started building this castle. It has been sometimes now." Cao Zhengyi didn't know why Chu Yunsheng would ask him this. He looked at Tao Chan, but Tao Chan didn't give her any signal. So he replied honestly.

:" Hmm... how many men do you have now?" Chu Yunsheng asked casually.

:" Are you asking about the Skywalkers or the slaves?" Cao Zhengyi replied carefully, he felt that Chu Yunsheng was planning for something.

:"Tell me the number for both of them." Chu Yunsheng replied. If he wanted to eliminate all Lei Ming three brothers' forces, he needed other people to help him. Otherwise once they died the entire castle would fell into chaos. He still needed the castle to suppress the castle of Snowstorm. So he couldn't afford to lose too many useful men here.

:"I'm just a low-ranking slaveholder, above me there were high-ranking slaveholders and Generals. I have 20 Skywalkers, 200-ish slaves." Cao Zhengyi said nervously. He was lying, because he was scared that Chu Yunsheng was going to take over the control of his force.

:"Then, how many low-ranking slaveholders are there in the castle? How many high-ranking slaveholders?* Chu Yunsheng asked.

:" Probably 20 low-ranking slaveholders, and 7 high-ranking slaveholders. There are around 10,000 people in the castle, same as the castle of Snowstorm." Cao Zhengyi replied.

'10,000? 20 low-ranking slaveholders that mean that there are at least 400 Skywalkers.' Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked:"how many men do high ranking slaveholders have?"

:"At least 50 Skywalkers and 500 slaves." Cao Zhengyi responded readily.

" Hmm... 700 Skywalkers, that's quite a lot. The ratios of the Skywalkers to the ordinary people is almost 1 to 14!' Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that there would be so many Skywalkers here.

Cao Zhengyi probably knew what Chu Yunsheng was thinking so he explained:" a lot of ordinary people died on the road while escaping from monsters' attack. Because Skywalkers have a higher chance of survival. that's why two numbers are very close."

:" make sense." originally Chu Yunsheng thought that the divine realm might have the ability to force the original humans to awaken. But apparently, it was not that. He then turned around said to Tao Chan:" you can leave first, I need to discuss something important with the slaveholder Cao."

After she left, Cao Zhengyi closed the door and waited nervously on the side.

"Lao Cao, ask your men to stop doing whatever they are doing at the moment and gather them all together this afternoon. I have an important task for them tonight. Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said. He didn't want to let Cao Zhengyi know what task it was now, because he was worried that Cao Zhengyi would go tell Lei Ming three brothers.

:" Yes grandpa, may I know what task exactly, so I can get prepared early." Cao Zhengyi was extremely nervous, why would the old man even want to use the slaves.

:" I can't tell you at the moment, this is the order from the fire messenger, now in the entire castle, only you and I know about this. I hope you don't let me and the fire messenger down. " Chu Yunsheng said.

:" Of course, grandpa, please be rest assured. I'll always be loyal to you." Cao Zhengyi suddenly broke into a cold sweat. He didn't dare to ask more for details anymore.

:" then, go and arrange your man. Once the task is completed, you will get a huge reward that you can never dream of." Chu Yunsheng laughed.


The darkness once again covered the land, and the noisy castle finally quieted down. Apart from the people who were patrolling the street, it was unusually quiet inside the castle.

However, an even bigger "chaos" was quickly spreading in the dark.....


:"Did Lei Ming send you all here?" looking at three Skywalkers who showed up at the palace without any invitation, Chu Yunsheng sneered. Earlier on, he had asked someone to invite Lei Ming three brothers to the palace, so he could kill them there here. But he didn't expect they would send there Skywalkers here, and those three people were obviously here to kill him.

Three Skywalkers didn't say a single word. Instead, they cast out their fire energy simultaneously at Chu Yunsheng.

However, in the next second, three assassins were shocked to see that the old man disappeared in front of them!

It was completely different to the information they received from the General San.

The cloaking skill was the skill that only the powerful Skywalkers in the castle knew how to do it.

However, it was too late for them to realize the mistake. How could they compete with Chu Yunsheng's speed?

Within a split second, two people lost their heads and when he reappeared again, his sword was already next to the last assassin's neck.

The last assassin was stunned, he had never seen anyone with this kind of movement before.

Within a split second, two of his partners died, and he didn't even have time to react. When he finally realised that the man probably didn't want to kill him, he said calmly:" You can kill me, but I will not say anything."

:" You don't need to say anything, I know who send you here. You think that you can fool me by wearing the clothes of the castle of Snowstorm? I am keeping you alive for other usages." Chu Yunsheng said then took out the toxins he got from the lecture Bi long time ago and snorted.

The assassin didn't know what Chu Yunsheng tried to make him smell, so he struggled very hard. However, the more he struggled the more he breathed in. Soon. He lost all his strength and the control of the fire energy. :" What did you do to me!?" the assassin shouted.

:" You are not even scared of death, why are you scared of losing your abilities?" Chu Yunsheng let go of him and took back the sword.

The assassin lost his hope and fell silent.

:" I know that Lei Ming definitely has something that is important to you, so he could use them to threaten you to work for him. I don't believe in loyalty this kind of thing, especially in this kind of world." Chu Yunsheng approached him and sneered:" if I kill all of them, whose hand do you think those things that are important to you will fall into?"

The assassin instantly raised his head and looked at the old man in the panic. This old man had that kind of power. He was not bluffing.

At this moment, Cao Zhengyi and his men also arrived. Looking at the bodies in the palace, they were shocked. Who would dare to assassinate the chamberlain in the castle?

However, he was not stupid either. In less than a second, he quickly realised that who the person might be, and it instantly scared the soul out of him. This muddy water was too deep, it was completely out of his depth.