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Chapter 267 the incoming “coup”

 Chapter 267 the incoming "coup"

Chu Yunsheng was alarmed, he knew clearly that if both of them worked together, he would have nowhere to run!

No matter how strong those ice aliens were, as long as he stayed hidden, they wouldn't be able to find him.

But if they were working with the divine realm, he would lose all his advantages!

The divine realm's program could detect the entire yellow mountain area!

What should I do? Chu Yunsheng panicked.

Chu Yunsheng had thought about that one day that he might have to fight with the divine realm. He had a strange feeling from the beginning that the divine realm could not be trusted. The reason why he was so cooperative was that he had not figured out of a way to escape from the divine realm's control yet.

He had 7 days left until the next time the divine realm open, but he could not reach Yuan Tian stage three in just 7 days. Besides, he did not even know that even if he reached the Yuan Titan stage three, would he be able to defeat it or not.

Moreover, how on earth was he able to avoid the divine realm's detection?

Chu Yunsheng had also analysed the information that the divine realm provided to him. He suspected that the divine realm was only able to detect his location once in every 7 days, just like the map that the divine realm gave to him was only able to refresh once in every 7 days.

So he still had 7 days left to figure it out.

The divine realm had told him that those aliens had ways to avoid detection, and he just killed one of them. However, Dark was not able to consume all the cloaked man's knowledge at the moment. So Chu Yunsheng hoped that in the rest of 7 days, Dark was able to find the method from the cloaked man's memory.

Don't panic! Chu Yunsheng told himself. It was just his theory. Although the divine realm could not be trusted, there was no reason that the shadow in the mirror would want to expose him to those aliens in the white dress.

And based on the divine realm's reaction when he first met the shadow in the mirror, Chu Yunsheng did not think that it knew why those aliens were looking for me. Perhaps the aliens also did not want to leak his secret to others.

If those two were hiding things from each other, that meant he still had chances. Besides if he could find the candidates in the castle of raging fire, he would also be able to use them to threaten the divine realm.

After thinking it over, Chu Yunsheng finally calmed down. He did not dare to stay outside the castle of Snowstorm a second longer, so he left quickly.

When he returned to the "palace", he saw that Lei Ming three brothers were trying to ask Xiao Zhen that if they could see the fire messenger.

Chu Yunsheng glanced at the fat man Fu Hanbiao and said straightforwardly:" General San, did you not bring over the gun?" Chu Yunshneg did not want to waste time talking to them, he was more concerned about the divine realm and three candidates at the moment. So he said irritably.

Lei Ming immediately stopped Fu Hanbiao from talking back and smiled at Chu Yunsheng:" this is also why we are here to see the fire messenger."

Chu Yunsheng frowned and said:" castellan did not believe my words?"

Lei Ming did not want to express his dissatisfaction before he could get any confirmation from the fire messenger. Also, he was already planning to assassinate this old man, so temporarily swallowing his pride was nothing:" you are thinking too much Chamberlain, we are here to ask the fire messenger that if he could make more of this kind of weapons to arm our castle. We suffered heavy losses during the attack last night." he smiled and said.

Chu Yunsheng also smiled:"if you really believed me, why are you not handing it over now!"

Lei Ming felt very strange that why Chu Yunsheng dared to talk with such strong attitude even in the fire messenger's place, but he still carried on:" when we see the fire messenger, we will hand it over, so please Chamberlain don't worry."

"Lei Ming, Is it that you don't believe him Or you don't believe me?" suddenly a cold and robot-like voice appeared behind the hall of the palace.

Lei Ming's face instantly dropped. It was the fire messenger's voice, and it had expressed his position.

"No, we will never doubt the word that the lord fire messenger said. We just hope that the messenger could make more of this kind of weapon... " Lei Ming three brother's instantly kneeled down and said.

"Shut up! Do I need you human to teach me how to do things!" give him the gun now!" the fake cloaked man shouted.

"Yes, yes... we will get it now! " Lei Ming was shocked. Although he did not talk to the fire messenger often, the fire messenger never talked to him like this.

"There is another thing, you three needed to do, from now on, lock down the entire castle, I need to find some humans." the fake cloaked man said.

"Lockdown? Find some humans?" Lei Ming was confused.

"That's right, from now on, everyone is only allowed to enter the castle but not leave. Whoever resisted, KIll! Use all your manpower to find three humans before the hazy shimmer disappeared, otherwise, do not come to see me again!" the fake cloaked man ordered.

"Yes! my lord, may I ask who exactly the lord fire messenger wants?" In order to regain the fire messenger's trust, Lei Ming did not dare to treat this search lightly, so he asked immediately.

Then, Chu Yunsheng handed over three people's photos to them and said:"those three."

Since the accident had already happened, Chu Yunsheng could no longer wait for Edgar and Cao Zhengyi to find those three people anymore. He needed to use as many manpower as possible to find those people as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he would not be able to concentrate on his cultivation.

Lei Ming glanced over the photos, but he did not say anything. However, there was a glimmer of surprise flashed in Lao Er Luo Hengshen's eyes, who was standing behind him.

Chu Yunsheng noticed his strange behaviour and asked:"anything wrong?"

"Nothing, please be rest assured that as long as they are in the castle, we will definitely find those three people." Lei Ming felt Lao Er Luo Hengshen secretly poked this back, so he knew that something was not right. But he still responded to Chu Yunsheng.

"Then, go do it now, I want to see those three people before the light disappeared!" the fake cloaked man said stiffly then returned to his room.

"Chamberlain, please excuse us, we will ask our man to send the gun over. I am sorry that if I offend your authority in anyway earlier. " Lei Ming smiled apologetically at Chu Yunsheng and said.

"It's ok, we are both working for the fire messenger, please go find those people! " Chu Yunsheng sneered secretly and said.

Those people definitely knew something about the gun, that was why they did not want to return the gun. Those three brothers would definitely be troubles in the future.

It seems like after the candidates are found, I have to kill them in order to prevent any troubles in the future. Chu Yunsheng thought.

"Elder brother! look that old man, getting more and more disrespectful towards us!" Fu Hanbiao said angrily.

"I think this old man sooner or later will get us all replaced." Lao Er Luo Hengshen nodded his head and said.

Lei Ming did not express his opinion, instead, he laughed out loud.

"Elder brother? Why are you laughing?" Fu Hanbiao was confused.

"Brother San, Elder brother is laughing at the old man's stupidity" Luo Hengshen also smiled.

"Stupidity?" Fu Hahngbiao was even more confused.

"That's right Lao San." Lei Ming patted at Fu Hanbiao's shoulder and said:" A man with ambition is not scary, every man is more or less ambitious in this chaotic world. What is really scary is that if the man is both ambitious and know how to hide his ambition. This kind of man will forbear when he knows he is not powerful enough, revealing his weakness to his enemy to confuse them, and then waits for the opportunity to fight back! It is a shame that this old man does not know how to hide. With someone powerful behind his back, if he knew how to hide and gather his force in secret, sooner or later the castle will be his, but he could not wait...."

"Elder brother, you decided? " Fu Hanbiao was very excited.

"You go arrange it, do it fast, it is best to get it done in these few days. But we need to show the fire messenger first that who is more capable of completing the task he assigned! Then after we assassinate the old man, we can just blame the castle of Snowstorm." Lei Ming sneered.

"Oh right, elder brother, there was also one thing that is very strange!" Luo Hengshen knitted his brows and said.

"What is it? What did you try to tell me when we were at the palace?" Lei Ming was also confused.

"Look at this photo, this man has already imprisoned by the fire messenger himself a couple of days ago, why is he still asking us to find this man? Does he not remember it?" Luo Hengshen said in a low voice.

"You meant the fire messenger...." Lei Ming suddenly stopped and pointed at his head with his fingers.

"This is the only way we can explain why he could trust the old man this much." Luo Hengshen nodded his head

If they did not see the fire messenger before, they would definitely think that the fire messenger was fake. However, unlike other people in the castle, there were very familiar with the fire messenger. So they did not dare to doubt that the fire messenger was fake.

"I think this is the only possibility." Lei Ming replied. Then he suddenly remembered one thing:" when we were attacking the castle of Snowstorm, I saw the fire messenger was hit by the ice messenger, and he was heavily injured.... I think that probably had something to do with the old man.... "

then Lei Ming thought for a few seconds and carried on:" Maybe the fire messenger's mind was in a confusion status, and the old man was trying to take the advantage of it, so that's why he is urgently trying to get rid of us. I think we need to do it before he killed us, Brother San, do it tonight, you need to select some reliable and skilful men personally. Do you understand? " "

"Don't' worry big brother, I will not leave any traces, just like what we did before." Fu Hanbiao replied. It seemed like he had done it so many times.

However, what they did not know was that the old man they were trying to kill also trying to plan a "coup" this evening.

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