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Chapter 266 Something wasnt right.

 Chapter 266 Something wasn't right.

"Grandpa, this is the gift I prepared for you, do you like it?" Cao Zhengyi dragged the girl back into the room and pushed her towards Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng did understand, he looked like an old man, why would people always want to give him women. He could only think of one reason which was that those people were actually spies. They were going to watch and report every single move he made back to who they were actually working for.

For instance Xiao Zhen, she was clearly working for Lei Ming.

Cao Zhengyi also did the same thing, the only difference was that he didn't seem to be instructed by anyone else.

:"Not had, just leave her here." surprisingly Chu Yunsheng didn't reject the offer like he used to do.

Chu Yunsheng eventually came around to those bribe method. Every castle had their rules. If he didn't accept the bribe, who knows what they would send him next.

Instead of accepting more people from Lei Ming, Cao Zhengyi's people was a great excuse for him to reject Lei Ming's spies.

Besides, he also needed someone to prepare meals and daily stuff for him. He was in the castle of raging fire now, so there was no need to torture himself to eat something that he used to eat in the wild.

He didn't really trust Xiao Zhen at the moment, so Cao Zhengyi just sent in a girl at a right time.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't reject the bribe, Cao Zhengyi was finally relieved. :"Grandpa, you carry on with your important thing, I'm going to do the tasks you assigned to me right now." He bowed to Chu Yunsheng respectfully then left happily.

" What's your name?" Looking at the girl who didn't dare to raise her head, Chu Yunsheng pushed a bag of biscuit to her and said.

:"Tao.... Tao Chan." The girl replied while twisting her fingers nervously. But she still didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng nor did she dare to take the biscuit.

:" Okay, I'll call you Xiao Tao then, your job is to prepare meals and washing the clothes. But without my permission, you can't come to my Room." He then pointed at the biscuit and said:" you can take this, also if you have any family members, you can also bring to the palace."

:" No.... no I don't have any! " Tao Chan instinctively raised her head and replied in the panic.

:"okay, you can decide it yourself." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to carry on questioning her, probably Cao Zhengyi had already got her family, but he didn't want to know that. :"You can take this and leave now. Please also tell Xiao Zhen that I need to talk to her."

Tao Chan merely said, " H'm " then used her shaking hands to take the biscuit and left the room quickly.

Chu Yunsheng took a little bit of time to check the situation of the "cloaked man", everything seemed to be normal. Now Edgar and Cao Zhengyi were in charge of searching the candidates, and he didn't need to worry about the toxins well.

He had also asked Xiao Zhen to ask the fat man San to give back the gun, if everything was going well, then he would have nothing to worry about anymore and he could focus on recovering himself.

He also needed to find a time to get back to the creep area. The insects that the cloaked man killed were still piling up in the tomb. Although a night had passed, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste a single of energy unit. Besides, he could still use those shells and meat.

After taking an hour of rest, Chu Yunsheng still did not see Xiao Zhen come back, probably the fat man San did not want to give the gun back. But since he knew that the fat man had the gun, sooner or later he would return it. Because he did not think that the fat man had the balls to challenge his authority.

So Chu Yunsheng put on this cotton coat and decided to go outside the castle and head straight to the creep area.

Just when he arrived at the creep area, he saw a white shadow flew into the creep area from far away. He instinctively lied down on the ground and hid behind a couple of meatballs.

Within a few seconds, a woman in the white dress ran into the tomb that the "Dark" was in. Chu Yunsheng then felt that Dark was sending him a signal to tell him that they found an intruder and it was about to order the tomb to defend. But Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped Dark and asked it to take the culture fluid and find a place to hide.

Then Chu Yunsheng suddenly realised that Dark's detection ability seemed to have improved. When the cloaked man entered the tomb, Dark could not detect anything, but now it could detect the woman in the white dress.

Apart from the insects themselves, the only creatures that would be able to enter the creep freely would be the cloaked man, Chu Yunsheng and those ice messengers.

Since the cloaked man knew how to use the culture fluid to heal itself, that meany that the ice messenger also knew that as well. So the reason why the woman in the white dress here was very clear.

The woman came out of the tomb very quickly after it failed to find any culture fluid.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to approach it. He just had a fierce fight with the cloaked man, so he was not stupid to think that he could also kill the ice messenger here.

The woman spent a quite long time in the last tomb. When she finally came out she didn't leave straight away. Instead, she walked around the piles of the insect's body for a few time. It seemed like she was confused why there were so many insect's bodies. It took her s few minutes to examine the area and then left the place.

:" Fuck, those aliens think my place is a pharmacy!" Chu Yunsheng cursed silently.

He then started to use absorption talismans and storage talismans to store every body he could see.

:" I need to find a way to stop those aliens coming back!" Chu Yunsheng thought.

He couldn't use force unless he and tombs were fully recovered. Besides, there was just one alien today, what if the alien came with their aircraft?

Since he couldn't use force, and he couldn't think of other ways to prevent them coming back, then Chu Yunsheng decided to come to the tomb more frequently in the future.

He wanted to take as many cultures liquid as possible before they come back.


"Big brother, the old man ask Xiao Zhen to get the gun from us, do I need to give it back?" the fat man Lao San was not happy at all.

"Lao Er, he said that the gun was made by the fire messenger, do you think he is telling the truth? " Lei Ming did not answer Fu Hanbiao's question, instead he asked Lao Er another question.

"No, we have been following the fire messenger for a long time, but we have never seen the fire messenger making this kind of weapon before. It is not possible. " Lao Er Luo Hengshen shook his head and said.

Lei Ming sighed and said:" I think so, this old man clearly want to use the name of the fire messenger to get this gun, he also wanted to test our reactions. What a cunning old man! If we give him the gun this time, then we will always be one level lower than him. But if we don't give him, then he will definitely use this as the excuse to complain to the fire messenger. Lao Er, what do you think?"

:" He thinks that because the fire messenger trusts him at the moment, he can do anything he likes! Lao San, have you tested the power of the gun." Luo Hengshen sneered.

:" Brothers, this gun is very powerful. If you don't believe me, you two can try it yourself. Not only the ordinary people can use it, when I infused the energy into the gun, the power of my attack multiplied....." Fu Hanbiao said excitedly.

"If that is the case, then we can not give the gun to him" Luo Hengshen frowned and said.

:" True, but at the moment, the gun is not our problem, no matter how powerful the gun is, it is just a weapon. I will check with the fire messenger first, you find some men to check the black man's background... this old man is definitely not a weak enemy... if everything is not working. Then we need to find someone to ....." Lei Ming suddenly stopped talking and then used his hand to make a gesture of slicing the throat.


Chu Yunsheng did not think that Lei Ming would make things this complicated. When he finally used up all the culture fluid in the tomb and recovered the most of his injuries, he didn't return back to the castle of raging fire straight away. Instead, he went to the castle of Snowstorm.

He still remembered that there was an old candidate outside the castle of Snowstorm, so needed to send him to the castle of raging fire.

However, when he arrived at the shack, he found out that the old man had disappeared!

Only when he found San Fazi, did he finally know that the castle of Snowstorm had already taken the old man into the castle.

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly dropped. How do they know that there is another candidate outside the castle?!

Based on the information that the divine realm had told him, those aliens in the white dress only knew some of the candidates, and the old man was not in that list. So unless someone told them about the old man, there was no way that they knew the old man was the candidate!

But apart from him and the shadow in the mirror, no one else knew about this!

: The shadow in the mirror is working with the aliens in the white dress!

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a scary theory.

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